Why consistency is important and can change your life

Consistency is important and it seems that people do not often realize the power behind this word. However, consistency creates habits and thus makes you what you are by following consistently what you do. It can change the way you are, making you healthier, stronger, more productive, better in relationships, and even more positive.

So let’s see through some points how consistency is important and can change your life.

consistency is important and can change your life


Consistency can increase positivity

You know I’m well known to be a positive guy. However, I wasn’t all my life like this. It took me several years of consistency at being positive. I’ve read a ton of books, listened to videos and stuff. I’ve got interested in positive psychology that I invite you to look up if you strangely don’t know what it is yet.

I meditate about positivity. Did visualization. Listen to energy music. I said mantras to myself about how great life is and how people and I are great.

Anyway, for several years now I’ve been consistent about being positive. I’ve discovered that positivity can increase my level of happiness and it especially can help so much to cope the way life is sometimes.

By being positive you just accept and move forward as you know everything will be alright.

So just be consistent and make be positive a habit for yourself.

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Being consistent can increase productivity

Every morning you wake up. Every day you show up. Every day you read a bit. Every day you do the same task as writing like me. What is going to happen? By doing the same task every day consistently you will increase your productivity. By reflecting on your consistency you will discover how can you make things better.

Our brain is a powerful machine that will look after several dos and attempts to make you better in everything you set to your mind to do. At the beginning of my writing, it took me time to decide what to write about or how to do it. It took me time to write 1000 words, and then after a week, it flows.

I cut the time by 2. I’m still generating content. I’ve increased my productivity.

So, be consistent in one thing that you want to do and see how it can help your productivity by doing it daily.

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Consistency can make you healthier

Once I wake up, I’m consistent and this will change my day, my week so my life overall. Every morning I wake up, drink a glass of water, exercise, and mediate a bit. Then make myself a nice breakfast.

I all the time emphasize that to my clients. Morning and breakfast set up your life and can make you so much healthier by communicating to your brain and your body: « hey this is the healthy food I have for you ». If every morning you give your body a nice healthy breakfast, it will become a habit that will last and make you so much healthier in the long run.

It’s exactly the same for doing exercises. If every morning, afternoon or night you do a bit of exercise even just for 10 minutes. Or if you do as I do like training 3 to 5 times a week at home or in a gym or whatever, you will implement that in your subconscious. Your brain and body will feel good, and by being consistent, it will be like it is mandatory.

If I don’t exercise for a week I will be fighting with my own self as I won’t feel good. By moving my body consistently I’ve increased my health level so much after a time. Now it’s just a pure habit and it has become a way of life, it has helped me to create my company Pret-a-Train. It has helped me in every area of my life.

That is why consistency is important.

Be consistent by taking the time every morning to do a nice breakfast to yourself and see how it will make you healthier in a few weeks.

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Being consistent can make you more self-disciplined

I love the simple task to make my bed each morning after I wake up. I think it’s a really important one as having a healthy breakfast. It will set the day straight and make you self-disciplined in everything you can do then. By simply making your bed it makes you more structured as it can help to develop some other good habits as you will appreciate how things are organized then. So after that, you will set your office/space, making some rooms in it. You will have a nice breakfast, exercise and it will encourage you to do another task after another task.

As the admiral, William McRaven said – in this video well known on the web -: “If you wanna change the world start off by making your bed.” Watch the video as it is powerful and become more self-disciplined by just setting up your bed every day with consistency.



Hope you did understand how consistency and being consistent is so much rewarding and helpful to cope and Enjoy life. How it can make you so much better in every aspect. There are so many other things that I didn’t mention in this article about how being consistent can help. I invite you to try to be consistent and make new habits for yourself.

Believe in yourself. Just decide what you want to do and where you want to be consistent to help you in any area of your life. You become what you are daily.







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