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Alright, you should know that having muscle is a good way to have better health. It’s a great way to be fit and healthy.  And to build mass you need to eat more. In fact, if you want to build muscle you need protein and calories. Many people know that and it’s not a secret. Beside of having good and enough nutrition, you need sufficient training. But that’s not all. Talking about the training I want in this post give you a simple tip to build muscle. This tip can be applied to the other article that I’ve been writing recently about how to get bigger arms in one month

So you want to know the crack, right? That is why you are here for. 

The tip, the crack is something that you might not be doing and it’s really unfortunate. You might be training for months, maybe years and you don’t have the results you expect. So, you might not be able to build muscle. Maybe you eat enough and you train regularly as seen. But a simple thing is missing. 

Which is…?

You need to get out of your comfort zone! 

Having a routine is good, nonetheless, you need to progress to evolve, and for that, you need to lift more and if you are able to lift more that means you have more muscle! Bim, that’s all! 

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So how can you do it? And here is the simple tip to build mass: 

Have a notebook and write down your reps and your max on each exercise you do. 

By having a workout journal you can write down your performance and each week or every 2 weeks try to lift more. If you eat well and workout regularly you’ll be able to lift more weight and so build muscle.

Easy as this. 

For instance, let’s say your Monday is programmed for chest, and you do a bench press, which is great for building your chest muscle. So you write the day like Monday 2o of February with what you’ve done like 4 sets of 10 reps with 60kg. 

And next time you do the chest you can go to 65kg, and actually, if you want to build muscle you should target 6 to 8 reps. If you are able to do more than this target add some weight to grow! 

Wednesday leg press 140kg 6 reps 4 sets, that’s good, So next week add more and get your 6 reps. 

Hope you get what I mean. This is how you can grow and this is the simple tip to build muscle. 

Have a workout journal, and write done your performance! Keep evolving! See you around the gym. 

Oh by the way, if you are more into calisthenic and free weight. Fair enough, write down and play with the tempo to increase your muscle mass.  


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