Tears and doubts are normal and they are beneficial

In our virile world, it seems to be like we have to hide our emotions. Just be strong and don’t cry seems to be the belief.

What if those bad emotions could be hiding something special. What if tears and doubts are beneficial. That’s what I believe.

Many people might think that champion and successful people don’t cry or never doubt. And when we see Osaka or any other champions crying it becomes a hit on the media and people don’t understand why she cries.

However, the thing is crying and doubts are just part of us. They are our emotions. As sometimes life is overwhelming and the best thing is just to surrender and cry. And how do you feel when you let it go? Those tears weren’t beneficial?

So I’d like to talk more deeply on this topic that I’m really interested in and I like to talk to you about why I cry and I doubt often and why it’s beneficial!

I hope this post will help a bit many coming champions or anyone of you to accept it and keep having faith in you.


Accept your emotions

We all have emotions. You know at some point because I cried too much because I lost someone or because I broke up or because my business was failing and all happening at the same time. I couldn’t stop crying and doubting myself so I wanted to stop having emotions.

Is that the right thing to do?

I don’t think so. Because emotions are again judged as bad and good. Even if doubts or fear or not any other kind of emotions which seems to be bad can be good.

Follow me, please.

Emotions are natural, you can laugh, feel joy, feel love. On the opposite, you can also feel fear, doubt, and anxiety. However, all of this is natural.

No one in life hasn’t experienced what we call the good and the bad.

The thing is that we have to understand our emotions. Why that doubt is coming? Why those tears are running down my face?

The reason is maybe that I’m just sad and I just need to stop hiding from my emotions.

That’s how burnout came to me. When I was investing all my time into the company, I was driven, everything was happening around, good or bad, and I was driven. Like a robot. And I didn’t doubt or cry for a while. But suddenly here tiredness comes with the sadness and the doubts, and I cry as I couldn’t stop. Just another event happen and the glass is broken up.

Burnout might be not good for some, depression as well. But I think they might be here to teach us something. That’s what I believe about emotions.

Everything can seem good, and suddenly you are sad or in doubt. So that might be the reason that you need to talk truly and freely to yourself.

Understand your needs.

Maybe you need to change something to your approach. Or maybe this is not for you. Or maybe you just have to pass that emotion get more confidence and do it anyway.

So don’t put your emotions away. Understand yourself as this tear and this doubt might just be beneficial for your short or long-term life and goals.

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It allows introspection

So when I got doubts, fear, or sadness I accept that emotion and I try to understand it as I said.

And often I do some introspection on myself and things in my life. I ask myself why I had this emotion. What I can do better.

We have to accept what there is and even what happens inside us.

Sometimes I know what to do, sometimes not, but I try to understand it and then I get back up again. Other times I just talk to someone and I open freely to that person.

As I believe, It’s good to talk about what we experience because maybe the other person got into the same situation and can help you with that.

I don’t think it’s good to keep things for ourselves. It’s important to have an open heart to solve the problem. It’s beneficial cause if you trust and talk to someone then the other might trust you and open yourself to you too. In the end, both will help each other.

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The beauty of crying

I feel like crying is beautiful. I see sometimes my partner crying and then laughing as I try to put her back up again. So she smiles at me among her clear and shiny tears. And I explained to her calmly that crying is natural. That’s what kids and we need to understand. Hiding our emotions are any good on an individual and collective level.

Crying helps us to release the tension. Crying can open the heart of someone who has hidden it for a long time cause it wasn’t accepting his feeling. Then if we don’t release the tension and accept the emotion, we can be violent or we can feel suddenly a huge burnout. Or any other thing that we could have to understand or accept before the flood.

Try to hold your cry and you’ll see your throat getting smaller. It can even get hard to breathe. So crying is healthy as it will release the tension, accept the emotion and let the river flowing.

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Champion doubts often

Champions and successful people that you think doubt but it’s just that they might don’t talk about it. Like for instance, Tenis men are always in a competition like other sports or company and they don’t want to show their vulnerability to the other competitors. Cause they think they might show their weakness. That’s what you might think too.

But I believe that tears and doubts can make you stronger. Cause you accept yourself totally. So you can show your doubts and you can show your tears. But then understand it and get back up again. You can lose a game, you can lose a set, but then you can win the match. You can win the grand slam of life.

But we have to understand what is important for us. Cause something might be important for others but not for us. And what won’t be important for them will be the happiness key for us.

As I say in a previous article on how to become a champion. You can fail, you can fail often but don’t be blocked, don’t stop. Don’t stop searching, don’t stop improving, don’t stop understanding, don’t stop using a different approach.


Tears and Doubts are beneficial

You know doubts and tears are like clouds and the sun is your smile, your love, is your whatever you call it. He will then always come back.

So go forward, fail, cry, doubt, experience life go what you want to go for, and just don’t give up. Get back up again on what you truly think is good for you.

Doubts and fear are normal they are life, they are part of us. As long as you play that new game, that you show to your difficulty that you can get over it. Life still goes on. Behind that “bad emotion,” something beautiful can be reached.

Feel the love, be self-compassionate, cry and go forward. Always love and believe in yourself. You are just a human being.




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