Why I Do Love Reading. Bio part.

Reading has been a big part of me since I’ve started my new way of life at 25yo. The day I took this flight and get at 25000kms away from home. WOW that was Huge!

I can remember this day as it was yesterday. No, that’s not true, that’s just a cliché!

But it was on the 23rd of January 2013, and I can tell this day change my life forever. And that’s true! I love to talk to you about it. But not now, it’s not the topic of this post.

So, since this time I have been reading ton of books and blogs on different subjects and topics that I’m interested into (self dev, nutrition, sport, creativity, business, marketing, ect..). I just read about everything as it’s helping me all the time to experience the flow, and to learn something new.

I also love biography as it’s more realistic than fictions and it shares the point of view, the life and the truth of someone.

Finally, I read novels sometimes as well to help on creativity and especially it can relax my mind. The Great Gasby is certainly my favourite novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. I also love The Beach by Alex Garland. That was a great read when I was in Thailand actually. It’s funny cause in the two of them, their movies adaptation are starring DiCaprio. By the way, I have huge respect for this actor/activist which helps nicely the planet currently.

So on this post, I want to share with you why I do read.

I’m hoping that it might inspires you to read more as well.

Note that I think we are very lucky to be able to read as not everyone has this chance unfortunately.


Reading is an ally in life

As I told you I start to read when I start travelling. Books became allies in my life. It helps me to pass the time in the transport or fall asleep when I can’t find the way to my dreams.

People who travelling knows how we can feel alone at some point. So books help me to do not feel lonely as well. Yeah that sounds a bit sad, but that’s right.

So during travelling, books were great. Despite the fact, that it was heavy to carry in my bag all the time. But how can I do? I love papers and the fact that you can exchange all along books in bookshop during trips.

I’ve never been a fan of kindle, as It’s another device.

Yes, so books are great allies in my life. I can convers with many of my mentors, and read about them and what they learned and how they get over difficulties. It gives me support in anything I want to do, or I need to get through.

Like Murakami’s novel helped me a lot during a very tough moment in my life. By reading Haruki’s autobiography about writing and running. It gives me a certain strength and the discipline from it to pursue and not suffer despite what was happening to me during these tough days.

The way we respond to things happening to us are really important and books or even music can help for this.

I also start running a lot after reading this book. It’s like watching Rocky, and funny enough, you want to do boxing after that.

Reading disconnect me from devices

What I love about reading as I said it’s the fact that it can help me to fall asleep compare than a device which can wake me up with its bright screen.

I’ve tried but I’ve never used kindle as we are in my sense, too much surrounded by devices nowadays. Sometimes I feel like Will Smith in I-Robot. All surrounded by devices, all connected to machines, disconnected from the real life.

Alexa, could you turn of the lights please??!!

Come on, are we living in I Robot actually??!!! Could the machines can take over the world?

I know you would say: “Romain you get away from the topic with your philosophy, get to the point please!”

Alright, I’m getting to it.

It’s simply good to have papers in the hand and disconnect from screen meanwhile still being busy with books instead of smartphone or TV.

I don’t think books will ever die, because I guess I’m not the only one thinking that way, right?


Reading is Learning

Yes. That I guess is the number one point of this post and why I do read!

I’ve learned so much by reading that I’m so grateful for it. Every reading is a source of inspiration. It can be a new point of view in life and expand so much the mind.

I’ve learned from any topics that I was interested in. And I’m still doing it. As I keep being curious and hungry to learn more and more. Reading can simply teach you any topics.

So if you need to buy a flat, date a girl, figure out a trouble and how you can get over from it, or how to play tennis, chess or whatever, you have books and article about it. Thanks to the world we are into now. Even if it’s all about device. And internet can be a great source of learning. So there is all the time bright sides to see.


Final thoughts

As you can see, reading is something huge to me. I think there are some other reasons why I love books and reading so much but these reasons that I’ve shared with you are the ones which are the most important to me. And hopefully it will be for you.

In anyway reading help people to grow I guess, in a good way, as we can always choose what we want to read. Not like watching TV or Netflix, that they choose for you. Like when you are listening to your teachers in primary or high school and they listen the system which has never changed since years despite that the world have a lot changed.

So reading can help us to be ourselves I guess so. Hum, that’s a huge point also.

I love it and I will keep reading all my life. This is something that we belong too. Sometimes we don’t need anything, just a good book to read. Yes, the beach with the palm tree along is a great bonus to have with. And don’t forget the mojito please! But all the time you can get deep in the environment of your book.

So I know there are many of you that don’t like to read, but maybe is just that you didn’t try hard enough. Maybe you just need to find the right ones which can talk to you. So find yourself and find what you want to read.

Grow your mind and never forget…

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