Don’t force it, Let it flow

We and I have the tendency to force things. For instance this morning I was forcing myself to write, but I have no inspiration. I’m not here to write because I need to write. I’d like to be consistent and I think it’s important. But I also make an emphasis on doing things and being into joy when doing.

I feel like it’s better.

So you see I don’t force myself I just let it flow.

Don’t force things

Also, we all have the tendency to force things like: “I want that to be like this and everybody has to be like I want”. Like the weather. It has to be sunny. But no sorry it’s just rainy today.

So life teaches us lessons…

Every day, and that is the beauty of life.

And one of the biggest lessons I learned it sometimes there is nothing better than surrender. Surrender to pain for instance. No resistance, accept how things are. Stop forcing ourselves. There is a time when things are good, there is a time where things are bad. It’s just the way things are. So actually there is no bad or good. There are just things.

Here is not to force me to be someone else. I am only, in my doing I am. And this is what I want to be. In your reading you do, but you are. You are not forcing anything. If you don’t want to read just stop. Do something else.

But be present. Be the river.

I feel like the meaning of life is not doing. And I got inspired by writing this text. Cause earlier I was asking what can I do better and how can I serve better to a friend.

My friend told me you got good health, good work, family, a house, you have happiness. But I forced and replied last night, Yeah but I feel like I can do more, I can live more.

And my friend says to me: “I don’t know, sometimes the best is to appreciate it.”

Appreciate things

That’s right, you know being grateful for what we have. And maybe sometimes is not the right time.

I feel like we need to let things happen. Not forcing anything. When I created Pret-a-Train for instance, it comes naturally. I wanted to help people to feel healthier. So I did, and I did with enthusiast. Loving it. And during that experience, sometimes I force, I push against the river, and the counter back was worse, and I lose energy. I failed. But got back again naturally.

So I’ve learned to do not force things and to be in the flow. The flow of life. That’s why I love the book Flow from Mihaly, one of the best books I read.

I still want to serve better but it will come naturally but not by forcing it.

Life is a constant flow. The only constant thing is change. Accepting emotion, accepting things happening and I think about people living through things as losing someone or being in the pain.

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I wish you to be strong and to surrender. Let yourself feel the emotion and just be. Don’t force it, cry if you need, smile, and laugh if you need. We just need to be. To Be ourselves, to understand our emotions. Life and we are constant progress.

Just let it be.

I dedicate this one to my friend Tanc. Sending you good vibes.


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  1. Zulaihat M Sani

    It gave me alot of reflections on the current issues I am facing,it really sounds great.

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