The 4 Elements To Become Fit

Before starting a program with my client. I make sure they understand the 4 elements to become fit. There are really important and each of them have to take into account and respected.

Here there are:

The 4 Elements to become fit



“You are what you eat”

Nutrition first of all is what makes you. As the famous quote said perfectly, you are what you eat. Thus, having time to cook healthy meal with veggies, proteins and healthy carbs/fats is essential for you to become fit.

Take a bit of time at the end of the day to reflect on what you ate and how you can make it better the next day if needed.

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Eating healthy food is essential as seen on the first point. But if you want to look fit, you have to work on it. Muscles don’t appear by themselves. You have to workout them.

Thus it’s essential for you to move your body at least 3 times a week intensely or several times during the week smoothly.

That means you could separate your intense workout day during the week and rest the weekend. Or you could wake up everyday early to do 20 mins each day of the week with some movements.

It’s important for you to take your physical ability in consideration. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Try to get better on yourself each week, each month. Make things easy to yourself and get a routine to become fit.

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Rest and relaxation

Many people are thinking about the 2 points up. These are the most mentioned of course. However, rest and relaxation is a key point to become fit as well. As you workout, your body and mind need to rest and relax.

Thus having a nice sleep each night is fundamental. Try to target around 7 hours before midnight. I believe we should be connected with the sun. But you don’t need to wake up at 4am to being fit. Even if getting into bed and wake up early will be a great point for you to become healthy. By finding time for yourself to relax before the day as started.

Doing some deep breathing technique or meditation could help to reduce the hormone cortisol due to stress. When the stress is up it’s hard to lose weight. That’s why it’s important for you to stay relax as well.

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With these 3 points up there you can become fit. However, I’d like to talk about a last one as it could be an obstacle for the other ones to be successful.

Having a nice environment is essential for you to become fit. As having a kitchen when you can cook your healthy food and a nice space where you can eat and relax. Also, having people encouraging you to become fit instead of telling you to come to the bar each night will be more convenient for your goal as well.

The environment is all of that. Your house, your routine, your work, your friends and your family have to be taking into consideration for you to become fit. That’s also a fundamental key point for you to become healthy.



Healthy food + exercise + relaxation and sleep. All in a good environment. = Being Fit.

You’ve noticed those are just the elements to become fit. As being healthy is different than being fit. There are more things to consider to be heathy in your mind and your body. Nonetheless, with these 4 elements it will help you to set the base to become healthy as well.


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