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What if there is a modest and easy thing to do for you to be more productive daily?

I know this might sounds to good to be true. However, I promise you that this one simple tip can help you be so much more productive!

to be more productive
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Nowadays, in our fast moving world, people get connected to us from early morning to late night. Can you see this people texting to us questions all the time, like how are we going, what do we do now, what do we eat or whatever?

We also receive notifications from everywhere. Things are vibrating and we get distracted all the time.

Because of this it can sounds hard to perform nicely and being productive in our job.

You see, I’m not the kind of  guy which love to be busy. At least at work. I like to be busy playing football, going to the gym, seeing my friends and family. But when I’m doing some work, I don’t like to be busy, I just like to be productive.

You see I love the difference between being efficient and effective and I’d like to implement both in my job.


Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing things right.

So you have many people – in a lot of companies and even in the gym, or anything that we need to perform in – doing some things by being efficient. So they do well what they have to do.

But what about if what they do, doesn’t really help much. To get the company to grow, to increase their muscle or to lose some weight. They perform their exercises well, like doing 25 reps correctly, in a very good manner. But their goal is to gain mass. And to gain mass you have to put the weight and perform between 6 and 8 reps. This will increase the muscular fibres you have. So you see these people are efficient but not effective.

So in a simple way, it’s better to target a goal, a task, a mission, and know exactly how to do it.  Then using this simple tip that I’m going to share with you to be focus on your task. And finally you can get the things done in minutes instead of hours or days. Not bad right?

So what is this simple tip that can make you more productive? 

Are you going to be surprised?

What do you think could it be? I want you to ask yourself quickly. Come on just think a bit before scrolling down and see my answer.

What for you would be this simple thing that could make you so much more productive?


Remove the impediment

What do I mean about that?

Ok, so now that you should have your goal set for the day or for the mission that you have to perform. You just need to remove the impediments which block your mind, your flow or whatever during the task that you are doing.

You see it’s very often that it’s our own obstacles that lengthen our work and doesn’t help us to be productive, efficient and effective.

If you love your gadgets, and being connected to your friends all the time. You’re not going to like my tip to be so much more productive. However, this just one simple things have so much – that I cannot emphasise enough – helped me to get things done in a record time. As nothing can stop me when I get to the flow and I want to get to A from Z.

Are you ready to know the secret that I’m currently using to write this article?


Put the airplane mode on your phone

Yes, my friend, I know if you are attached to social medias and friends living miles away from you. Or if you need to talk your partner every hours during the day. You not gonna like that.

So I don’t say that you need to put the airplane mode (or switch your phone) during all day long. But if you know how long this task need you to be focus in. Then just remove the impediments and during this time, put the airplane mode. By just using your thumb on your phone before getting to the task you will discover what is to get to a great productivity.

So it can be hard at the beginning, as everything if you are not used to yet. Nonetheless, force a bit yourself and tell your wife or your colleagues that you are going to focus for 2 to 3 hours to get things done. And then you will get to this habit and you’ll get so much proud of yourself.

If you are more productive at work and you can show it to your boss, I believe that you could even get this promotion that you are waiting for. Surely it will give you some confidence to see things differently anyway. Then as being prolific will boost your confidence.

For me. I promise you. It was hard as well to do not going on instagram every hour and talk to my friends for some blablabla. But after a week or so, I’m just addicted to my airplane mode that even people sometimes don’t understand if I’m still alive or not.

That kind of things makes me laugh actually. Cause it’s very rare nowadays that people send you a text and you don’t answer in the minutes or so. If you reread this sentence, you will get to the thing that it’s crazy actually, even at 6 o’clock in the morning. 



So I guess it just depends on our priorities. Do you get what I mean?

Anyway I like to be so much productive and when I have time after a great productive day, I talk to my friends and get to see the new posts on instagrams that I’ve been missing…

That means that once my tasks are done I can be busy enjoying my life, more often, by just doing this simple thing.

So switch your phone and enjoy the ride to productivity. 


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