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We often hear what needs to be done to be happy. There are so many articles on how to be happy and positive. Our friends and family will always advise us to do this or that. Sometimes there are some great advices about what to do. But often the don’t can be more important that the do. So let’s see what not to do be happy

want to be happy? don't do these

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Compare yourself to others

Our difference is our strength. We are each unique and we each have a different background. So to be happy, it’s up to you to challenge each moment of your life and compete against yourself and not with anyone else. There will always be an individual better or worse than you on some area. Outside this person will not have had the same journey as you and no one else. So, enjoy being a unique individual with a journey all yours, feeling proud and happy about it.


Think that happiness is only due to money

You may think that if you have all the money in the world, you will not have any problem at all. Thanks to the absolute wealth you will finally be happy. Millionaire of modern times, Rolex on the wrist, holding steering wheel of Bentley, the happiness would it be there? Should you be a millionaire?

An American study show that money could contribute to happiness. However up to a certain threshold. Money is not a bad thing, but don’t be obsessed about it. You must never lose the so-called simple moments that cost nothing. Spend times with family and friends. Laugh and watch a movie at home with your partner. You can walk in the mountains in the countryside enjoying the moment, seeing the sun setting.

There is one quote wish said: “The most simple thing can bring the most happiness”.

You must never forget this in a way to be happy.


Think that money does not make happiness at all

As you saw right above. Happiness is not only due to money and you have to enjoy the simple things in life. But denying the money and not having any at all, can be really difficult to live and therefore to make yourself satisfied. Money allows you to eat well, take care of yourself, travel and even contribute to a better world. To think that money is bad and that it does not contribute at all to happiness can make everything hard and yourself unhappy. You have to know how to be in the balance of things and know that yes, money can contribute to happiness but not only.


Focus only on the ending goal

If you only focus on the ultimate goal you will not be happy. I love to talk about the present moment and it is by living absolutely in this one that you would be fortunate. So throughout the goal that you have set, you must recognise the small victories, enjoy these ones, not focusing only on the final victory. Throughout the course you have to enjoy the process and love that. Cause It’s not the destination that makes you happy, it’s the quest.

What makes you happy is knowing how to recognise each little step that leads to that goal. If for instance you have decided to become fit and get abs. Do not think that it is at the moment that you have this famous six pack that you will finally be happy. Or another exemple will be that you think once you’ll have this amount of money, you’ll be happy.

I say nope, sorry. [bctt tweet=”Set goals for the future but enjoy the moment, enjoy the process.” username=””]

By concentrating only on the final goal you will not be able to enjoy this beautifully successful journey.

Set destinations but enjoy the trip.


Want always more

Are you the kind of person that once you have finished a goal, you put straight up some other ? Or once you have this thing, you need this other thing ? I don’t think it’s bad, as I’m I like this a bit as well. It’s certainly good to want to be always better and to want to achieve more and more things. I just honestly think that you have to know how to do not put pressure on yourself. Epecially don’t think that because you’ll get more done, or more things you’ll be happy.

You don’t need more things. You don’t need to be better, or succeed in another goal. Understand that you already complete and happy. Just play the game and get the things you want but don’t be addicted in it.

Thus, to be able to be happy one must also be aware of what you have accomplished so far. Plus you have to know how to put pause by appreciating what you’ve already done and achieved. Without that and wanting more and more all the time without enjoying what you have now, you would never be happy. It is therefore necessary at one time to know how to be satisfied.

However do not get me wrong because setting goals is a good thing. As we saw above, you have to enjoy all the time and not be happy only when we have. It’s an art of living after all.


Live in the past or in the future

You will understand that to be happy you must not live in a time that does not belong to you. The only time you have is the present moment. So get to know how to savour what we only have throughout our life.

You can strengthen yourselves through the past, having unforgettable memories in this one. You can talk about the past with friends and family, laugh about it. You can also imagine an exciting future by yearning for it. But you must live in the present moment.

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So you could see that there are things you can not do to feel good. Being happy is not a final destination and you have to enjoy the journey. I think this is the most important thing to remember.

Of course I hope that by taking into account these points in everyday life, you will have the opportunity to feel more fulfilled and happy. Don’t compare yourself, live your life, get money, set goals don’t be obsessed about it.

And in the meantime, be always strong and positive, feeling good and savouring what you already have.

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