Why Being Healthy Is The Base Of Everything3 min read

Here we are.

This one is a central question: Why Being Healthy is the base of everything?
And why is it so much important to be healthy?

All of us are different, thus we make some different choices. Some people focus on money, other on relationships, or other focus so much on work that they are letting their health on the side.

Especially for the last group, I just want to make a clear point on this article and tell you why being healthy is a fundamental in life. And in anything you want to do or achieve in it.



Money can’t buy health

The first point that I want to talk about is the clearest of course. It seems obvious. Nonetheless, when we are trap in the famous rat race, we can have trouble to have clear picture of life and on what is really important.

I know some friends which are working so hard to make their company brighter.
They work from 9 to 9 which is by the way not healthy at all. It’s actually just the opposite.

I have to be honest with you and I have to tell that I’ve been doing the same. I’m still continuing to work like hell actually. Nonetheless, I know how doing sport and that having a healthy lifestyle is important. I’m still working into the balance of things. This is a long process. 

The thing is, if you work a lot all your efforts will pay off someday. As I believe in hard (and smart) work. But what about your health? Are you taking care of it as much as you mind your business? Are you in the work/health/life balance?

Do you have at least a healthy morning routine to setting up the base of the day?
Or once you finish your day or you passing by the gym, lifting some weight, or make your heart bumping up?

One of the worst thing in life that we try to avoid so much is having regrets.

You see I know so many people which are focus on money and work, building their account meanwhile having back pain or creating something worse in their body. I wish that at some point something makes them realise that taking care of their health is very important, as obviously, money can buy a lot of stuff surely. But money, can’t buy a new health or can’t buy the past anyway.



Being healthy, a world of opportunity

Now that we have been talking about the bad side of this article. That I’m not a very fan of it. Let’s talk about the better side and so how being healthy can help you to have a tremendous life. And how being healthy in your mind and body can give you everything you need after time.

Also don’t get confused between being healthy and fit. As being fit is not the same. I see a lot of people which have a fit body but who are not healthy. Read more on the topic here.

Being healthy gives you strength in life and help you to wake up energised. It will remove the stress and make you feel better day after day. Being healthy makes you proud of yourself as you take care of your body which is the most important tool that you have with your brain. Yes, your brain can be more powerful as well as healthiness will put good mental condition to help you to think clearly and be more creative.

Being healthy is not just a trend, It’s simply necessary nowadays as we live in a society which is built around stress and material things.

Being healthy will help you to perform better at work as you’ll have less tension and more creativity. I strongly believe that performing better at work. Having a better memory and being more relax in life will give you all the money you need at some point.

So I’d like to say that healthiness will attract what you need.
Your well-being is just a fundamental to make everything possible in your life.


There are small steps to take to become healthier. It’s maybe the time for you to take care of yourself first. This is a bet for a rewarding lifetime.


If you wish to have a healthy gym routine: Read my simple tip now.


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