How to get into the habit of meditating daily step by step

Do you wonder how to get into the habit of meditating daily?

Well, studies and everybody around talk about how important meditation is, right? In fact in a world of constant distractions, notifications, technologies, social media etc… it’s actually quite important to recharge the battery and reconnect to what is pure inside us: our breathing. 

So for many I wouldn’t use the term meditation but just the term of breathing. It’s just normal and natural to stop, close your eyes and breathe. 

What do you think?

So if you are here reading this post you might ask yourself how to get to this habit which can be so much helpful in your daily life? 

Let’s answer that and give you a tool that you can try right after you have read this article. So breathe… relax… and let’s get mindfully into it. 

Here’s my step by step to get into your meditation routine:


Step 1: Schedule your daily meditation 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily plan

It’s easy to repeat something when you know that you have to repeat it. Remember when you were at school. You came back from your day of high school, got to your room, and did your homework. It was planned so you did. If you didn’t do it then you were late on it or just missed doing it. 

For many of us every day we wake up and we eat our breakfast, it’s important for us. We need to get something to our stomachs. It’s a schedule we do. Like brushing our teeth. 

So schedule your daily meditation in a place where it is set and this is the only thing you have to do. After you get up, showering or before sleeping can be great. It’s useful to stick a new habit to a present one. So if you get your breakfast every morning do your meditation just after. 


Step 2: Make it important 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily write

This is the second point. And it is essential that you understand it to succeed through your new good habit.

As said in the first paragraph with the breakfast which is important to eat to cope with the day. Make your daily meditation important as brushing your teeth or having a shower.

It is just something that you need to start to do regularly.

So, it will be good for you to write it down all the reasons why you want to start meditating. It might be because you wanna release the stress, or get more relax in your daily life, maybe because you read some study about it and you want to get the benefits of meditating. Get smarter, less anxious, more creative.

Anyhow, just write why you want to start meditation and why it is important for you to not miss your scheduled daily time. 

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Step 3: Find a perfect spot to relax 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily breathe

As you did find a perfect time to meditate, find the perfect spot as well. For myself, the perfect spot is in the corner of my bed. As soon as I wake up and get into my morning routine. I get to the kitchen, get a glass of water to wake up myself slowly and I get back to my bed, stick my back to the wall and meditate for 10 to 15minutes. It’s a routine, I feel comfy but not too much to not fall asleep and I focus on my breathing. 

You don’t necessarily need to be on the floor or on a mat. All you need is to close your eyes, get your back straight as your head. Once that is done you can focus on your breathing.

You can even sit on a chair or lay down on your bed. If you are laying down I would recommend bending your knees it will help to be not to relax to not fall asleep. 

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Step 4: Don t ask too much to yourself 

One important thing to get into the habit of meditating daily is simple to target the goal to meditate without time bounding. If you just succeed to repeat it for a week and do it only for 3 to 4 minutes. Well, you succeed as you do it daily and your brain will record that habit. Especially if you are a beginner don’t ask too much to yourself just repeat it daily and increase the time when you need it when you feel ready. 

If you can simply focus for a minute into your breathing it could be already used and you could start to feel the benefits. 

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Step 5: Do not break the chain 

The last point is very important. You can be on holiday or in a friend’s house and not your own environment. But if you wanna stick to this habit. Do not break the chain, even once. Cause if you do once you can do two and then forget this new habit. 

So it is mainly important to do not to break the chain on any occasion. If you are not at home and intimidate to do your meditation. Do close your eyes for one minute and breath. That will be sufficient to do not break the chain. Even one minute on someday will allow you to keep on your routine. 

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As you might have understood, getting into the habit of meditating daily. It’s all about finding the right time, the right place, and making it important for yourself. 

You take all of that and you make it consistent and do not break this consistency. After some time it will be in your habit and it won’t be a chore to do it. You will simply do it naturally. 

Hope you get how to get into the habit of meditating daily. Now stop reading and schedule it. That’s the first thing to do. Enjoy it. 



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Why doing sport is better than any drugs

Today I’d like to talk about a very important topic. I want to talk about things that are deeply important to my heart. This is why this blog has been created aside from Pret-a-Train.

So today, I’d like to talk about drugs and sports, and hopefully many will understand why playing or doing sport is better than any drugs. After having read this article, you’ll hopefully want more to do sport to join incredible happiness than doing drug looking for the same. 

You see I try many different things in my life, you can find a part of it in my past decade review

As a young dude, rebellious as always, I’ve looked for and discovered myself, tried different things, and to me, there is “almost” nothing better than sport. Or at least to me, sport is the best natural drug in the world. 

As you know practicing a sport can help you to be fit and healthy. It can be any type of cardio sport or a classic like going to the gym.

So without waiting longer, let’s enumerate why doing sport is better than any drugs? 



As far as I know, many people use drugs to look for their euphorias self, to look for euphoria. 

And what do you think we find when we are deeply immersed in a sports activity we like? 

I don’t know if you do or try any sport, or if you have to remember when you were a kid, swimming in the pool, or enjoying tennis or a run with your friend. As a growing person, you might have tried to go to the gym, do some fitness, and lift some weight. 

To myself, a huge deadlift of 100 kilos correctly executed is what gives me a lot of euphorias when I drop the bar. The release of hormones spike to my head and make me feel away, as any drug can do. I can also tell you about when I climb difficult bouldering and I reach the summit. Again when I do a rally in tennis with one of my friends, it’s like sharing my drug with someone, and we both feel euphoric. 

Studies have shown many things about what a runner feels during a long-distance, yes again this kind of euphoria. 


Focus, present moment

That might be the most important of all. Sport makes you focus and connects you deeply to the present moment. 

You see to me life is all about now, being into the flow. And there is nothing better than being plunge into any activity if you are interested in the flow. I can’t strongly enough recommend you to read the book from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about flow and happiness. 

He has done all his life research about the topic of how to be happy. And experiencing the flow is key. 

You should have experienced the flow in any other activity that you like, like drawing, writing, walking or enjoying a great dinner with your family or friends. 

So if you do a sport that you like. And so there is any sport that you can try where you can deeply connect with the present moment. You just need to like it. I can close my eyes, and think about a football game I’ve done in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 10 players all being plunged into the present moment, forgetting everything around. The activity now was the only important thing and we were all enjoying it. 

This is why often I say to my client when doing their exercise, be the focus, this is your most important thing in life right now what you do, then they plunge into their push up or whatever and they grab the most benefits they can get from it. 


Feel relaxed

For some people, smoking weed makes them feel relaxed afterward. Pressure and you get to the sofa, smoke some pot and you feel relaxed. And again what you think sport does. Once you have finished your session, your heart rate becomes lower, the release of the hormone makes you feel good, without deteriorating your health, and here you go you feel at peace. 

No need drugs. As sport can give you the same effect. That’s why doing sport is better than any drugs again.



Should I talk to you about studies or have you got enough of it? Many researchers talk about it, back up it. But yes do any sport. Just go, grab a racket, grab a pair of shoes, go for a run, do some intense sessions, climb a mountain, do a trick, or whatever. Connected to the present moment, of course, you feel happy, thank the feel-good hormone yes. Sport is here the best drug in the world. 

Make you feel happy, connect you into the present, this is not why we do what we do. We all want to be happy right? Tons of sports have been created, try yourself and don’t give up on it. It can make you happy. One of my challenges is when one of my clients comes to me and tells me “I don’t like sport”, it’s to show them they are just lying to themselves, it’s not their fault, it’s just that they got a bad experience or gave up on that and are confused they not liking it. Once they start the program, I approach them with a nice soft attitude about sport, my goal is to make them enjoy and realize. And most of the time they feel happy and thank me afterward. 

Study: Effect on Happiness with sport


Live longer

There is no surprise that sports compared to drugs can make you live longer.

Should we really discuss it?


There are many other points I’m sure that you can think about why the sport is the best drug in the world. But here you have the 4 essentials one to me. As you can see I like to compare the drug to the sport, one is nocive the other is natural, created accordingly with the body. Then as everything in life often is a matter of choice. 

Experience sport, keep looking for yourself, keep discovering yourself, it’s never too late, and if you are looking to be happy, join or try any sport to feel the vibe

That’s just why doing sport is better than any drugs. So go ahead, find a sport you like, and get all the great benefits that I just talked about. Better to experience than just read.


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Exercise acts as a drug; the pharmacological benefits of exercise:

Image by dsandzhiev de Pixabay

The present moment to be healthy and happy  

I guess we all want to be healthy and happy. This is why I created Pret-a-Train, to help people to be. At first, we’ve started personal training to help people doing sport because sport can bring a great physical and mental state. Then we started to create a lot of articles to help them to be healthy and happy because taking care of your mind and body by doing sport is a great thing. Nonetheless, it’s not the only way to be totally healthy. 

To reach that state of healthiness, you have to feel good in your mind and your body. You have to feel good energy inside you. You have to accept life on how it is, and flowing with it. 

That is why I want to talk to you about how it is important to live in the present moment to be healthy and happy. 

Our mind is a great thing, a great tool. It helps us to create, to work, to help people, to learn new things.. on the contrary, if our mind is too much working at the end of the day it can make you drain of energy. And at the end of the day, it can make it hard to find sleep. It is unfortunate that many people have problems sleeping despite working out well and eating healthy

To appease the mind it’s good to meditate or use breathing techniques. Studies have shown how it is beneficial

The fact is you can be fit and not so healthy. If you look good in front of people and the mirror but then in your mind or body you feel sluggish or not so happy. Then it’s unfortunate that you haven’t reached a state of healthiness. 

So breathing is important to be healthy and to live happily. Many people don’t know how to breathe. Even when they do sport by the way. I see that in many of you guys when coaching you. 


Now, why do I want to talk about the present moment to be healthy and happy? 

Cause I feel like that our world is always distracted by what happened out of our sight. Out of ourselves. And that we don’t really live in us, we are losing touch on what is. 

Our mind as we know has the tendency to dwell on what is bad. That’s why I say that it’s a great tool but sometimes we need to just turn it off, breathe, do sport, cook, see our friend, but most importantly, be there now. 

Be there in everything you do. Stop dwelling on the past and future if you want to be healthy and happy. Things past are gone, things coming in are not here yet. What you have now is what there is. Accept this to be healthy and happy. 

With this, it’s good to be positive. But when things are sad, you can cry. You know I love the power of positive thinking, but we cannot always be positive. As we know there are tough times in life and we have to accept our emotions without denying them. Self-development is also this, we need to understand our emotions and let them go. 


Just do not dwell on the past and future. To be happy and healthy, be there totally. 

It’s hard to reach that state often. But with some activity like practicing sport or going for a walk, you can be into what is a good life: what you have in front of you, yourself connected to the moment. Not connected somewhere else with your phone, tv, or other machines that, don’t get me wrong, are great tools. 

However, the problem is that we are too addicted to them. Yes, the mind loves to be out of ourselves, controlled by dopamine, the hormone that craves for always more. 

Can you just walk and see the beauty of the tree, the sky, and the bird when you go for a walk without thinking too much? Can you have a discussion with someone without thinking about something else? 

As I recommend to many of the clients we have, go for a digital detox. Try to do not to use your phone or any screen after 8 pm. You’ll improve your sleep and your relationship with yourself and the ones around you. 

Try to go for one afternoon or one day a week without your phone. 

That’s a great way to be present now. Be in the present moment to be healthy and happy. 

Keep practicing sport, keep creating, keep doing what makes you happy. 

And be there, connect yourself with the present moment. Do some activity when you are there totally. That will make you healthy and happy.

Thank you.


Books to read that I recommend:

The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Check the article I create for it —> Books I love and why


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4 easy steps to sleep better at night

For many of us, it can be difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It can affect your energy and therefore your life. If you want to become healthy and feel good sleeping well is an important thing that you need to do.

So, if you have trouble sleeping at night, it may be because your mind is too agitated. The “monkey mind”, as the Buddhists call it, going to be in all directions and so annoy you terribly at a time of the day when only one thing counts: to sleep well. So just calm down this “monkey mind” so you can sleep more peacefully. Try these steps below and feel free to tell me if it has helped you joining Morpheus’s arms.

1.No more screen at least half an hour before going to bed

I know it can be really hard for some. This can often prove to be the key to this sleep deficit problem. Be sure to avoid any contact with the screens at least half an hour before bedtime. Prefer to read a magazine or a book instead. However, avoid reading things that will make you think too much.

Are you addicted to your phone? Here’s a good article from Newairz to stop that and hopefully sleep better at night. That’s the first rule.

2.The little herbal tea afterward

You no longer have a screen to watch. Damn, what can you do then?

It’s high time to make a little herbal tea that will help you soothe you to sleep well afterward. I recommend chamomile or verbena that can have very good virtues.

3. Journal before sleep better

If you are someone like me who thinks often. Do not hesitate to write what goes through your head. This will help remove what you have in your powerful brain. For example, write what you will do tomorrow to make a success of your day. Write down your goals, thoughts, or take advantage to reflect on the day that just happened by putting the right things that happened to you. It will also help you to be more positive.

More about being positive: 5 tips to develop your positivity on Pret-a-Train

4. Finally lie back and relax

It’s time to go to bed after all this. The last step is the best. Lie down peacefully and relax. If you can not relax, do not hesitate to put music on your phone, but be careful that it is in airplane mode in pain of seeing the notifications and wake up your mind again. If you need internet to put music on, put your phone on silent and do not dwell on your notifications. Know that even putting your phone on vibrator can alert the dopamine in your mind and thus make you think again. Do not worry. The people who contact you can wait until tomorrow that you answer them. In addition, you can tell them that you have slept well and if they too have trouble doing this you can explain how you did it!

Find here one of the many chill music, to sleep better at night, you can find on youtube. Feel free to download it so you do not need the internet and therefore not to be disturbed.


So I hope you got it right. To find a peaceful sleep and sleep better at night, you just have to empty your head and relax a lot. I personally think that if many people have trouble sleeping, the phone is not for nothing. Stay away from this one. Put your notes on the paper if the mind is restless and sleep well. These were 4 easy steps to sleep better at night than anybody can do.

Have a peaceful sleep guys.


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How you can be fit and healthy

As you might know, being fit and being healthy is not quite the same. Actually, you can be fit but not healthy. Right, you can perform an activity quite well and have a toned physical apparance, but at the same time, you can eat badly and feel tired quite often. 

Many people actually look fit, like you can find many on Instagram, but are not healthy. 

Cause being healthy is more difficult to reach. To be healthy you need to be in good physical and mental health

So I’d like to share with you my way of being fit and being healthy in the meantime. 


Take care of the 4 elements

So as the book that I’m on my way to publish, for me being fit and healthy is about respecting 4 Elements: eating, moving, resting and your environment. 

Let me explain.



First, you have to take care of the way you eat. Of course, to be healthy, you need to pay attention to the food you are putting into your machine, into your body. If you want your body functioning well, you need to put the right food in. 

Food as veggies, lean protein, good fat and carbs,  and vitamins and minerals. 

In other words, you need to eat consciously. Even if you are a hard worker, take time to check what you ingest, and take time to eat your food. 


Second, you need to move. As simple as that, we are like animals, so we have the need to move this body that we have. If you consume food is to spend it. So you don’t necessarily need to do a sport regularly or something. But don’t get me wrong if you practice a physical activity it’s better for you. However, you can find ways of moving without doing sport.. like climbing steps, walking often, working in a job that asks you to move and not just being at your desk. If you are seated all day, of course, the best will be going to the gym, running, or practicing a sport to make you move. 


Third, to be fit and healthy, you need to rest. Yes, it seems obvious, but unfortunately, as I can see with my client in personal training or life coaching in Pret-a-Train, many don’t sleep enough, or sleep badly, surrounded by thoughts. 

That is why first, you need to sleep enough, go to bed early to make sure you have between 6 and 9 hours of sleep. It depends on your personal need. And a bit of advice that I can give to you before going to bed, it’s trying to avoid the phone, or tv before. Put your mood into a relaxed state, and if you have running thoughts, just write it down on a journal. 

Oh, by the way, peaceful music, or the app calm, can help you to find your way to Morpheus if you need. 

Massage and stretching are a good addition to make you more relax and to respect that important element to be fit and healthy. 


Finally, your environment plays a fundamental role for you to be at your top level of healthiness. 

The environment is what you do in your daily life. Yes, right, does your job make you happy? Does it make your mind healthy? By being happy and positive about how you spend your day, then you can feel more healthy, physically, and obviously mentally. 

If it doesn’t I warn you to think about changing. Even if that makes you fear, cause being healthy and happy, is a basis in life for everything. So recheck your value, and do not focus on a life that doesn’t rely on who you are. I believe everybody needs to be healthy. Cause if we are as an individual level, then we can be as a collective level. Help yourself before helping others. 

So check your environment, meaning also, the people you spend time with. Again check if those make you happy and healthy. The thing is that our time is limited so don’t waste it with people who don’t make you feel good. 

I advise you to check all of your environment and see what and who makes you happy and healthy. 


Being fit and being healthy

So to put it simply the first 2 points (eating and moving), if you make them right, can make you very fit. As if you do a lot of gym or sport, and if you take care of what you eat, you can have amazing physics and do a good performance. But if you consider the 2 others (rest and your environment), you can reach greater performance, and being healthy. 

That can seem a lot, but don’t worry take your time, one element after the other, you can be healthy step by step. The way to lead a good healthy lifestyle takes time and tries, perseverance like everything in life.

Being healthy is like top-level for a human being. But as we have seen in the fourth element, it asks being honest, being honest with yourself and others, and choose the right things and people for you. 

Being healthy can be respecting your life as well. Being healthy can be also seeing a therapist remove the problem or barrier that you might have in your mind, which obstruct you to be happy, or making the right moves for you. 

You can use a personal trainer, or a life coach to help you in that way for instance. Or you can talk to friends, or other therapists to help you be fit and healthy. 


Last note

I really encourage you to take care of these 4 elements. You have to believe in yourself, no matter where you are, no matter where you come from. Cause I believe that if you believe in yourself, that you can believe in the world. It can sound funny, but it can depend on you to change yourself, and change the world around you.

Be fit and healthy. Thank you.  


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This is why we need a digital detox

I think as I said in why we need massage and relaxation, its kind of the same. We always use too much tech around ourselves, all the time, and I don’t think we realize. Nope, I think we actually do not realize how much we are into screens always. Into digital. So why we need a digital detox? So why do we need to get off from tech one day a week at least? Why do we need to pay attention to how we use all these technologies?

It’s simply because we need to get off from that. It will make our mind more relax. And we’ll be able to make real connections. Human connections that everybody needs. Smile to someone. Or maybe even met the partner of your dream. Cause if you always have your head down on the screen how can you smile and say hello to the world in front of you? 

My personal thinking is: Technologies are a great tool. But we don’t need to get trapped by it. Or we’ll be lost. We do need a digital detox, especially in 2020. We need to get away from the phone and computer at least one day a week. What is one day a week? On 7 days? 

It is simply 15% of your time. 


Sunday can be used for better things

And this time can be used to be reconnected to the essential. Spending time with your partner, your family, your kid. A great book, some great food. A spa, a walk in the park. A treck. A day where you care about yourself or the ones you love. Whatever which make us happy. Anyway, get off one day a week. Disconnect and enjoy. 

We all wanna be happy at the end of the day, at the end of the week. I believe by doing that it can help and this is why we need to cut from technologies from time to time. This is why we need a digital detox. That s all. 


Note in Vietnam about detox and relaxation.


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Why do we need massages and relaxation nowadays? Bio part in Vietnam Jan20

Like Charlie Chaplin used to say, in one of the best speech ever: “we think too much, we feel too little.” 

I just left from a massage place. And this was so relaxing, so good, so peaceful… and as I was talking about in the book the 4 elements to be healthy (which will come soon enough), we need to get massages, we need more relaxation. 

As my mind was running a lot until 30 mins of getting a massage and then finally start relaxing for the other half. Thanks god… I was thinking afterwards that in the past we don’t actually need to get massages and as much relaxation, as our mind was better still.

But since we are all the time plunged in this new modernity with all these technologies around us. So, we need it. So why do we need massages and relaxation?

It is simply because we all the time need to be reconnected to the essential. 

“More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness or we’ll be lost”. These words came from a man, a great one, a humanist who know what he was talking about. 

The essential comes from having a pure mind and see what truly is the beauty of life and human kindness. Cause you can have some doubts as everyone. So you need being healthy in all his meaning. Healthy mind, healthy body. It can come from doing a sporty activity, but that’s not all, unfortunately. You need relaxation. Some use yoga some use meditation some use seeing good friends and family regularly. It can be everything which makes you feel relax. 

The phone is needed. Nowadays our computers are needed. As they are tools to work and make money. So yes, if you wanna make money you need to get into tech, but still, you need always to reconnect. Reconnect to a pure mind, a healthy one. 

That is why you need to relax, having a massage or meditate. 

Unless you throw all these technologies away… 

We think too much, we feel too little… 


Note in Vietnam 31st of January 2020


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Why self love is the base of everything

I know I have already talked about how being healthy is the base of everything. And that’s true being healthy is a fundamental basis to bring everything good in your life. Nonetheless, being healthy has to respect a basis of 4 fundamental elements.

In these 4 elements there is the environment one which can embody the concept of yourself and how you respect yourself. As you are your most closest surrounding. So the conversation and the thoughts you have with yourself are important as you can imagine. To be your friend and not your enemy will help you to be healthy.

It’s not easy to love yourself. But if you want for instance to have self confidence, you have to love yourself first. And even when you make mistake, you still need to be your best friend and keep practicing self love.

You have to know that everyone fails from time to time. The healthiest ones who can get back up again are the ones which have good conversations with themselves.

Ok. Let’s imagine for instance, you want to lose weight and eat healthy everyday but at some point you fail eating this packet of biscuits. After that you have to be strong, forget yourself and get back up again.

I gave you one of many example you can imagine how self love and forgetting yourself is the base of everything. Mistakes are common. There are part of our life. As we have qualities and flaws, yes we are normal. By practising self love and good conversation with yourself you can build a great confidence, being healthy in your mind and your body and enjoy more the art of living.

Without self love for instance you can’t love others. And if you are complaining about not finding someone to love you. I will say and I guess you’ll validate. How can someone love you if you don t love yourself first.

Let’s push more this one. How can you heal the world if you don’t love yourself first.


Self love, first principle

Thus, to resume, self love is the base of everything. Loving yourself can make you healthy. Self love is the one which can open yourself to another world. And make you start living.

Loving yourself is a long road and you need to practice it often. Keep good conversation with yourself daily. You need consistency and being strong to forget yourself when you make mistake.


Respect yourself. And love yourself. This should be the firsts principles of all.


Brief Talk About Stress and Confidence

I’d like to have a bit of conversation with you about stress and confidence. 2 important factors to be healthy and lead a good life. Also, seeing how you can be less stressed and more confident.

In everything you do, you have to believe in it. And this is not bullshit actually, it’s real. There is no spirituality or law of attraction here. It’s just a fact. It’s just science.

Confidence and self belief are real. If you do the work, then you see the results. You might be patient though.

Then why don’t we need to add stress to it. The response might not be obvious. Some wants to perform better so they push themselves. Some doesn’t feel their own stress and can collapse after a certain threshold. No burnout, anxiety or stress is needed, if you take care of your body and mind.


Nourishing yourself

Thus to do not feel any stress you have to think about all the 4 elements that I have already told you about. Especially the environment one here. What is surrounding you.

So when I talk about nourishing yourself, I talk on his complete sens, nourishing your body and your mind. Meaning don’t put crap in both, and fuel them well.

Relationships as food are important. The persons you stay with and the conversations you have, might guide your thoughts, might guide your path. Especially, the conversation you have with yourself.

That’s why confidence and self belief are important as well.

Cause If someone put your anxiety up, you have to let them go. Then if some thoughts of non self belief entering in your mind. Again you have to let them go.

A lot of frustration and stress can come from that we don’t accept things as there are as well.

That’s why meditation or doing a physical activity can be needed. It makes you stop thinking. As you might not realise but our brain think all the time. And if you are harsh on yourself and do practice nothing to make you feel better, mind can be harsh and cause you panic or anxiety. Which can kill the art of living.


Fuel your body nicely and healthily

So why do you stress?

Stress can come from many factors then. As seen it can come from relationship with other and ourself. And now obviously the way you eat and drink might be the cause too. Do you put bad stimulant in your body. Do you raise your hormone of stress daily? Have you ever thought about your hormones and how you manage it.

I recommend you read this post by Newairz: What’s a stimulant and its effect on you It will help you to see things clearer on how some drink and food can be harmful for your health. And can also cause you a lot of stress.

So, be healthy.

When I say being healthy is the base of everything, there is no bullshit in it. Low your cortisol level (stress hormone), and put right fuel in your body by eating and drinking healthy.


Take Care of Yourself

Then feel clearer and confident, and do the right things to nourish your mind with good people, good books, sport and meditation.

By eating healthy, then you’ll manage your hormones well, to have the right thoughts to put your life forward.

Then if you do and work, what do you want to be upset about?

Think clearly, with no stress and confidence.



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Why Being Healthy Is The Base Of Everything

Here we are.

This one is a central question: Why Being Healthy is the base of everything?
And why is it so much important to be healthy?

All of us are different, thus we make some different choices. Some people focus on money, other on relationships, or other focus so much on work that they are letting their health on the side.

Especially for the last group, I just want to make a clear point on this article and tell you why being healthy is a fundamental in life. And in anything you want to do or achieve in it.



Money can’t buy health

The first point that I want to talk about is the clearest of course. It seems obvious. Nonetheless, when we are trap in the famous rat race, we can have trouble to have clear picture of life and on what is really important.

I know some friends which are working so hard to make their company brighter.
They work from 9 to 9 which is by the way not healthy at all. It’s actually just the opposite.

I have to be honest with you and I have to tell that I’ve been doing the same. I’m still continuing to work like hell actually. Nonetheless, I know how doing sport and that having a healthy lifestyle is important. I’m still working into the balance of things. This is a long process. 

The thing is, if you work a lot all your efforts will pay off someday. As I believe in hard (and smart) work. But what about your health? Are you taking care of it as much as you mind your business? Are you in the work/health/life balance?

Do you have at least a healthy morning routine to setting up the base of the day?
Or once you finish your day or you passing by the gym, lifting some weight, or make your heart bumping up?

One of the worst thing in life that we try to avoid so much is having regrets.

You see I know so many people which are focus on money and work, building their account meanwhile having back pain or creating something worse in their body. I wish that at some point something makes them realise that taking care of their health is very important, as obviously, money can buy a lot of stuff surely. But money, can’t buy a new health or can’t buy the past anyway.



Being healthy, a world of opportunity

Now that we have been talking about the bad side of this article. That I’m not a very fan of it. Let’s talk about the better side and so how being healthy can help you to have a tremendous life. And how being healthy in your mind and body can give you everything you need after time.

Also don’t get confused between being healthy and fit. As being fit is not the same. I see a lot of people which have a fit body but who are not healthy. Read more on the topic here.

Being healthy gives you strength in life and help you to wake up energised. It will remove the stress and make you feel better day after day. Being healthy makes you proud of yourself as you take care of your body which is the most important tool that you have with your brain. Yes, your brain can be more powerful as well as healthiness will put good mental condition to help you to think clearly and be more creative.

Being healthy is not just a trend, It’s simply necessary nowadays as we live in a society which is built around stress and material things.

Being healthy will help you to perform better at work as you’ll have less tension and more creativity. I strongly believe that performing better at work. Having a better memory and being more relax in life will give you all the money you need at some point.

So I’d like to say that healthiness will attract what you need.
Your well-being is just a fundamental to make everything possible in your life.


There are small steps to take to become healthier. It’s maybe the time for you to take care of yourself first. This is a bet for a rewarding lifetime.


If you wish to have a healthy gym routine: Read my simple tip now.