How to get into the habit of meditating daily step by step

Do you wonder how to get into the habit of meditating daily?

Well, studies and everybody around talk about how important meditation is, right? In fact in a world of constant distractions, notifications, technologies, social media etc… it’s actually quite important to recharge the battery and reconnect to what is pure inside us: our breathing. 

So for many I wouldn’t use the term meditation but just the term of breathing. It’s just normal and natural to stop, close your eyes and breathe. 

What do you think?

So if you are here reading this post you might ask yourself how to get to this habit which can be so much helpful in your daily life? 

Let’s answer that and give you a tool that you can try right after you have read this article. So breathe… relax… and let’s get mindfully into it. 

Here’s my step by step to get into your meditation routine:


Step 1: Schedule your daily meditation 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily plan

It’s easy to repeat something when you know that you have to repeat it. Remember when you were at school. You came back from your day of high school, got to your room, and did your homework. It was planned so you did. If you didn’t do it then you were late on it or just missed doing it. 

For many of us every day we wake up and we eat our breakfast, it’s important for us. We need to get something to our stomachs. It’s a schedule we do. Like brushing our teeth. 

So schedule your daily meditation in a place where it is set and this is the only thing you have to do. After you get up, showering or before sleeping can be great. It’s useful to stick a new habit to a present one. So if you get your breakfast every morning do your meditation just after. 


Step 2: Make it important 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily write

This is the second point. And it is essential that you understand it to succeed through your new good habit.

As said in the first paragraph with the breakfast which is important to eat to cope with the day. Make your daily meditation important as brushing your teeth or having a shower.

It is just something that you need to start to do regularly.

So, it will be good for you to write it down all the reasons why you want to start meditating. It might be because you wanna release the stress, or get more relax in your daily life, maybe because you read some study about it and you want to get the benefits of meditating. Get smarter, less anxious, more creative.

Anyhow, just write why you want to start meditation and why it is important for you to not miss your scheduled daily time. 

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Step 3: Find a perfect spot to relax 

how to get into the habit of meditating daily breathe

As you did find a perfect time to meditate, find the perfect spot as well. For myself, the perfect spot is in the corner of my bed. As soon as I wake up and get into my morning routine. I get to the kitchen, get a glass of water to wake up myself slowly and I get back to my bed, stick my back to the wall and meditate for 10 to 15minutes. It’s a routine, I feel comfy but not too much to not fall asleep and I focus on my breathing. 

You don’t necessarily need to be on the floor or on a mat. All you need is to close your eyes, get your back straight as your head. Once that is done you can focus on your breathing.

You can even sit on a chair or lay down on your bed. If you are laying down I would recommend bending your knees it will help to be not to relax to not fall asleep. 

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Step 4: Don t ask too much to yourself 

One important thing to get into the habit of meditating daily is simple to target the goal to meditate without time bounding. If you just succeed to repeat it for a week and do it only for 3 to 4 minutes. Well, you succeed as you do it daily and your brain will record that habit. Especially if you are a beginner don’t ask too much to yourself just repeat it daily and increase the time when you need it when you feel ready. 

If you can simply focus for a minute into your breathing it could be already used and you could start to feel the benefits. 

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Step 5: Do not break the chain 

The last point is very important. You can be on holiday or in a friend’s house and not your own environment. But if you wanna stick to this habit. Do not break the chain, even once. Cause if you do once you can do two and then forget this new habit. 

So it is mainly important to do not to break the chain on any occasion. If you are not at home and intimidate to do your meditation. Do close your eyes for one minute and breath. That will be sufficient to do not break the chain. Even one minute on someday will allow you to keep on your routine. 

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As you might have understood, getting into the habit of meditating daily. It’s all about finding the right time, the right place, and making it important for yourself. 

You take all of that and you make it consistent and do not break this consistency. After some time it will be in your habit and it won’t be a chore to do it. You will simply do it naturally. 

Hope you get how to get into the habit of meditating daily. Now stop reading and schedule it. That’s the first thing to do. Enjoy it. 



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