One simple tip to have a gym routine

In life, there are some simple tips to have a gym routine or even to be able to do anything. That’s what I believe about.

I know that for many of you, going to the gym will be a great valuable thing. But barriers and especially obstacles in your minds will be always in the corner to stop you. However, there is a technique that works, that I personally used at some point when I don’t feel motivated and that my mind suggests breaking a bit. (Yeah, actually it quite happens often).

Some people did used also this hint to lose a lot of weight. Afterward, they even being gym addicted. Which for me can be one of the best addictions (let’s say at a certain level).

Again it’s just a question of habit. It can seem hard but actually, it doesn’t. It’s often all about cutting the thing small to make it big afterward. So let’s cut it small now.


“One small thing can make a huge impact”


one simple tip to have a gym routine

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So now I can see yourself asking: What is this small thing that can make me addicted to the gym? What is that simple tip to have a gym routine which can stick for me to lose my weight or even get very fit after time?

So here is the secret:


Just show up

As simple as that just show up to the gym.

If you don’t have a membership yet, go and get one. Then just show up to the gym. Here is a simple tip to have a gym routine. And that’s it.

I see your face dumb. That’s really it Romain?

Of course not, here is the thing.

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Just show up for 2 minutes

The thing is that you have just to show up daily, let’s say 5 days a week. After or before work, even during lunchtime if you have enough time.

The core thing is: You have to pass by the gym on your way daily. And when you see this gym, even if you don’t want to. Just go in there. And just show up, just for 1 simple exercise. Few reps and then go away. That’s the small thing that is very easy to implement even when you don’t feel like it.

Of course from the morning you need to get your sports suits with you, and that already makes all the difference. Cause even if you don’t feel like it from the morning, your mind will say: “ok I’m going to show up for just 2 minutes, so even if I’m tired I can just go away and get back at home on the sofa.”

So you might say: “Yeah, but 2 minutes, it’s worth nothing”.

And I will say, 2 minutes to be honest is not much but it’s better than nothing. But the thing is – which is really important – You implement a new daily habit for yourself. That’s the KEY.

Because you will see by yourself, that sometimes you will just stay to look around and go. However, during some other time, you will say: “ok I’m here now, so let’s do some exercises.” And without noticing, you will stay longer and longer.

Great thing is that you are going to get used to going to the gym and you will make this feeling growing, to stay longer afterward, and especially you won’t feel intimidated after some days and weeks.

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My advice

So here’s my advice, just show up, and take it easy. No end goal or anything like this shit. Implement the routine. Pass the gym daily on your way home/work and enter in it. Let yourself like this routine by doing no much at the beginning. And when you are ready and feel to do more, just stay longer, do another exercise and another one and another one.

And you will see that’s great experimentation which can be a great implementation. Then it’s very possible for you to become addicted to your new healthy routine.

“Stay fit and healthy, keep eating broccoli.”

Bye guys.

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