One simple tip to be better at anything

What if there is one simple tip to be better at anything you wish to do or to be?

In a lifetime we’d like to get better at many things right?

It’s like: We wish to speak more languages, be better at playing football, tennis or any sports that we are interested into. We’d love to be a great partner, a great dad, and having all successes in life.

We’d like to be good at playing poker and be great at telling story around the table. Or maybe just like me you wish to be a better writer, or be great at public speaking.

So in anything that we wish to be better. The really first thing that we need to know it’s that everything is possible. Why? Because many of us become excellent at anything they really want too.

They just – knowing it or not -, have the right strategy, the right mindset and especially the right discipline.

Athletes like Novak Djokovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant. Writers like Stephen King or Paulo Coelho. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

How they became so excellent on their crafts?

What makes them apart so?

There are multiple answers for these questions for sure. But all of them meet each other by applying one thing surely as well.

one simple tip to be better at anything

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash


I’d like to share with you one simple tip to be better at anything you want.

The simple tip that I used to be better at speaking other languages, be better at writing, be good at chess when I was kid, become a better communicator and all the skills I got since. This simple tip has helped me also to be a better entrepreneur, and a better Personal trainer at exercising or again anything that I’ve improved my craft in.

All great guys in their skills are doing the same thing. Right James Clear?

So here is the simple tip to be better at anything:


Just Do it Daily

You see, when I was kid, I was great at chess. I loved chess and I played a lot. I just wanted to play chess all the time as I was so much passionate about it. So I played against people of my age, a bit older than me and even very older than me. I was a very tiny boy so you see adult was very older than me at this time.

I was winning quite often, maybe all the time if I can remember. Not too send me flowers but that’s right. I didn’t noticed why I was so good at the time.

As we are moving forward, we want to do many things or different things afterward. So I was great, I was kid and I quit.

I lost the passion and I went to something else.

That’s too bad actually cause maybe I could have been the new Bobby Fischer. But that might be the problem.

We love doing things for some times. But too be great we have to be consistent, and do it daily. By being passionate about what we do, we make thing easier to continue.


to be better at anything chess


Years later, when I arrived in Taiwan I wanted to learned Chinese. So I practiced daily. I set up in my schedule an hour everyday. Seriously, everyday.

So I was learning daily, but you see sometimes it was just like 30 minutes. Some days like in a gym I wasn’t feeling  to doing too much or I have other things to do. So I was not doing it for very long but I was making sure to do it daily.


Do it daily with passion

Note that the simple trick to be better at anything, it’s also about enjoying and loving what you do. As I said before, it helps.

So anytime, I don’t feel like it, I just stop it. But, even if I don’t want to I will do it at least 15 minutes daily. And this is the core thing.

Even if you don’t have anytime during one day. You cannot tell me that you don’t have 15 minutes. And this time can be still enjoyable even if you don’t have the leitmotiv in this day. Cause everyone has a crap day or can be tired.

The difference between pros and amateurs is that pros don’t get bored even when it’s boring. Schwarzenegger was doing his repetitions daily even if he was feeling to quite cause I can tell you doing the same repetitions years after years can kill more than one guy here.

So here’s the simple tip to be better at anything

Just do it. Just do it daily.


To Resume

Anything that you want to learn or to be better at, practice it daily at least 15 minutes. No matter what. And when you have more time, you can do it a bit more and more.

Try to enjoy, try to adapt and try to change sometimes.

That’s the simple tip to be better at anything you want. This is how it works for me and this is how it works for the human brain.

To be better at anything, you need consistency. Being consistent can change your life. 

If you do it daily you won’t forget it what you have learned and you’ll improve your craft time after time.

As Aristotle said : « We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

I believe about that.

Talent can exist yes, but consistency and people eager to learn can and will always beat talent.

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