Be a man, be vulnerable

You see, we talk a lot about men with power, dignity, and confidence. That’s the kind of image we see for a man. All these yang sides with muscle, brain, operation, and all the keywords you can tell yourself about how and what a man is.

It’s been a while since I haven’t talked on that blog. You see I spent a lot of time for myself, for my family and into my company if you know me. So it was hard to decide what I was going to talk about cause I really wanted to get back to that blog that I liked and the contents I shared. It’s from myself, from my past, going toward the future. It’s part of my story.

So, I didn’t think much and decided to talk about what a man is to me and what the new generation of men needs to be. This is my humble opinion. I like to be clear on this.

But I’ve learned that a real man is a man with an open heart. A man who talks with authenticity and empathy, and which is connected to his woman side. After all, we can all agree that we all come from a woman.

Embrace the Yin and Yang of you

And there is great power behind that because this is where we can be ourselves and join the world inside ourselves together. We can perfectly balance all the qualities of intuition, confidence, and empathy. So, some might have more than others. But the trick is to be open. To let go of your emotions. Embrace your total self. That’s a journey of discovering ourselves.

Be a man – Let go of your emotion

I believe that a real man is a man who plays well on both sides of the yin and yang.

Men are vulnerable. Real men cry; men are open hearts. And I believe that men need to talk. They need to let their emotion goes and stop being in control of everything.

Let’s be an authentic man

I see a new era of man more like this, and obviously, I see a world with more balance. Let’s grow together. Let’s be authentic and accept our vulnerability.

I just wanted to share my opinion about this.

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