Believe in yourself – A simple tip to change the world

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi


Here we are in 2020, here we are after Trump and the COVID. Here we are after a summer where we can fill what is really “global warming”. It was 37 degrés one week ago in London. 

So we are in a world where many catastrophes have happened even if less and less happened nowadays. Yes, here’s a touch of hope and belief.

With all the “good” information we got nowadays, we as human are able to do better choice. We consume majorly different for a few years now. As we have understood that we need to take better care of ourselves and the planet. We think a lot, maybe sometimes too much, about making the right decisions. 

I see a new great generation, I see the beauty in kids and new modern parents. And I believe, as a whole, will make great decisions in our present days for the future. 

So if you read that post I know you’re already participating in changing the world for the better, cause as long as you have the thoughts to do, you do. Thoughts are important. As the book of Dr Wayne Dyer said: “Change your thoughts, change your life”. 


Passe le relais

So here I’d like to say: believe in yourself, believe in the world. I know that we can still have some doubts about our future. And I want you to let go all of these doubts. Cause as long as you believe in yourself, you believe in the world. We are particles in this all universe. But every particle connected for the good, change the world, for the best. 

Then we just need to “pass the relais”, which means gets inspired and inspire others to believe in themselves, believe they can do good. Believe that they are a good friend, a good parent, a good consumer, a good worker. We all work for ourselves, and for others. For our family, parents, wife, husband, community. 

Here’s a simple thing: we send vibrations to the world, good vibrations, and doubts are barriers to these vibrations. Remove the doubts, believe in yourself, believe in others and believe in our world. Focus on good things, and don’t let the doubts come in. Look at all the good things you did, focus on all the good things happening and be part of it. Keep it up. 


I hope you got something from this post, and I very much hope that you are going to believe in you.


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Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay  

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