This is why we need a digital detox

I think as I said in why we need massage and relaxation, its kind of the same. We always use too much tech around ourselves, all the time, and I don’t think we realize. Nope, I think we actually do not realize how much we are into screens always. Into digital. So why we need a digital detox? So why do we need to get off from tech one day a week at least? Why do we need to pay attention to how we use all these technologies?

It’s simply because we need to get off from that. It will make our mind more relax. And we’ll be able to make real connections. Human connections that everybody needs. Smile to someone. Or maybe even met the partner of your dream. Cause if you always have your head down on the screen how can you smile and say hello to the world in front of you? 

My personal thinking is: Technologies are a great tool. But we don’t need to get trapped by it. Or we’ll be lost. We do need a digital detox, especially in 2020. We need to get away from the phone and computer at least one day a week. What is one day a week? On 7 days? 

It is simply 15% of your time. 


Sunday can be used for better things

And this time can be used to be reconnected to the essential. Spending time with your partner, your family, your kid. A great book, some great food. A spa, a walk in the park. A treck. A day where you care about yourself or the ones you love. Whatever which make us happy. Anyway, get off one day a week. Disconnect and enjoy. 

We all wanna be happy at the end of the day, at the end of the week. I believe by doing that it can help and this is why we need to cut from technologies from time to time. This is why we need a digital detox. That s all. 


Note in Vietnam about detox and relaxation.


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