How you can be fit and healthy

As you might know, being fit and being healthy is not quite the same. Actually, you can be fit but not healthy. Right, you can perform an activity quite well and have a toned physical apparance, but at the same time, you can eat badly and feel tired quite often. 

Many people actually look fit, like you can find many on Instagram, but are not healthy. 

Cause being healthy is more difficult to reach. To be healthy you need to be in good physical and mental health

So I’d like to share with you my way of being fit and being healthy in the meantime. 


Take care of the 4 elements

So as the book that I’m on my way to publish, for me being fit and healthy is about respecting 4 Elements: eating, moving, resting and your environment. 

Let me explain.



First, you have to take care of the way you eat. Of course, to be healthy, you need to pay attention to the food you are putting into your machine, into your body. If you want your body functioning well, you need to put the right food in. 

Food as veggies, lean protein, good fat and carbs,  and vitamins and minerals. 

In other words, you need to eat consciously. Even if you are a hard worker, take time to check what you ingest, and take time to eat your food. 


Second, you need to move. As simple as that, we are like animals, so we have the need to move this body that we have. If you consume food is to spend it. So you don’t necessarily need to do a sport regularly or something. But don’t get me wrong if you practice a physical activity it’s better for you. However, you can find ways of moving without doing sport.. like climbing steps, walking often, working in a job that asks you to move and not just being at your desk. If you are seated all day, of course, the best will be going to the gym, running, or practicing a sport to make you move. 


Third, to be fit and healthy, you need to rest. Yes, it seems obvious, but unfortunately, as I can see with my client in personal training or life coaching in Pret-a-Train, many don’t sleep enough, or sleep badly, surrounded by thoughts. 

That is why first, you need to sleep enough, go to bed early to make sure you have between 6 and 9 hours of sleep. It depends on your personal need. And a bit of advice that I can give to you before going to bed, it’s trying to avoid the phone, or tv before. Put your mood into a relaxed state, and if you have running thoughts, just write it down on a journal. 

Oh, by the way, peaceful music, or the app calm, can help you to find your way to Morpheus if you need. 

Massage and stretching are a good addition to make you more relax and to respect that important element to be fit and healthy. 


Finally, your environment plays a fundamental role for you to be at your top level of healthiness. 

The environment is what you do in your daily life. Yes, right, does your job make you happy? Does it make your mind healthy? By being happy and positive about how you spend your day, then you can feel more healthy, physically, and obviously mentally. 

If it doesn’t I warn you to think about changing. Even if that makes you fear, cause being healthy and happy, is a basis in life for everything. So recheck your value, and do not focus on a life that doesn’t rely on who you are. I believe everybody needs to be healthy. Cause if we are as an individual level, then we can be as a collective level. Help yourself before helping others. 

So check your environment, meaning also, the people you spend time with. Again check if those make you happy and healthy. The thing is that our time is limited so don’t waste it with people who don’t make you feel good. 

I advise you to check all of your environment and see what and who makes you happy and healthy. 


Being fit and being healthy

So to put it simply the first 2 points (eating and moving), if you make them right, can make you very fit. As if you do a lot of gym or sport, and if you take care of what you eat, you can have amazing physics and do a good performance. But if you consider the 2 others (rest and your environment), you can reach greater performance, and being healthy. 

That can seem a lot, but don’t worry take your time, one element after the other, you can be healthy step by step. The way to lead a good healthy lifestyle takes time and tries, perseverance like everything in life.

Being healthy is like top-level for a human being. But as we have seen in the fourth element, it asks being honest, being honest with yourself and others, and choose the right things and people for you. 

Being healthy can be respecting your life as well. Being healthy can be also seeing a therapist remove the problem or barrier that you might have in your mind, which obstruct you to be happy, or making the right moves for you. 

You can use a personal trainer, or a life coach to help you in that way for instance. Or you can talk to friends, or other therapists to help you be fit and healthy. 


Last note

I really encourage you to take care of these 4 elements. You have to believe in yourself, no matter where you are, no matter where you come from. Cause I believe that if you believe in yourself, that you can believe in the world. It can sound funny, but it can depend on you to change yourself, and change the world around you.

Be fit and healthy. Thank you.  


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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