The conscious and unconscious forms and how we can be more conscious

In this article, let’s talk about our conscious and unconscious forms and how we can be more conscious. 

There are a lot of different types and faces of human nature. When we are unconscious we can turn love into fear or rejection. Also, we can turn creativity into laziness or frustration. 

However, when we start to be conscious a new world is opening to us. Love can be found in everything. Beauty is everywhere, and our limiting beliefs become unlimited. This is how being conscious is so much important to share all the types and faces with our world, friends, family, and community. That can change just an individual as it can also change a whole country. 

Remember that we are all energy, all vibration. So let’s get deep into the different forms between conscious and unconscious. In the end, let’s see how we can be more conscious and share this love, this kindness, and this beauty. 





When you are fully conscious, you can see love in everything, in all these forms. Nature, sky, trees, smiles and all human beings. You can find love even in some tough situations. Love is always here. When you’re fully conscious you can appreciate everything more deeply. Go for a walk into nature, or even through a city, look at what has been created, nature created things with love, humans too. Look at that. Look in the eyes of people you like, look at yourself into the mirror. You can perceive love everywhere and in everything. 



Once you’re conscious, you can easily let the flow of creativity go into you. When you are conscious means that you let more yourself go, you are not locked into frustration or laziness. You open to everything good which can come to your mind. Sometimes letting go of resistance and surrender to things can make you more creative. It’s actually well known that the best inventors in this world had their brilliant ideas during leisure time. When you try too hard, you can put yourself into resistance and lock the flow which is coming to you. And when you let go, the flow can come back.



When you’re conscious, you can let the proper human being and the wise child you’ve been to take over to your adult seriousness. Then you can show your kindness to the world. Sometimes we are too serious, and again we resist what we are. We give orders, we stand strong and tall and can put pressure on ourselves and others. Again when you’re conscious and let the self that you are, you can spread your kindness, and be good with all your fellows. And especially be good to yourself. Being conscious helps you to be your best friend. You don’t beat yourself up anymore which is a big problem that we can’t find in many people who practice unconscious behaviour. So be conscious, be kind. 



Beauty is a friend of love. It has been into our field from the beginning. Of course, by watching the news, some try to show you the face of the world which is hostile and can be ugly. But actually, beauty is again everywhere, even when on the screen they show you a hostile world, after that you can find people helping each other, like after any catastrophe for instance. Beauty is part of our conscious, look at a kid, no kid can be ugly, every kid is a beauty, every flower too. As we grow we become unconscious and we start judging everything, but even when a person grows older, or when a plant is fading, beauty is there. 



A tree, a plant, a human being, is always expanding. Expansion is part of our universe. Many unconscious people are limited and think not much can be extended anymore. But actually, everything has been always expanding and even when we grow older. We are expanding ourselves. 



When you’re conscious, expansion is there, then the limits are removed and you become unlimited. You do not need to take any pills or get crazy. So, it’s actually not a movie, even if life can have some similitude at some point but we are always unlimited. Being unlimited it’s part of human nature. We’ve been here for very long, that science tries to find for how, but actually, nobody can say it exactly. It’s been millions of years that energy is given, that heart is beaten, things being created. Things are always changing, evolving and once you’re fully conscious you can really become unlimited. 



As an energy field, when you’re conscious, you become more receptive to this field. More receptive to people who come at the right time to your world. You get into this situation that you were waiting for. Once you are conscious you open yourself to be more receptive, you don’t put any resistance, and you are receptive to the flow, to the vibe, to what you need. 



Reject all these unconsciousness forms to your life. To live in harmony with it. Here are all forms of unconsciousness that you can notice in yourself and others. Once you notice it, try to not dwell on it. If you notice a friend or anyone doing it. Try to be as much conscious as you can to avoid giving too much energy to the unconsciousness field. Change it to consciousness. 

Let’s see how to avoid the traps of unconsciousness as well and how we can be more conscious:



Fear is a well-known form and face of unconsciousness. This is also the most spread in the world. From history class, transmit to our grandparents coming from WW. TV showing the same face as unconsciousness always. 

As I believe many of us are born into unconsciousness, many of us got to fear from the previous generation. As we can see as a baby or a kid we are just consciousness and seemed to love everything. But when we grow older the fear has been transmitting to us. I can see my little bro and sis watching the news and see the face of unconsciousness each day and night. That’s why we need to be strong and bring consciousness for ourselves, cause if we don’t we can fear everything. Some people are attached to this form without noticing and they are always in the state of fear. Thinking that the world it’s an awful and hostile place.

How can we be more conscious then?

An easy thing to do to break that fear is to be conscious and focus our insight on kindness and love. Go to a forest, a park, with some trees, with some kids, look at pictures of you on your holiday with your family and friends. The world is yours. Choose to be conscious, choose to be love. 



Did you feel angry and say to yourself after what happened? What am I so mad for? This is when you get off unconscious mode and become conscious. 

You see like fear, anger has been transmitted to us from a very young age, and we realize sometimes that we are out of our head when we get mad at some big or tiny thing. This is just an automated response that we learn from our parents or other situations. It actually comes from our youth most of the time. Sometimes we just copy people that we like. But can you feel this heaviness in your body when you get angry? Can you feel this draining energy or this guiltiness coming after? 

Why being angry where nothing can be resolved with angriness. Being angry it’s just transmitting again the bad method to other people, then you make others unconscious too. 

How can we be more conscious then?

So come back to being conscious, and if you feel very angry, calm down and talk about it. Life is not so damn serious and everything will be sorted out if you accept things or if you resolve what you can by being mindful. 



Rejection is another form of unconsciousness. As an unconscious person, we can feel rejected, we can see the rejection of everything. We can reject ourselves. For instance, we can beat ourselves up and always say that we are not good enough. We just started learning a new language and because we don’t accept the process we can reject ourselves and say that we are not good and we should not bother. That can be a tough syndrome which can lead to a huge shyness to talk to people and especially a group of people cause we will think we are going to be rejected. Of course, if you reject yourself and not being indulgent with yourself you’ll have difficulties to make friends or accept people as well. You’ll have this poison in you.

Accept things as there are – Love yourself – Get back to consciousness

The key is to get back to consciousness, accept you and things as they are, and look always at the bright side of you, things and people. Be conscious, be creative, love yourself. Love the world, that’s the key. 



So we talk about the unlimited possibilities when we are conscious, as this is the world where we grow. This world shows unlimited form. However, when we are unconscious we can have some limited belief, again we can think that we are not good enough. We see things limited, we have limited judgement onto things. However, we need to be conscious of this unlimitedness around ourselves. All these people before us, this art, this nature which is always growing. Can you see that nothing is limited?  

Be conscious to be more conscious. Don’t be limited. Look at nature and life.

You can do whatever you want, put some cement, be unconscious, get into fear, the world will always be by itself in motion, still growing, always changing. Things are always moving, some people conscious are always creating new things. Be conscious and be part of it, you can do anything. Expand your belief. Read books from people you like. Get interested in our world, on our earth, and look at things in a good perspective. 



Here’s a big form of unconsciousness, which can be similar to rejection. Here’s frustration, and this is also transmitted to others when we are. Frustrated by us, by people around us. Not believing in yourself in our talent. Frustration can come from other forms like fear. For instance, we fear things and then we are frustrated to not do the things we want to do because of our limited belief. Can you see the loop of this vicious cycle? 

How to be more conscious then?

Break it, become conscious, believe in yourself, the world and people. Don’t be frustrated if you fail at something, be like this pure consciousness as we were when we were baby, fail, cry and get back up again with a smile. 



Worry, worry, worry, that’s the best form of unconsciousness. Worries are spread into cultures, into countries, worries can come from fear again. This unconscious form and fear are the top forms of unconsciousness. These two can make people sick and make some business grow and become unlimited. Many companies like tv channels play with these two forms to make us buy more food or more medicine. In the end, if we worry too much we send resistance and poison to our body, then we can fall into depression, seeing our world hostile, being suicidal, or having another form of sickness, and then we die. Worry can be a serious disease which has to be taken seriously, and this is why we need to remove worry and this unconsciousness to our life. 

How can we be more conscious then?

Focus on positive things, be conscious, be involved in any activity that you like, be that kid do a puzzle, relax your mind, and you will see how worry can dissipate your mind to your life. 



Jealousy is a form of unconsciousness which can be the brother of worry or greed. When we are unconscious we can have this form of jealousy which can get into any situation. When we see someone succeeding when our ego takes the top on us then we can be jealous of others doing more than ourselves. We can be jealous of our family, friends, for having better conditions, or situations. We can be jealous of our girlfriend, sending poison to her because she is too close to people, this comes from worry. 

How can you be more conscious then?

The best will be to be conscious again, cause anyway putting resistance, as you know, it’s not good for yourself. Believe in you, believe in others. Don’t be jealous, appreciate that some people can succeed because you can too. You are the same so be conscious. 


Other forms

There are plenty of other forms that you can find into unconsciousness. Listen to your emotion and your body and when you feel not good, ask yourself: “am I conscious enough right now or am I just being unconscious? 


Best tips to be more conscious?



When you meditate, you can put everything into perspective. You can let go of things. Being fully conscious, and note all things that make life. Concentrate on your breathing. Here you are alive. Just focus on your breath and your feeling. Turn your mind off or let it go but don’t be plunged into thoughts. And you’ll see that you feel good and there is nothing to dread. You’re fully conscious you are here into the present moment. The more you do, the more you’ll be here and now. Be conscious of your everyday life. 



Be open to receiving what comes to you. Don’t resist a new encounter, don’t judge, just take what life gives to you. You are consciousness, and everything happens for a reason. 

Learn to open your mind, to open your heart. There you’ll be into your soul, more conscious. 

Look at the situation even though one, by saying what that happens, it might be for a good reason. Life is good. Make sure you know. See the beauty be open to beauty. Be receptive to things coming through your eyes, use your senses. Look at buildings, nature, forests, others, and animals. Be open to life, you’ll get more and more conscious. 


No resistance 

This is easy to say but not easy to do. Offer no resistance to nothing. Especially not into you. Our bodies are chemical as you know. If you offer resistance to it, you’ll have poison come into you. That’s not good and it’s a form of unconsciousness. See yourself reacting to the situation with resistance. You are not you, you are unconscious. Be conscious enough to notice this. 

If you do the first two things that I’ve recommended to you, you’ll be conscious enough to see how you can drain on people, yourself, and the situation. Once you notice it, break it by being aware and conscious. 

There are things in life that we can’t predict, and that we can’t do anything about it. So let it go. And focus on having no resistance thoughts. It’s all good. Life has been like that for millions of years and everything is alright. 


Practice love 

We are love. Deep into ourselves, we are consciousness. Nobody has no love. People that tend to “show” no love are just unconscious. 

Love is consciousness. Practice love is for instance walking and seeing the beauty around in everything. Plant, trees, road, people, building. If you focus on love. You would see it everywhere. See when a newborn is coming around your life, how love is good. Go to a wedding and see love around. Love is everywhere, we just need to be conscious to see it. 


Be focus on any activity

By being focused on any activity that makes you happy and that we like we can be more conscious. We can do gardening, make a puzzle, watch family pictures,  draw, play tennis or football, go for a run. Even working when doing with grace can be a sort of activity which makes you more mindful. 

You see many like me talk about meditation but I actually believe that there are many forms of meditation and everyone can have a sort of meditation which works for him or her. Reading for instance for me can be a form of meditation (depends what topic I read), running too. 

Find your activities which appease you and can make you more conscious. 


Be grateful 

Being grateful is an important part of being conscious. The more you are grateful and the more you realize what you already have, and especially what you already are, the more you are conscious. It’s an easy thing to do to feel more connected and to have a form of love and beauty. It’s getting very easy when you set it at a habit to have a gratitude journal and to take a moment a day to say what you are grateful for. You can also talk about it when you’re having dinner with your family or partner, everybody can say one thing they are grateful for. 

It’s a great thing to do, cause sometimes you think there is nothing to be grateful for but actually, there is always something. So, you can be connected to that, to your health, to the people around you, to the sky above your head, to the bed you go at night, or to do food you have the chance to savour every day. Find something to be grateful for every day and I promise you that you’ll feel more conscious and more fulfilled. 


Last note

The more conscious you are, the less it will be hard. As hard can become soft, the more you practice, the more you’ll notice. 

Resistance would come in many forms but the more you are conscious the more you’ll be able to notice it and stop all these unconscious forms from coming back to consciousness. Let enter love and all these other forms to make your life and yourself richer. 

Hope that has been helping you to be more conscious.


Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

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