Why do we need massages and relaxation nowadays? Bio part in Vietnam Jan20

Like Charlie Chaplin used to say, in one of the best speech ever: “we think too much, we feel too little.” 

I just left from a massage place. And this was so relaxing, so good, so peaceful… and as I was talking about in the book the 4 elements to be healthy (which will come soon enough), we need to get massages, we need more relaxation. 

As my mind was running a lot until 30 mins of getting a massage and then finally start relaxing for the other half. Thanks god… I was thinking afterwards that in the past we don’t actually need to get massages and as much relaxation, as our mind was better still.

But since we are all the time plunged in this new modernity with all these technologies around us. So, we need it. So why do we need massages and relaxation?

It is simply because we all the time need to be reconnected to the essential. 

“More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness or we’ll be lost”. These words came from a man, a great one, a humanist who know what he was talking about. 

The essential comes from having a pure mind and see what truly is the beauty of life and human kindness. Cause you can have some doubts as everyone. So you need being healthy in all his meaning. Healthy mind, healthy body. It can come from doing a sporty activity, but that’s not all, unfortunately. You need relaxation. Some use yoga some use meditation some use seeing good friends and family regularly. It can be everything which makes you feel relax. 

The phone is needed. Nowadays our computers are needed. As they are tools to work and make money. So yes, if you wanna make money you need to get into tech, but still, you need always to reconnect. Reconnect to a pure mind, a healthy one. 

That is why you need to relax, having a massage or meditate. 

Unless you throw all these technologies away… 

We think too much, we feel too little… 


Note in Vietnam 31st of January 2020


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