Online life coach

Hi, I’m Romain and I’m a coach. I offer online life and wellness coach services. 
I believe on coaching to reach your full potential. Being help by other can be a fundemental key to succeed in life. 
In these days life coaching and alternative medicine are becoming more and more trendy as it shows evidence on how that can help you to feel healthier and being in harmony. 

I can help you to find yourself and take action to have the life and be the self that you want to have and be. 

Let's make a real life change

So my goal is to help yourself becoming the best version of you. 

My approach on coaching is to be the help that you need. 

I’m an approachable and authentic person. I use my intuition, my experience and my tools to help you. 

You tell me what your goals are and we work on it. 

Please be fully engaged into the process as it can be a real life change. 

Wherever you go, there you are

How can life coaching help you? 

Life coaching can help you to get healthier, stronger, feeling better. It can also help you to remove some doubt you have, to appreciate and love yourself or the rest of the world. It can be a help to find yourself truly and what you want to live fully. 

Of course life coaching will depend on your goals and the coach you’ll have chose. 

What are the benefits of life coaching? 

  • Getting healthier, stronger, better.
  • Being aligned between mind and body.
  • Getting more self-confidence and self love. 
  • Finding yourself. 
  • Being in harmony. 
  • Make real life change to reach your full potential.
  • Remove doubt and limited belief.

My specialities on coaching? 

I mostly help people to be healthier. Also to find themselves and what they really want to do for the rest of their life. I also help people to be in harmony. 

I work with all kind of people, man and woman. Mostly in their 30’s, 40’s. 

What are my values? 

I have core values that I work with like being authentic and doing my best to help. As a CEO, coach, nutritional advisor and personal trainer, I can help people in many different areas in their life. 

Why me? 

Listen to your intuition. See if I can be the person you need. What I can tell you is that I’m passionate about my job and I’m invested. Then let’s meet and talk. 


Fill up the form

Meet up

Plan it

Take action!

So what are your goals? 

Please fill the form and be authentic. Asking yourself that question, how I can help you? 

Let’s having a first consultation. By talking to each other will see if we match well and if I can be the right person to help you. 

Let’s plan and see how we can work toward your goals. I will explain to you the strategy will use to reach your goals. 

Now it will be the time to take action. As theory is good but without action nothing is possible. 
So let’s take action.

Are you ready for a real life change?