How to become a champion 

Today I’d like to talk about the mindset of a champion. How to cultivate it and how to be a champion. 

Because I feel like it’s needed in a world where competition is omnipresent. However, you can become a pacifist champion, having a dream which seems good for yourself and creating it makes it real because you are a champion. 

A champion is someone who is brave, who goes beyond what others think is possible. Pret-a-Train and my life have helped me a lot on this. 

So let me share with you some tips on how to become a champion. 

1 – Love yourself 

It sounds cliché to say that. But you might wonder why it can help me to become a champion? 

Being a champion is to trust yourself, to believe in yourself, so you have to love yourself. As I said in a previous article, self-love can be the basis of everything. To me, many people try to do great things or do great jobs before loving themselves. 

To me becoming a champion is a fight not against others but only against yourself. You have to believe that you are good. You have to believe that you can go beyond and that everything you want to do you can do it. And by being yourself, and loving yourself you’ll succeed. 

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2 – Get out of your comfort zone 

A champion goes beyond what average people think is possible. The attitude of a champion is to know that great things are possible. 

And for this, you don’t necessarily need to follow the path of all. You have to get away from your comfort zone. How do you want to grow if you just do what you can do? Go for what you think you can’t do, and just do it. Because if you do it then you’ll believe you can do it. 

So take up the challenge, accept things that people think you are crazy about. 

Champions like Ronaldo are crazy, big artists like Picasso are crazy, they don’t do unanimity. They go beyond. They go out of their comfort zone. 

3 – Accept doubts and fears

Doubt and fears are normal. Who doesn’t feel it? Even the biggest champions have doubts. If you know Jordan ask him. 

Everybody has doubts. But the Champion goes beyond. They make their fears and doubts their friends. Because when they are here it might be that they are becoming a champion by going beyond by going into adversity by going out of their comfort zone. 

Accept these bad tempers and move on with your life by building an ironclad mindset.

4 – Forge your mindset

Talk to people who inspire you. Read books that inspire you. Watch movies that motivate you. Listen to music that makes you stronger. Podcasts and others are good tools nowadays. 

Avoid the naysayers. Avoid the negativity, the pragmatic, the non-dreamer. A champion is a dreamer. A champion knows that everything is possible. 

So forge this mindset this is how you can become a champion. 

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5 – Work

Without work nothing is possible. All the great champions work for what they have. They put the work on. If you want to have a successful business, or if you want to become the best manager or the top athlete there is no secret you have to work. 

Love the work, as work won’t be the task that the non-champion thinks it is. 

Love the work because life is meant to be spent, to be lived as you wish. Time is the most valuable thing we have in life. No money, no material. So consume your time well and try to even love the boring work, the boring tasks that you have to perfect to become a champion. Accept to doubt yourself. Rest when need it. This is why rest and being healthy life come into play for the champion. 

6 – Be healthy

Rest and eat well. Train yourself if you can. To grow your mind to become a champion it will be easier if you know how to work and if you know how to eat and how to rest. The top athletes now know how to rest. They know that sleep and rest are important. They are key to having the energy when needed. 

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7 – Fail, fail often 

If you want to become a champion. You have to fail. Failure, tears, and doubts can be the fertilizer of your status as a champion. Like doubt, no champion has ever known failure. Even the best ones that you are now thinking of have failed. But that’s ok. 

Of course, if you go beyond that, if you aim for big goals, there’s no chance you won’t fail at least once. So as the boring work, love the failures. They are the friends, they are beyond some doors of your dreams to make you stronger, to make you always learn something. Fail.. but don’t give up. 

8 – Don’t give up

Fail but fail forward, don’t give up. Here we reach the last tip. It’s not because you have failed that you have to give up. Nothing is straight linear. 

Having a good life is not linear. You’ll find obstacles on your way to become a champion. You find barriers, are the way of your dream, of your project. But be ok with it. Love it, or just accept it and go beyond. 

Be that champion, be persistent, be resistant, feel your emotions, cry, get angry when it’s needed, it’s fine, and go ahead again. Go do that reps, go do that attempt again. Don’t give up. Be that champion. 

Last note

Become a champion by following these straight forward tips. Accomplish anything you want to. Cherish your dreams. If you are a champion you know you can do it.



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Ways to gain self-confidence

Self-confidence can be hard to get and hard to keep. Some people think it is innate, but not necessarily. Just like tennis, it can be learned. At times you may have even felt that you had it, maybe for a week or just for a moment during the day while doing something special.

So we will see that in order to keep or gain confidence, there are certain things to respect and to instill in our way of doing things or simply seeing life.

Let’s see how to gain self-confidence now.


Be prepared

This first way is mostly if you want to be confident on a topic, or in a job for instance.

In order to be confident about a subject or a job, it is often enough to be prepared or to know the subject we are going to talk about. For example, if we have a presentation to make in front of a lot of people and we have never done one before, we need to be able to reassure ourselves. It may be enough to watch videos of people who have done it before, or simply ask a friend who is more comfortable with the subject, or write down what we need to say or do.

Simply having a plan can bring confidence and peace of mind. On the other hand, being unprepared can make you feel confused and lose confidence. The idea is to do the necessary research if needed and to plan things well before jumping in.

Now let’s talk about other ways to get inner self-confidence in yourself.


Taking care of yourself

As simple as it may seem. It is important to smell good, have a clean outfit, and have a proper haircut. This will help you love yourself when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning and make you feel good around others.

Taking care of yourself can also come from the way you talk to yourself and the people around you.

Also, take up sports, or just move around. It is equally important to take care of yourself by having a sports activity so that you can release the pressure, create good hormones and make yourself feel good. All this can make you proud of yourself and help you develop inner self-confidence naturally.

Finally, remember to rest. A good night’s sleep is always restorative. Also, think about taking a vacation. It is necessary to be able to recharge your energy continuously in order to keep your confidence.

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Change your posture

Even if you don’t have any muscles, a change in posture alone can make you look totally different and as a bonus, your back will thank you for it.

So think about puffing your chest out in front and putting your shoulders straight back. I invite you to get up and try it right now. Just feel the good effect it has. With this posture, you will give others and yourself the impression of being a confident person.

Add a smile. A simple smile on your face will not only make you feel good, but it can brighten the day of people around you.

Finally, when you talk to someone look them in the eyes. If you can’t at first, force yourself, perhaps first with the people you are most comfortable with. Then try with the other. Self-confident people look people in their eyes. 


Practice your craft

To keep your confidence. You need to practice and necessarily repeat what we have already seen together.

Also, people who are confident in themselves are people who often do the things they want. So practice where you want to excel. Refer to the number one tip that we discuss. People who are self-confident are maybe not confident in all aspects of life. They just master and repeat their craft. 

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Note what you achieve

For many of us, it is often not easy to remember what we did well. Yet I’m sure you’ve done some good things in your life that you can be proud of. Don’t you think so?

This way to gain self-confidence is a tool that I use as a life coach. It helps people to remember and to keep a note of what they did in life. It can be not a great thing for them but can be a great thing for others.

Note everything from small to big. Like living in a different country, learn a language.. work as a clerk for 10 years. Help older people.. Play football for 5 years.. Learn Tai chi. Wrote 15 articles in 5 months. Create a website, a company… Whatever.

Note down everything you achieve or did well. That can boost your self-confidence in an instant. We are often better than what we think of.

I invite you right now, to take a pen and paper, think about it, and write down 3 things you are proud of. Think about it.

Keep that journal. And once you achieve something else write it in it. This is a very essential point to keep your self-confidence on the long road.

And sometimes it can happen to be in doubt and lose a bit of self-confidence. Look at your journal. I call it your Confidence check journal.

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Being and staying positive

Finally, the most important for the end. To gain or keep confidence in yourself you must be and stay positive.

So yes we all have moments of doubt. It happens and it will happen throughout our lives, unfortunately. That’s why you have to take note of the good moments or simply tell them to yourself. Be grateful. 

I believe that having a gratitude journal is a very interesting thing to do as well. Same as doing a past year’s review. 

Writing for me helps you to come back on your life and make you realize things.

Have a look at my past decade review. We underestimate what we do in a decade. I believe by being assertive with yourself you can get better and gain that inner self-confidence that you need.

Note that in life, everything is relative, and it is our unreal fears that block us from moving forward. There is just one thing to do when we doubt is to stay positive and tell ourselves that everything is achievable.

It may be enough to be prepared and to plan things well, to take care of yourself, to constantly keep your confident look and smile. Just practice your art often. You have to note what you did well and finally, you have to always stay strong and positive.

That’s what we need. You’ll gain self-confidence. I believe we are all good in some ways.


You see each of us has strategies to succeed in life. If you know very confident people around you, it is because they may be following some of these tips and with practice, it may seem natural.

It is just a matter of following certain rules.

I hope this will help you. Trust yourself, we are all capable of having confidence in ourselves. Don’t limit yourself.

Believe in yourself as it can change the world. 

Stay happy, stay fit, keep eating broccoli.

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What’s the meaning of life

I think I got to a point and I really want to share it with you.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot, after working hard on my company for 2 years, (I wrote this article at the end of 2019) then fail on the way that I was going. This the kind of things that makes you think a lot. Which is actually good.

Entering in the motion. Thinking deeply about your next move.

You see, when something happens to us, and when we’ve been working for 2 years straights with no real holidays, like a crazy dude. Working hard toward our vision. And what we were thinking about our company and our future is not going on the way we were projecting it. It surely makes us think and analyze, or if it’s not the case, I guess we are dumb.

So I’ve analyzed the past about what I did good and what I did wrong.

Failure first has a different meaning for me, and one of them can be just growing. I like to see things like this. But anyway it’s not the topic that I want to talk about here.

So I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my 30’s or because I do a huge analysis of my past 2 years. But I’m thinking often about this question. What’s the meaning of life?

Like many of us, I’ve done many things in my life, and I’m still young actually, even If around the 30’s we think: « oh.. I’m old already.. ». I guess it’s just because of the society around.

But I’m still young, very young like I still have to work 30 years.

So you see it’s kind of interesting to ask the right questions to ourselves, knowing that we’re going to work and live for many years still

Thus, I’ve took some conclusions that I really want to respect in my life. I think it can be good for you to respect it too at any age you might have.

Loving what you do

As I said if you still have many years to work. It’s so much better to work on what you love. Or on what you like at least. But please not the opposite. I’m sure it can kill you to do what you hate. We live in a world of opportunities. There are everywhere nowadays. You see I complain a lot about social media and this new era. But as Gary Vee said, that’s right if we don’t complain we are in the best era to live.

Look before it was not possible to share your vision with the world. Now with a bit of knowledge, something to say, then you can quickly share with the whole world as I do with this blog post.

Don’t spend one year without loving what you do. If you hate what you do, just stop and find something else. I know it can be scary but as Will Smith said, the most blissful experiences of life are on the other side of fear.


That’s the main point. The meaning of life to me is simply to live. To live a life full of experiences, full of meaningful things. We never know when we are going to die. It might be in 50 years, 10 years. It can be tomorrow. So I think we have to make a daily practice about living. It’s like if you feel like you’ve been just working on the day or during the week. Go out do something that you want to do and live.

When I say live, it’s like yeah, doing something that you love, or simply walk out and watch out for the world around. We can spend days, weeks and months, without noticing the beauty of the world, especially when we are living in the same city. But I can promise you if you stop for a moment, and look around differently, you will see things that you have never seen before.

What I’m currently doing by these days, it’s watching at the rooftops, from houses, buildings, and so on. And actually, I find plenty of good addresses by doing that. We just need to get this good feeling in our brain. Making this interesting again.

The meaning of life is to live it. Eat dinner with friends. Call people, we care about. Enjoy some great holidays. Doing some scary experiences. Laugh and live the life we want for ourselves.

Do you want to know quickly what people regret the most in their deathbed :

  • They wish to have had the courage to live a life true for themselves.
  • Wishing they haven’t worked so hard
  • They wish they have the courage to express their feeling
  • Wishing to have stayed in touch with their friend
  • They wish they had let themselves happier

I think this is interesting to note. I know we have to work to pay the bills and everything but I’m sure everyone can work in the field he likes, and live a truly meaningful life for himself.

You see I was speaking to a friend on the phone a few days earlier and we were thinking that regret is the most terrifying thing that can happen to us. It’s terrible to regret. And again we live in a world full of opportunities now.

So we need to take the chance to live. If you read this post and you never traveled far away I recommend you to do it. This is the most blissful experience in my life and I’m going to do it again and again. Cause I love it. Airplane tickets are inexpensive nowadays and if we really want to do something, we can find a way to do it. The most important thing to do at the beginning is to decide.

We need to decide to live cause that’s the meaning of life to me.

Hope you’ll get something valuable from this post. Believe in yourself.

You become what you believe you are

As the famous TV show presenter, Oprah Winfrey said: « You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe ». Or again the motivational speaker who inspired Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn said: « You become what you think about ». If they are right. It’s better to think good about yourself.

Brain thoughts

Your brain has daily thoughts. Negatives one more often, that’s why we need all the time social connection or music and TV. These thoughts are just suggestions – they are not real – and we can change them by focusing on good thoughts.

Don’t limit yourself. Believe in yourself. Control your thoughts.

Your brain will embody your thoughts. All your thoughts are going to make the actions happen.

Take action

Even if the action is small, just take it, just do it. If you want to become a writer, just write a bit each day or each week.

You want to become a great reader, just read a bit. Want to become fit? Workout. If you truly believe you are going to become the person you want to be, you will take the necessary action at some point. Believe all the time at this, never let it go. Never quit.

Not giving up

Sometimes you feel like quitting. Don’t you think everybody is not feeling like quitting at some point? Don’t you think you are alone in the universe.

Be consistent. Don’t give up. 

As humans, we all feel the same kind of emotion. Successful people in relationships, or love, or power, or anything that they are successful at, had just never quit. They too had felt this emotion. The thing is just they don’t quit.

I’m often positive, but I personally want to quite often but the purpose keeps me on track and makes me wake up each morning after the other just to show up, just to do the work. Even if you are not at your best all the time, it’s normal, it’s just natural. You don’t have to be. You just need to keep believing.

The power of purpose

The purpose makes you do what you do now. This power, this thought pulls you to the future.

The purpose will show to you this power to pass the challenges and obstacles you will have during the path.

It will make you wake up even when you don’t want to. The more the purpose is strong, the more you can be unstoppable. All about your thoughts, all is happening in your gut. Your gut is right now talking to your brain. Your feelings are here to tell you what you should do.

The feeling might be the purpose. Just listen to your feeling, to your body, and go toward your purpose.

Focus on positive things

If we are really what we think about as the philosopher Nietsche said. It’s better to think on positive things than negative ones.

The brain is like a magnet, and will attract what we strongly think. That’s where affirmation and mantra can help. The more it will become part of your subconscious to think good, feel good about yourself the more it will be automatically then.

You can change your thoughts by affirming in a loud voice that you are great and that you are positive. Everything in life needs practice but the more you will focus on being positive the more you will become.

Attraction law

You attract what you think about. If you believe you will attract fear and bad things. You will get this. On the contrary, if you think you will attract success and love. You will attract these things too.

If you truly believe you will be the best actor of all time you will act differently as you think I hope I am good. Success is defined in our thoughts.

Have you never realized when you feel good, good things happen to you but when you feel bad, the world seems to fall in your head and everything becomes crap like a vicious circle? Thus, It’s better to feel good and talk good to people. 

Believe in yourself

After all, that you have read you got the idea of how it is important to believe in yourself.

Believe in what you want to become. Believe that you are someone unique and that you can achieve everything that you set in your mind to.


If you need more power I suggest you to watch some videos, here are some which can help to embodied the idea that you will become what you think about :

You Become What You Believe – One of the Most Motivational Speeches Ever (ft. Jim Rohn)

You Become What You Believe You Are

Just browse on the internet you will find plenty of videos on the topic.

Believe in yourself.

Stay fit, stay healthy, be happy.






Don’t limit yourself

I’ve realized that I like a lot of stuff, like sport, being better, nature, flowers, birds, poetry… I’d like to train myself hard, keep evolving, learning about plants, and being more connected with nature. It’s not because I’m a personal trainer and an entrepreneur that I can’t become a poetry writer. 

But it seems to be, that in this system we are living into, we need to do one thing and that’s it. Being good at one thing, and maybe becoming the best, is one good among others. So sorry, but that’s boring for me and I’m disconnecting from this system. 

Don’t limit yourself

I like you to think as well, that you can become anything, and that you can start anything, learn and do anything you want. 

We don’t necessarily need to limit ourselves. We are human beings, we are more than a title, than a job, than just a thing. We can be and do more, without limit. 

At any age, any time you can learn something and do something different. I want to keep being a personal trainer, keeping and evolving Pret-a-Train. But at the same time, I want to build a wooden house, being more connected to nature. I’m connected to humans because of my job and what I learn daily. But I’m getting more and more interested in nature. In energy fields, and other things. 

And yes we can, so I’m just writing that to maybe touch you when you read and believe in yourself, that there is no need to limit yourself. 

Don’t limit yourself

It’s not because you are entitled to a position or to a job that you can’t learn something different. As long as we are enthusiastic to do that thing. We can do anything. Here’s a bit of motivation. Here’s hope for you to become more. I’d like to do more, my goals list is long. I wish you the best too. Believe in yourself.

Books I love and why

During my personal life, since my 25 yo, I’ve been reading tons of books about self-development and other things that I’m interested in. 

I’ve done this article to enlighten some great books I love and explain to you a bit of why I love them. Don’t hesitate to share books you love and why in the comment section. 

I’ll just enlighten you few books for self-development only which I believe makes me better, teach or remind me of some things. These are books that I might be reading more than once or twice. I believe small books with powerful meanings sometimes are good to read every 3 months are so. 

These are books I love and why.


The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The power of Now is the first great book I love and that I like to share here. It has been beautifully written with great consciousness from Ekhart. It just teaches or reminds us to live in the present moment. 

It makes us consciously remind ourselves of something. Talking about our unconscious form like the fear we can have. 

I love that book cause it made to take our time to read. We have to read one paragraph, think about it, going to ourselves and understanding the deep meaning. This for me is an advanced book, so if you just start reading about self-development it might be not the right book for you. Try but if you see that’s too hard to understand go to something else, then come back on it, maybe the understanding will be easier. 

I think we should not force ourselves to do anything. Drop it, do something else, then come back if need it, be like the river. 

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Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow is a great book which talks about happiness, and how in some little and normal things we can be happy. It teaches me one lesson: if you do that thing even if you don’t like it, like it cause you are here and now, and it’s better to be in the flow and be ok with it too enjoy it anyway. I don’t know if I’m clear for you, but it’s a deep meaning for me. 

In any way, we all read books, and sometimes we tend to forget what there is inside, but I like to think that actually, it teaches us at least one good thing that we need. And even if we don’t realize it, we’ll have some help at the right time when we need it, and we can forget at that time, where we learn this, but anyway, it serves, and we use it when we need it. 


The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book should be read by everyone. These 4 agreements shared by Miguel Ruiz, a shaman are greatly powerful and so true. 

I’d like to share one with you which is “Don’t take things personally”. Because sometimes people can say bad things, we then tend to believe and think that’s really because of us. However, we should never take things personally because the person can be in unconscious mode, being in a bad mood at this time. 

I really recommend you to read this small book which will make you live and understand life better.

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The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy is a great novel which opens the mind. If we believe in the story it makes us realize that he can have more in this world than we think. 

It’s a great adventure book, which transports us outside in the story, and that we relate inside with ourselves. We can sometimes stop reading and asking ourselves some personal questions. This book depends at which stage we read it, and can make us understand better about ourselves. 


Tao Te Ching From Laozi

I love the philosophy of Tao. The Tao te Ching is simple and deep. Don’t make it hard. Hard makes the soft. Powerful and easy. Again this can be hard to understand. But anyway I believe books come when we need them and that we take personal lessons from them. Nobody will have the same lesson. 

Some great powerful teaching in that book. Written like poetry, paragraph by paragraph, don’t read it fast, just try to read and ask yourself what you feel from these little lines. 


Here I share with you some books that I love. I might come back to it to share with some others. The goal for me was to start this list and to share it with. What about yourself, which books do you love and why? Share it with me and others. 

Why doing sport is better than any drugs

Today I’d like to talk about a very important topic. I want to talk about things that are deeply important to my heart. This is why this blog has been created aside from Pret-a-Train.

So today, I’d like to talk about drugs and sports, and hopefully many will understand why playing or doing sport is better than any drugs. After having read this article, you’ll hopefully want more to do sport to join incredible happiness than doing drug looking for the same. 

You see I try many different things in my life, you can find a part of it in my past decade review

As a young dude, rebellious as always, I’ve looked for and discovered myself, tried different things, and to me, there is “almost” nothing better than sport. Or at least to me, sport is the best natural drug in the world. 

As you know practicing a sport can help you to be fit and healthy. It can be any type of cardio sport or a classic like going to the gym.

So without waiting longer, let’s enumerate why doing sport is better than any drugs? 



As far as I know, many people use drugs to look for their euphorias self, to look for euphoria. 

And what do you think we find when we are deeply immersed in a sports activity we like? 

I don’t know if you do or try any sport, or if you have to remember when you were a kid, swimming in the pool, or enjoying tennis or a run with your friend. As a growing person, you might have tried to go to the gym, do some fitness, and lift some weight. 

To myself, a huge deadlift of 100 kilos correctly executed is what gives me a lot of euphorias when I drop the bar. The release of hormones spike to my head and make me feel away, as any drug can do. I can also tell you about when I climb difficult bouldering and I reach the summit. Again when I do a rally in tennis with one of my friends, it’s like sharing my drug with someone, and we both feel euphoric. 

Studies have shown many things about what a runner feels during a long-distance, yes again this kind of euphoria. 


Focus, present moment

That might be the most important of all. Sport makes you focus and connects you deeply to the present moment. 

You see to me life is all about now, being into the flow. And there is nothing better than being plunge into any activity if you are interested in the flow. I can’t strongly enough recommend you to read the book from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about flow and happiness. 

He has done all his life research about the topic of how to be happy. And experiencing the flow is key. 

You should have experienced the flow in any other activity that you like, like drawing, writing, walking or enjoying a great dinner with your family or friends. 

So if you do a sport that you like. And so there is any sport that you can try where you can deeply connect with the present moment. You just need to like it. I can close my eyes, and think about a football game I’ve done in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 10 players all being plunged into the present moment, forgetting everything around. The activity now was the only important thing and we were all enjoying it. 

This is why often I say to my client when doing their exercise, be the focus, this is your most important thing in life right now what you do, then they plunge into their push up or whatever and they grab the most benefits they can get from it. 


Feel relaxed

For some people, smoking weed makes them feel relaxed afterward. Pressure and you get to the sofa, smoke some pot and you feel relaxed. And again what you think sport does. Once you have finished your session, your heart rate becomes lower, the release of the hormone makes you feel good, without deteriorating your health, and here you go you feel at peace. 

No need drugs. As sport can give you the same effect. That’s why doing sport is better than any drugs again.



Should I talk to you about studies or have you got enough of it? Many researchers talk about it, back up it. But yes do any sport. Just go, grab a racket, grab a pair of shoes, go for a run, do some intense sessions, climb a mountain, do a trick, or whatever. Connected to the present moment, of course, you feel happy, thank the feel-good hormone yes. Sport is here the best drug in the world. 

Make you feel happy, connect you into the present, this is not why we do what we do. We all want to be happy right? Tons of sports have been created, try yourself and don’t give up on it. It can make you happy. One of my challenges is when one of my clients comes to me and tells me “I don’t like sport”, it’s to show them they are just lying to themselves, it’s not their fault, it’s just that they got a bad experience or gave up on that and are confused they not liking it. Once they start the program, I approach them with a nice soft attitude about sport, my goal is to make them enjoy and realize. And most of the time they feel happy and thank me afterward. 

Study: Effect on Happiness with sport


Live longer

There is no surprise that sports compared to drugs can make you live longer.

Should we really discuss it?


There are many other points I’m sure that you can think about why the sport is the best drug in the world. But here you have the 4 essentials one to me. As you can see I like to compare the drug to the sport, one is nocive the other is natural, created accordingly with the body. Then as everything in life often is a matter of choice. 

Experience sport, keep looking for yourself, keep discovering yourself, it’s never too late, and if you are looking to be happy, join or try any sport to feel the vibe

That’s just why doing sport is better than any drugs. So go ahead, find a sport you like, and get all the great benefits that I just talked about. Better to experience than just read.


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The present moment to be healthy and happy  

I guess we all want to be healthy and happy. This is why I created Pret-a-Train, to help people to be. At first, we did personal training to help people doing sport because sport can bring a great physical and mental state. Then we started to create a lot of articles to help them to be healthy and happy because taking care of your mind and body by doing sport is a great thing. Nonetheless, it’s not the only way to be totally healthy. 

To reach that state of healthiness, you have to feel good in your mind and your body. You have to feel good energy inside you. You have to accept life on how it is, and flowing with it. 

That is why I want to talk to you about how it is important to live in the present moment to be healthy and happy. 

Our mind is a great thing, a great tool. It helps us to create, to work, to help people, to learn new things.. on the contrary, if our mind is too much working at the end of the day it can make you drain of energy. And at the end of the day, it can make it hard to find sleep. It is unfortunate that many people have problems sleeping despite working out well and eating healthy

To appease the mind it’s good to meditate or use breathing techniques. Studies have shown how it is beneficial

The fact is you can be fit and not so healthy. If you look good in front of people and the mirror but then in your mind or body you feel sluggish or not so happy. Then it’s unfortunate that you haven’t reached a state of healthiness. 

So breathing is important to be healthy and to live happily. Many people don’t know how to breathe. Even when they do sport by the way. I see that in many of you guys when coaching you. 


Now, why do I want to talk about the present moment to be healthy and happy? 


Cause I feel like that our world is always distracted by what happened out of our sight. Out of ourselves. And that we don’t really live in us, we are losing touch on what is. 

Our mind as we know has the tendency to dwell on what is bad. That’s why I say that it’s a great tool but sometimes we need to just turn it off, breathe, do sport, cook, see our friend, but most importantly, be there now. 

Be there in everything you do. Stop dwelling on the past and future if you want to be healthy and happy. Things past are gone, things coming in are not here yet. What you have now is what there is. Accept this to be healthy and happy. 

With this, it’s good to be positive. But when things are sad, you can cry. You know I love the power of positive thinking, but we cannot always be positive. As we know there are tough times in life and we have to accept our emotions without denying them. Self-development is also this, we need to understand our emotions and let them go. 


Just do not dwell on the past and future. To be happy and healthy, be there totally. 


It’s hard to reach that state often. But with some activity like practicing sport or going for a walk, you can be into what is a good life: what you have in front of you, yourself connected to the moment. Not connected somewhere else with your phone, tv, or other machines that, don’t get me wrong, are great tools. 

However, the problem is that we are too addicted to them. Yes, the mind loves to be out of ourselves, controlled by dopamine, the hormone that craves for always more. 

Can you just walk and see the beauty of the tree, the sky, and the bird when you go for a walk without thinking too much? Can you have a discussion with someone without thinking about something else? 

As I recommend to many of the clients we have, go for a digital detox. Try to do not to use your phone or any screen after 8 pm. You’ll improve your sleep and your relationship with yourself and the ones around you. 

Try to go for one afternoon or one day a week without your phone. 

That’s a great way to be present now. Be in the present moment to be healthy and happy. 

Keep practicing sport, keep creating, keep doing what makes you happy. 

And be there, connect yourself with the present moment. Do some activity when you are there totally. That will make you healthy and happy.

Thank you.


Books to read that I recommend:

The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Check the article I create for it —> Books I love and why


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4 easy steps to sleep better at night

For many of us, it can be difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It can affect your energy and therefore your life. If you want to become healthy and feel good sleeping well is an important thing that you need to do.

So, if you have trouble sleeping at night, it may be because your mind is too agitated. The “monkey mind”, as the Buddhists call it, going to be in all directions and so annoy you terribly at a time of the day when only one thing counts: to sleep well. So just calm down this “monkey mind” so you can sleep more peacefully. Try these steps below and feel free to tell me if it has helped you joining Morpheus’s arms.

1.No more screen at least half an hour before going to bed

I know it can be really hard for some. This can often prove to be the key to this sleep deficit problem. Be sure to avoid any contact with the screens at least half an hour before bedtime. Prefer to read a magazine or a book instead. However, avoid reading things that will make you think too much.

Are you addicted to your phone? Here’s a good article from Newairz to stop that and hopefully sleep better at night. That’s the first rule.

2.The little herbal tea afterward

You no longer have a screen to watch. Damn, what can you do then?

It’s high time to make a little herbal tea that will help you soothe you to sleep well afterward. I recommend chamomile or verbena that can have very good virtues.

3. Journal before sleep better

If you are someone like me who thinks often. Do not hesitate to write what goes through your head. This will help remove what you have in your powerful brain. For example, write what you will do tomorrow to make a success of your day. Write down your goals, thoughts, or take advantage to reflect on the day that just happened by putting the right things that happened to you. It will also help you to be more positive.

More about being positive: 5 tips to develop your positivity on Pret-a-Train

4. Finally lie back and relax

It’s time to go to bed after all this. The last step is the best. Lie down peacefully and relax. If you can not relax, do not hesitate to put music on your phone, but be careful that it is in airplane mode in pain of seeing the notifications and wake up your mind again. If you need internet to put music on, put your phone on silent and do not dwell on your notifications. Know that even putting your phone on vibrator can alert the dopamine in your mind and thus make you think again. Do not worry. The people who contact you can wait until tomorrow that you answer them. In addition, you can tell them that you have slept well and if they too have trouble doing this you can explain how you did it!

Find here one of the many chill music, to sleep better at night, you can find on youtube. Feel free to download it so you do not need the internet and therefore not to be disturbed.


So I hope you got it right. To find a peaceful sleep and sleep better at night, you just have to empty your head and relax a lot. I personally think that if many people have trouble sleeping, the phone is not for nothing. Stay away from this one. Put your notes on the paper if the mind is restless and sleep well. These were 4 easy steps to sleep better at night than anybody can do.

Have a peaceful sleep guys.


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Past Year review 2020

I know 2020 hasn’t been a great year for many of us. Maybe for the planet in some sort. Not sure. I don’t know. So it was hard for me to decide to do this past year review as, to be honest, my year, luckily and gratefully, has been good. Not easy, but good. Of course, many people have endured a tough year, some people have lost loved one. My kindest regards to you. It was my case in 2019 actually. So I know what it is, I didn’t lose a love one from covid but from cancer. I guess it’s something that we all experience at least once in a lifetime and the more we age the more we need to be prepared for this. Anyway, as I like to keep optimistic and positive I will make a past year review which will reflect this, and as hard as it is there is always a bright side on everything, I believe, I think.


Lessons I’ve learned in 2020


I don’t know anything

I and you don’t know anything. Everybody talk and talk without knowing. How can you really state what you say? Surrounded by media telling things that we are not sure happening. I’m even not sure we are 8 billions of people in this world anymore. So there are many voices around myself, friend and family, the government etc… And it feels like nobody knows what is really happening, and everybody talks. The only thing I know is that the world is always changing. Impermanence is the truth. That’s the only things we can say is the truth. Without us, no belief can happen, but without us, the world we’ll still be changing, evolving.


Love is the biggest force

There is one other thing I learned this year is that love is the biggest force of all.

We’ve been in a year surrounded by fear, anxiety and all the bad forces around us. The fear of losing people, the fear of put in danger others, the fear of losing jobs, finance, etc…

However, love is the strongest, love kills fear. That’s why I was really surprised to see that member of the family can’t kiss each other anymore because of “Covid”. Remove love, and fear wins over us. Never remove love as love is the strongest and can kill all disease.

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Live the moment

This is tattooed on my chest so I could never forget as I see it in the mirror when I’m facing it topless. The present is the only thing we have and that we can enjoy. The truth is we don’t know if we’ll be there tomorrow, and we don’t need “covid” or any other names to tell us this. But this year, I think we all understand that we can’t predict the future. We see that we adapt to any situation. The human being is pure love and can adapt. But many of us live too much in future and past, even me with my tattoo on my chest. This moment where I write needs to be my only focus, not what I’m going to eat later on or how the world we’ll be in 2021. My only thing is to do my best now when I’m writing to you know. Please let’s stop to plan everything ahead as we can’t. Let’s share the love with what we do, who we are, with who we share our lives.


Thought for you

I think it’s important during this time of the year to come back to yourself and to ask yourself what is the biggest lessons you have learned this year. I believe in introspection to know better yourself and to have a better life. So take a moment and ask yourself what are the biggest lessons you learned this year.



Best Things I did in 2020


Biking in Vietnam

In February 2020 I travelled again. I went to Vietnam and met someone special. I was lucky enough to travel before the “covid” stops us to do so. Maybe it has been my last trip with everything tv and people said. Not sure… We’ll see.

With Pret-a-Train and as a CEO, I didn’t make the step to go and travel away as I love doing that but as I was held by my business, my clients, and my “duty”. Duties and responsibilities are good but living life is more important.

So, I needed to travel, to discover again, and to play. Plays allow me to help people better so travelling was great, I bike around Vietnam and I love it. With everything I was lucky to do before, biking in Vietnam was one of the best things I never did, and I was sharing it.


Finished my 1st book

In terms of professional level, I finally finished my first book. I wrote many parts of it in Vietnam actually. I was in a good atmosphere to write the 4 elements that I will soon share with you. Writing a book was one of my big dreams and I did it. When I finished it, I cried, I cried from joy to finish something so meaningful for me. Hopefully, it will help many people to be healthy. Being healthy can save us and the environment.


Start an online personal training service

In Pret a Train because of “covid”, we started giving online session, keeping the business up during this tough time was important and also keep making people working out. So we’ve been working on giving great session online via video live. I’m so grateful that Pret-a-train can still run during these times. I have a think of all people who been disturbed in their business and professional life. Nonetheless, I believe that they will strike back by doing something maybe more meaningful for them. A touch of hope. Hope and faith are strong forces as well. If I lose Pret a Train he won’t be the end of the world, I will do something else and help differently. Anyway, I’m grateful to have opened a new service. Thanks.


Thank you

I’d like to finish by saying thank you. Thank you for all the human kindness. Despite what the media shows, there is a lot of kindness in this world. The human being is kind. Let’s remove the history focus on the present. Let’s see how people stay at home to protect others. Let’s see how we react when we can’t see our family. Feel the love. Always see the beauty. Let’s share the love and always being positive. Flowers always blossom, sun rise and set every day. Life is good. It’s all love.


What I’ve you learned yourself and what are you grateful for?