Why doing sport is better than any drugs

Today I’d like to talk about a very important topic. I want to talk about things that are deeply important to my heart. This is why this blog has been created aside from Pret-a-Train.

So today, I’d like to talk about drugs and sports, and hopefully many will understand why playing or doing sport is better than any drugs. After having read this article, you’ll hopefully want more to do sport to join incredible happiness than doing drug looking for the same. 

You see I try many different things in my life, you can find a part of it in my past decade review

As a young dude, rebellious as always, I’ve looked for and discovered myself, tried different things, and to me, there is “almost” nothing better than sport. Or at least to me, sport is the best natural drug in the world. 

As you know practicing a sport can help you to be fit and healthy. It can be any type of cardio sport or a classic like going to the gym.

So without waiting longer, let’s enumerate why doing sport is better than any drugs? 



As far as I know, many people use drugs to look for their euphorias self, to look for euphoria. 

And what do you think we find when we are deeply immersed in a sports activity we like? 

I don’t know if you do or try any sport, or if you have to remember when you were a kid, swimming in the pool, or enjoying tennis or a run with your friend. As a growing person, you might have tried to go to the gym, do some fitness, and lift some weight. 

To myself, a huge deadlift of 100 kilos correctly executed is what gives me a lot of euphorias when I drop the bar. The release of hormones spike to my head and make me feel away, as any drug can do. I can also tell you about when I climb difficult bouldering and I reach the summit. Again when I do a rally in tennis with one of my friends, it’s like sharing my drug with someone, and we both feel euphoric. 

Studies have shown many things about what a runner feels during a long-distance, yes again this kind of euphoria. 


Focus, present moment

That might be the most important of all. Sport makes you focus and connects you deeply to the present moment. 

You see to me life is all about now, being into the flow. And there is nothing better than being plunge into any activity if you are interested in the flow. I can’t strongly enough recommend you to read the book from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about flow and happiness. 

He has done all his life research about the topic of how to be happy. And experiencing the flow is key. 

You should have experienced the flow in any other activity that you like, like drawing, writing, walking or enjoying a great dinner with your family or friends. 

So if you do a sport that you like. And so there is any sport that you can try where you can deeply connect with the present moment. You just need to like it. I can close my eyes, and think about a football game I’ve done in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 10 players all being plunged into the present moment, forgetting everything around. The activity now was the only important thing and we were all enjoying it. 

This is why often I say to my client when doing their exercise, be the focus, this is your most important thing in life right now what you do, then they plunge into their push up or whatever and they grab the most benefits they can get from it. 


Feel relaxed

For some people, smoking weed makes them feel relaxed afterward. Pressure and you get to the sofa, smoke some pot and you feel relaxed. And again what you think sport does. Once you have finished your session, your heart rate becomes lower, the release of the hormone makes you feel good, without deteriorating your health, and here you go you feel at peace. 

No need drugs. As sport can give you the same effect. That’s why doing sport is better than any drugs again.



Should I talk to you about studies or have you got enough of it? Many researchers talk about it, back up it. But yes do any sport. Just go, grab a racket, grab a pair of shoes, go for a run, do some intense sessions, climb a mountain, do a trick, or whatever. Connected to the present moment, of course, you feel happy, thank the feel-good hormone yes. Sport is here the best drug in the world. 

Make you feel happy, connect you into the present, this is not why we do what we do. We all want to be happy right? Tons of sports have been created, try yourself and don’t give up on it. It can make you happy. One of my challenges is when one of my clients comes to me and tells me “I don’t like sport”, it’s to show them they are just lying to themselves, it’s not their fault, it’s just that they got a bad experience or gave up on that and are confused they not liking it. Once they start the program, I approach them with a nice soft attitude about sport, my goal is to make them enjoy and realize. And most of the time they feel happy and thank me afterward. 

Study: Effect on Happiness with sport


Live longer

There is no surprise that sports compared to drugs can make you live longer.

Should we really discuss it?


There are many other points I’m sure that you can think about why the sport is the best drug in the world. But here you have the 4 essentials one to me. As you can see I like to compare the drug to the sport, one is nocive the other is natural, created accordingly with the body. Then as everything in life often is a matter of choice. 

Experience sport, keep looking for yourself, keep discovering yourself, it’s never too late, and if you are looking to be happy, join or try any sport to feel the vibe

That’s just why doing sport is better than any drugs. So go ahead, find a sport you like, and get all the great benefits that I just talked about. Better to experience than just read.


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Image by dsandzhiev de Pixabay

One simple tip to build muscle

Alright, you should know that having muscle is a good way to have better health. It’s a great way to be fit and healthy.  And to build mass you need to eat more. In fact, if you want to build muscle you need protein and calories. Many people know that and it’s not a secret. Beside of having good and enough nutrition, you need sufficient training. But that’s not all. Talking about the training I want in this post give you a simple tip to build muscle. This tip can be applied to the other article that I’ve been writing recently about how to get bigger arms in one month

So you want to know the crack, right? That is why you are here for. 

The tip, the crack is something that you might not be doing and it’s really unfortunate. You might be training for months, maybe years and you don’t have the results you expect. So, you might not be able to build muscle. Maybe you eat enough and you train regularly as seen. But a simple thing is missing. 

Which is…?

You need to get out of your comfort zone! 

Having a routine is good, nonetheless, you need to progress to evolve, and for that, you need to lift more and if you are able to lift more that means you have more muscle! Bim, that’s all! 

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So how can you do it? And here is the simple tip to build mass: 

Have a notebook and write down your reps and your max on each exercise you do. 

By having a workout journal you can write down your performance and each week or every 2 weeks try to lift more. If you eat well and workout regularly you’ll be able to lift more weight and so build muscle.

Easy as this. 

For instance, let’s say your Monday is programmed for chest, and you do a bench press, which is great for building your chest muscle. So you write the day like Monday 2o of February with what you’ve done like 4 sets of 10 reps with 60kg. 

And next time you do the chest you can go to 65kg, and actually, if you want to build muscle you should target 6 to 8 reps. If you are able to do more than this target add some weight to grow! 

Wednesday leg press 140kg 6 reps 4 sets, that’s good, So next week add more and get your 6 reps. 

Hope you get what I mean. This is how you can grow and this is the simple tip to build muscle. 

Have a workout journal, and write done your performance! Keep evolving! See you around the gym. 

Oh by the way, if you are more into calisthenic and free weight. Fair enough, write down and play with the tempo to increase your muscle mass.  


How to get bigger arms in one month?

Here we are in 2020. Guys, it’s time to talk about an important topic. A question that you’ve been asking myself a lot since I join the fitness. How to get bigger arms. And I wanna go even further for you guys and answer to how to get bigger arms in one month. 

Right as I said we are in 2020 and it seems like we want to get an efficient result in the shortest period of time. So first I want to reassure you it’s possible to get bigger arms in one month. And I’m going to give you my precious recommendations for you to be happy in front of the mirror and enter as you like into your favourite t-shirt. 

Get set on your chair, relax and let’s talk seriously and ambitiously. 


Eat well and enough

First, we are going to talk about food. As you might know, to get bigger you need to eat well and enough. What do I mean about that? 

To make it simple for you, you need to build muscle with protein, good fat, and carbs. 

For instance, eating enough eggs, poultry (protein), rice, beans, quinoa or other grains (carbs) and nuts (good fat). 

These are the basic without talking into too complicated language. Cause I know yourself, sometimes your trouble is that you read too much (complicated) information, then you get confused. 

Eat well, enough and often of everything. Avoid fast food, if you wanna have “lean” bigger arms. 

Tips: eat protein on every big meal, eat one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon (any kind of nuts, apple, banana, ect…). Rule of 5. Eat 5 times. All-day long. 

Oh yeah also, please eat veggies, they are like a friend to transmit the right food to your body, and enough vitamin and energy to execute your movement and keep your motivation up. Green veggies are great, eat some but not too much if you don’t have a big appetite, focus on eating enough carbs and protein. 


Exercise the right parts


Now that we’ve been talking about the important part of eating well to get bigger arms or body. You need to target the muscles you want to grow and hit them up! 

You want your arms to grow right? 

So hit them up with all different exercise targeting them. I’m going to talk to two different kinds of persons now, cause I know some of you prefer the gym, some others don’t like it and prefer home bodyweight exercise. 

That’s fine, I’m mixed between both. I like bodyweight and weight exercise. But don’t worry you can have a good result if you want to skip the gym. Nonetheless, both category of person, need to work out for sure. And the arms right!

Gym guys:

For thus who want to do it at the gym. The bench press is a good option to target bigger arms as this move is targeting more the chest but still well enough the arms as well. Combined with a back exercise like the back row cable seated on the machine (my fav move), you will feel triceps on the first one and biceps on the second one. 

Bench press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT7DgCr-3pg

Arms are composed of the biceps and the triceps, so if you want to get bigger arms, you need to train both. Explode the fibres, and nourish them. 

Biceps curl, and triceps cable will do the rest, as they are isolated movements. Try to get out of your comfort zone by increasing the weight one week after the others. Train them twice to three times a week. Just careful to do not injure yourself and have tendinitis which is going to slow down your progress. Listen to your body but get enough consistency!

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Bodyweight guys:

Now for the ones who prefer bodyweight exercise, you are going to push up. Oh yeah. Bigger chest, bigger arms for you. If you can’t do push up properly, start by putting your knees down, then play with the rhythm. The low movement will make it harder to get back up. Fast movement will make it easier but still working. Mix both.

If you are comfortable do normal proper push-ups, and slow down your move to break some muscle fibres. 

To target your arms of course it will be easier for you if you have some dumbbells at home if not. Practice your push up and do some variation. Like the triceps push up. To do biceps curl and target the biceps, grab a bag of potatoes or something heavy and do the movements. Play with the rhythm again, slow movement to break the fibres and make it harder. 


Do pushing and pulling exercises. If you have a pull-up bar at home that will make it easier by doing some chin up to really target your biceps.

Be consistent for the full month. In one month you can get at least 8 training for your arms. Make sure you feel them, and train them enough. This is really important to get bigger arms in one month only. 

Tips: I want you to stop reading and put your workout in advance in your calendar. Make sure you’re going to train these baby arms!!!!


Wear the right t-shirt

Last thing, which is really important to me. Wear the right t-shirt at the right size. I see so many guys using a loose t-shirt to do not tighten to their belly. The thing is you have to get your arms tightened enough to look it good enough for yourself. And you can find brands which know that so they will make the sleeves smaller and some space for the belly and it will look good on you. 

Tips: go with a girlfriend and try several t-shirts, ask her how it looks on you and if it put your arms at your advantage. Friends help.


That’s it. Follow these pieces of advice, workout, make it consistent, focus on the right move and eat well enough, and you’ll get these bigger arms that you want.


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The 4 Elements To Become Fit


The 4 Elements To Become Fit

Before starting a program with my client. I make sure they understand the 4 elements to become fit. There are really important and each of them have to take into account and respected.

Here there are:

The 4 Elements to become fit



“You are what you eat”

Nutrition first of all is what makes you. As the famous quote said perfectly, you are what you eat. Thus, having time to cook healthy meal with veggies, proteins and healthy carbs/fats is essential for you to become fit.

Take a bit of time at the end of the day to reflect on what you ate and how you can make it better the next day if needed.

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Eating healthy food is essential as seen on the first point. But if you want to look fit, you have to work on it. Muscles don’t appear by themselves. You have to workout them.

Thus it’s essential for you to move your body at least 3 times a week intensely or several times during the week smoothly.

That means you could separate your intense workout day during the week and rest the weekend. Or you could wake up everyday early to do 20 mins each day of the week with some movements.

It’s important for you to take your physical ability in consideration. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Try to get better on yourself each week, each month. Make things easy to yourself and get a routine to become fit.

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Rest and relaxation

Many people are thinking about the 2 points up. These are the most mentioned of course. However, rest and relaxation is a key point to become fit as well. As you workout, your body and mind need to rest and relax.

Thus having a nice sleep each night is fundamental. Try to target around 7 hours before midnight. I believe we should be connected with the sun. But you don’t need to wake up at 4am to being fit. Even if getting into bed and wake up early will be a great point for you to become healthy. By finding time for yourself to relax before the day as started.

Doing some deep breathing technique or meditation could help to reduce the hormone cortisol due to stress. When the stress is up it’s hard to lose weight. That’s why it’s important for you to stay relax as well.

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With these 3 points up there you can become fit. However, I’d like to talk about a last one as it could be an obstacle for the other ones to be successful.

Having a nice environment is essential for you to become fit. As having a kitchen when you can cook your healthy food and a nice space where you can eat and relax. Also, having people encouraging you to become fit instead of telling you to come to the bar each night will be more convenient for your goal as well.

The environment is all of that. Your house, your routine, your work, your friends and your family have to be taking into consideration for you to become fit. That’s also a fundamental key point for you to become healthy.



Healthy food + exercise + relaxation and sleep. All in a good environment. = Being Fit.

You’ve noticed those are just the elements to become fit. As being healthy is different than being fit. There are more things to consider to be heathy in your mind and your body. Nonetheless, with these 4 elements it will help you to set the base to become healthy as well.


An easy way to get fit

Getting fit may appear impossible for many people. It seems that they can’t find the right time in their busy life. However, we all have busy life and we all want to do many things. I look up on Instagram and I see someone doing something that I’ve ever tried before. And I say:” Wow, I want to do it too.” I look up on my Facebook account, I spot this friends that I didn’t see for many years, living in Japan eating sushi. And again, I say: “Wow, I want to do that too.”

The only difference between fit people and not fit people, is that they put a priority in their workout regime, and that had become a habit. However, this habit might come from a strategy.

Here I’m giving you one easy way to get fit.


Set a schedule

As you make appointment to the doctor, you won’t miss it. Do exactly the same thing with the gym!

You see the first great thing about having a Personal trainer, is that they set out your workout in your calendar. If you don’t come to the session you will be forfeit. So you stick to your schedule. They decide with you to make it every Monday or Thursday when you finish work for instance.

So once these day are coming you’re already prepared. You have your stuff ready. And once you finish work. You go and train with you PT. This is now your priority, nothing else matter.

You see, you don’t need a Personal trainer, but what you need is to make yourself and your workout a priority. Just 2 to 3 times a week at least.

Use the technologies which surrounds ourselves and put it at your advantage. Get your smartphone and put your workouts on your calendar. Choose two to three slots where you can make it regular during the week. Put the reminder at the beginning until it becomes a habit.

The calendar method is the best to do not miss what is important.


Just do it, do not focus on your goals

As human being, we have tendency to focus on the end goal. When I go to the gym there is one thing that I hate, it’s the guy doing one set and then looking at his biceps.

I have to admit something, I did it too. We are all human. Especially in this fast moving world we want everything fast. Every successful people that we discovered we think they came overnight.

Overnight success doesn’t exist. Like being fit, it’s not happening in one week, or one workout. The key is not focusing on the goal, just focus on the repetitions.

Avoid mirrors, don’t think about it.

Think just about crossing a new workout off on your calendar. If you don’t think of it and you train regularly. At some point you’ll be surprised.


Don’t ask too much to yourself

One thing that we are all making mistakes once in a lifetime is to set too much to ourselves. You don’t care about doing it everyday. If you want to do that it’s simply because you want to have quick results. Remember getting fit don’t come overnight or just after a week. What makes the difference is the regularity over an enough period of time. Make it consistently by repetition.

Choose just two to three spots and make it regular. Stick to your calendar.

Want to move more? Try just to walk more aside. It will boost to metabolism and allow you to digest food better in your body.


To resume

Ok as you might realise, I just talked about going to workout, but it can be any activity that you set in you calendar. I talked about gym cause in the gym you have less impediment. If you decide to run or play tennis outside, you can be disturb by the bad weather.

I also didn’t talk about the nutrition part. Which is very important to be fit and healthy as well.

So don’t hesitate to use the calendar method gain. Put in your calendar that you will eat veggies daily. You’ll got the reminder.

I wish to be fit and healthy. Take the time. Fit your life!

One simple tip to have a gym routine

In life, there are some simple tips to have a gym routine or even to be able to do anything. That’s what I believe about.

I know that for many of you, going to the gym will be a great valuable thing. But barriers and especially obstacles in your minds will be always in the corner to stop you. However, there is a technique that works, that I personally used at some point when I don’t feel motivated and that my mind suggests breaking a bit. (Yeah, actually it quite happens often).

Some people did used also this hint to lose a lot of weight. Afterward, they even being gym addicted. Which for me can be one of the best addictions (let’s say at a certain level).

Again it’s just a question of habit. It can seem hard but actually, it doesn’t. It’s often all about cutting the thing small to make it big afterward. So let’s cut it small now.


“One small thing can make a huge impact”


one simple tip to have a gym routine

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

So now I can see yourself asking: What is this small thing that can make me addicted to the gym? What is that simple tip to have a gym routine which can stick for me to lose my weight or even get very fit after time?

So here is the secret:


Just show up

As simple as that just show up to the gym.

If you don’t have a membership yet, go and get one. Then just show up to the gym. Here is a simple tip to have a gym routine. And that’s it.

I see your face dumb. That’s really it Romain?

Of course not, here is the thing.

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Just show up for 2 minutes

The thing is that you have just to show up daily, let’s say 5 days a week. After or before work, even during lunchtime if you have enough time.

The core thing is: You have to pass by the gym on your way daily. And when you see this gym, even if you don’t want to. Just go in there. And just show up, just for 1 simple exercise. Few reps and then go away. That’s the small thing that is very easy to implement even when you don’t feel like it.

Of course from the morning you need to get your sports suits with you, and that already makes all the difference. Cause even if you don’t feel like it from the morning, your mind will say: “ok I’m going to show up for just 2 minutes, so even if I’m tired I can just go away and get back at home on the sofa.”

So you might say: “Yeah, but 2 minutes, it’s worth nothing”.

And I will say, 2 minutes to be honest is not much but it’s better than nothing. But the thing is – which is really important – You implement a new daily habit for yourself. That’s the KEY.

Because you will see by yourself, that sometimes you will just stay to look around and go. However, during some other time, you will say: “ok I’m here now, so let’s do some exercises.” And without noticing, you will stay longer and longer.

Great thing is that you are going to get used to going to the gym and you will make this feeling growing, to stay longer afterward, and especially you won’t feel intimidated after some days and weeks.

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My advice

So here’s my advice, just show up, and take it easy. No end goal or anything like this shit. Implement the routine. Pass the gym daily on your way home/work and enter in it. Let yourself like this routine by doing no much at the beginning. And when you are ready and feel to do more, just stay longer, do another exercise and another one and another one.

And you will see that’s great experimentation which can be a great implementation. Then it’s very possible for you to become addicted to your new healthy routine.

“Stay fit and healthy, keep eating broccoli.”

Bye guys.