101 – The Art of Living – Accept things as there are1 min read

Want to be happy and live a good life?
So accept things as there are.

accept things as they are the art of living


Our suffering is most of the time coming from what we are attached to things and wish there are what we want them to be. If you accept people and things as there are you’ll have less suffering and be more involved in the art of living.
Weather is shit. That’s fine. Life is like that today.
Your partner is complaining about stupid things. Fine, this is the way it is.
You feel tired today. Then, you’ll do better job tomorrow.
Love the flaws of life. Cause things will never be as your mind want it to be. So let go and accept things.

I know, it’s easier saying than practicing and living that way. But just telling yourself everyday “accept things as there are”, you’ll get to the point one day.

The meaning of life is to live the life. Accept things as there are. This is part of the art of living.

Picture from Unsplash: By @r_shayesrehpour (The Beauty of Rain)

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