I’m Romain and I’m a coach. I say coach cause there are too many labels that I can include and coach seems to be the more obvious to me.

I’ve been always passionate about human beings and how we can reach our fullest potential. Being healthy is a motor to me. Helping others as well. 

It came to me after having aired traveling in Asia and Australia. By discovering the world, and meeting different people, and different cultures, I’ve learned so much, and thanks to life for that. 

I got interested in self-development by reading and by having experiences, which were fundamental to me. All these experiences make me who I am today. 

So at 27 I put myself on a table with a pen and a piece of paper and start to deeply ask myself what I wanted to do in my life. 

I put what I like to do: doing sports, traveling, meeting people, keep learning, and helping others. 

It’s what then took me to London to become a Personal trainer at first. I founded a company called Pret-a-Train where we help people get healthy mostly in Paris and London. We also came online since the COVid to still keep making people Healthy, coping with distancing.

However, since the beginning, I know sport is a big part to be healthy but other components come into play to make ourselves to our full potential. 

The movement is good, but also how you nourish yourself. When I say nourish, I’m talking about what we eat into our body, but what we also let come to our mind. This one is fundamental too. 

Naturally, I’ve developed myself with PNL and life coach tools to getting align between mind and body. 

I‘ve been also practicing meditation and Tai chi to regulate myself and be in balance between Yin and Yang activities. 

Now it’s been 7 years that I help people to feel better. I want to continue helping people to be balanced between their mind and their body and all my experiences, tools and skills help me to be the Coach that people can need. 

I can help people to find themselves, boost themselves, getting stronger and healthier. I can help people to be just in harmony with themselves and the rest of the world. 

My approach to coaching is to be naturally me, motivational, authentic, and non-judgemental. I have good skills in active listening and asking powerful and deep questions.

And I believe that helping others to find their true self and their full potential can help the world to be a better place. That’s my Colibri action. 

So let’s change the world together.