The importance of breathing 

It’s important to take the time to do nothing. It’s important to just breathe at times. Yes simply take time in moments during the day to close your eyes and breathe deeply. 


You see many people still do not know how to breathe. They arrive at a time in their lives where they have so much the bad habit of not breathing that this bad habit repeats itself, keeps itself and last. Then they can suffer from chronic headache or migraine.  


And so why am I talking to you about the importance of breathing? Because I remain convinced that breathing, first of all, brings relaxation. This seems obvious, and yet many forget it. Even myself, too busy in my work I do not pay attention to relax and breathe enough. Luckily I keep telling myself this and at some point I get back into the habit of taking my time, closing my eyes and breathing deeply. 


I have the impression that the breathing is getting lost, it’s funny to say – or not – because we are in a world of overconsumption and what is free as air, well… we forget it. 


Breathing well helps to relax and often takes away worries, especially trivial ones. 


We put things into perspective. 


The importance of breathing is also, to avoid headaches created very often by a lack of oxygen. 


It is also necessary to take the time during the weekend to go to a park or in nature to really breathe good air. 


That’s why the famous expression “the mountain that wins you over” is so popular. It often comes back because the air is rather good. 


Breathing well takes away the worries, the headaches. It’s free and it can even help you fight some chronic pain and simply help you to live your life better. 


So come on, take the time to close your eyes and breathe often, breathe deeply…

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