One simple tip to become healthy 

What if there is one simple tip to become healthy? Would you believe it?

So here it is. You were expected this tip if you know me well.

I know from the experience I have with Pret-a-Train that for many of you, it can be a mess to become healthy right?

You probably think that it can be very hard. But actually, it’s not, it can be just like everything.

As I told you already everything is possible and there are simple tips for everything in life. Hope you got it right now.

So let’s see this tip and let’s talk about the fundamental basis.

Once more, you have to understand that it’s like everything, it’s not easy but it’s not that hard as well. Right in the balance. Right in the middle.

So you just need to implement some good habits which can stick to you over time.

Let’s try to implement just one during this week for you to keep with it until the end of time.

Follow me and at the end of this article, you’ll get the simple tip to become healthy.

One simple tip to be healthy

I just wanted to put a pineapple here. 

But here I’m serious about this:

Think green

Oh… I can feel that you are already scared.

Yes, you are probably saying things like: «no broccoli or no spinach for me, it’s impossible Romain, sorry!».

I know that lot of my clients don’t like it (at the beginning). It’s probably because this perturbed all our youth at school with their famous Brussel sprouts for instance.

However, you are not a kid anymore and you have to understand how the greens can be good for you.

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So what the green does?

This nutrient colour can make you healthy in one instant.

I’m kidding this sounds like a terrible pitch.

Nonetheless, that’s right if you keep eating greens over time.

They will be great allies for you to become stronger.

Especially with all these vitamins and good nutrients that can boost your immune systems and other great benefits like:

  • Burn fat ( so you look fit)
  • Give you energy ( so you look energetic)
  • Improve eyes, skin and hair ( so you look good)
  • Prevent sickness ( so you look strong)

So you got it, how important is to get some greens and how it can help to look better in any area of your life.

I’ve just listed you the most important ones that I supposed you are more interested in. Then there are plenty of other benefits for your health as it is also good to fight diabetes and other diseases like cancer and heart disease.

I’ll let you do your own research. They are plenty of articles and books on the topic of green power.

Here I just want to talk to you briefly about it. But especially, give you the simple tip to become healthy.

So for you to understand well I like to resume those green veggies that are low in calories, high in fibres, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. They can even also have a nice amount of plant-based protein. Good to know as well.

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Here is a list of greens for you

Because I really want you to get it. I listed you a quick list for your next shopping:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli (my personal favourite if you know me well )
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Rocket salad
  • Asparagus
  • Bok choi

There are some others but these are the ones that I eat often and that I get in my diet consistently. I recommend you to eat these ones or to pick 2 of them and eat some regularly.


Expert tip, the simple tip:

So now that you got some basis. I think that you are ready and you deserve the simple tip to become healthy.

So here it is:

“Put some green daily on your plate or in a smoothie.”

Get the habit. I told you, becoming healthy is like everything, you have to do eat daily.

Even if you eat craps during the day, get into your fridge and bite some spinach leaves. Come on it’s easy!

This is what I do. I eat raw broccoli. But you don’t need to be that crazy healthy. Just get the habit.

Quick funny fact by the way. One of my friends introduces me to people by: “Hey, this is my friend which drinks the water to boil broccoli.”

Come on Pierre, I just did once! Thanks.

tip to be healthy

This is me with that green power. Pret-a-Train pics.

Anyway, smoothie or easy to get it right in your belly. Quick, effective and simple to digest.

So if you mix it with something that you like I can tell that you can drink up even if you are not a fan of greens.

This is the method I used with some reticent clients. And guess what?

It works!

Do you also want to know something crazy?

They do broccoli coffee in Australia to help people to get more of them! Haha.

Not bad if they attached some goods to an addiction that we can have. It s quite smart actually. I like it.

So to resume: one simple tip to become healthy is to have all the time some greens in your fridge.

Easy as this!

When you don’t see this colour in your flat/house just go and get it!

No more excuses as you can even get it to deliver to your home anytime now.

Kind of simple right?

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Final thoughts:

Think easy.

Let s make some colours in your life.

It s not that hard to be healthy. It’s just like everything. A bit of effort before it’s getting a habit.

If you really don’t like the taste on your plate. Be smart, do a stew with something with a strong taste that you like.

Or use an easy method: every morning, put in your smoothie some spinach leaves with banana for instance and think strongly that this will help you to become healthier, happier and stronger.

Hope you’ll get to the green power.


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