How to get bigger arms in one month?

Here we are in 2020. Guys, it’s time to talk about an important topic. A question that you’ve been asking myself a lot since I join the fitness. How to get bigger arms. And I wanna go even further for you guys and answer to how to get bigger arms in one month. 

Right as I said we are in 2020 and it seems like we want to get an efficient result in the shortest period of time. So first I want to reassure you it’s possible to get bigger arms in one month. And I’m going to give you my precious recommendations for you to be happy in front of the mirror and enter as you like into your favourite t-shirt. 

Get set on your chair, relax and let’s talk seriously and ambitiously. 


Eat well and enough

First, we are going to talk about food. As you might know, to get bigger you need to eat well and enough. What do I mean about that? 

To make it simple for you, you need to build muscle with protein, good fat, and carbs. 

For instance, eating enough eggs, poultry (protein), rice, beans, quinoa or other grains (carbs) and nuts (good fat). 

These are the basic without talking into too complicated language. Cause I know yourself, sometimes your trouble is that you read too much (complicated) information, then you get confused. 

Eat well, enough and often of everything. Avoid fast food, if you wanna have “lean” bigger arms. 

Tips: eat protein on every big meal, eat one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon (any kind of nuts, apple, banana, ect…). Rule of 5. Eat 5 times. All-day long. 

Oh yeah also, please eat veggies, they are like a friend to transmit the right food to your body, and enough vitamin and energy to execute your movement and keep your motivation up. Green veggies are great, eat some but not too much if you don’t have a big appetite, focus on eating enough carbs and protein. 


Exercise the right parts

Now that we’ve been talking about the important part of eating well to get bigger arms or body. You need to target the muscles you want to grow and hit them up! 

You want your arms to grow right? 

So hit them up with all different exercise targeting them. I’m going to talk to two different kinds of persons now, cause I know some of you prefer the gym, some others don’t like it and prefer home bodyweight exercise. 

That’s fine, I’m mixed between both. I like bodyweight and weight exercise. But don’t worry you can have a good result if you want to skip the gym. Nonetheless, both category of person, need to work out for sure. And the arms right!

Gym guys:

For thus who want to do it at the gym. The bench press is a good option to target bigger arms as this move is targeting more the chest but still well enough the arms as well. Combined with a back exercise like the back row cable seated on the machine (my fav move), you will feel triceps on the first one and biceps on the second one. 

Bench press:

Arms are composed of the biceps and the triceps, so if you want to get bigger arms, you need to train both. Explode the fibres, and nourish them. 

Biceps curl, and triceps cable will do the rest, as they are isolated movements. Try to get out of your comfort zone by increasing the weight one week after the others. Train them twice to three times a week. Just careful to do not injure yourself and have tendinitis which is going to slow down your progress. Listen to your body but get enough consistency!

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Bodyweight guys:

Now for the ones who prefer bodyweight exercise, you are going to push up. Oh yeah. Bigger chest, bigger arms for you. If you can’t do push up properly, start by putting your knees down, then play with the rhythm. The low movement will make it harder to get back up. Fast movement will make it easier but still working. Mix both.

If you are comfortable do normal proper push-ups, and slow down your move to break some muscle fibres. 

To target your arms of course it will be easier for you if you have some dumbbells at home if not. Practice your push up and do some variation. Like the triceps push up. To do biceps curl and target the biceps, grab a bag of potatoes or something heavy and do the movements. Play with the rhythm again, slow movement to break the fibres and make it harder. 


Do pushing and pulling exercises. If you have a pull-up bar at home that will make it easier by doing some chin up to really target your biceps.

Be consistent for the full month. In one month you can get at least 8 training for your arms. Make sure you feel them, and train them enough. This is really important to get bigger arms in one month only. 

Tips: I want you to stop reading and put your workout in advance in your calendar. Make sure you’re going to train these baby arms!!!!


Wear the right t-shirt

Last thing, which is really important to me. Wear the right t-shirt at the right size. I see so many guys using a loose t-shirt to do not tighten to their belly. The thing is you have to get your arms tightened enough to look it good enough for yourself. And you can find brands which know that so they will make the sleeves smaller and some space for the belly and it will look good on you. 

Tips: go with a girlfriend and try several t-shirts, ask her how it looks on you and if it put your arms at your advantage. Friends help.


That’s it. Follow these pieces of advice, workout, make it consistent, focus on the right move and eat well enough, and you’ll get these bigger arms that you want.


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