How to become a champion 

Today I’d like to talk about the mindset of a champion. How to cultivate it and how to be a champion. 

Because I feel like it’s needed in a world where competition is omnipresent. However, you can become a pacifist champion, having a dream which seems good for yourself and creating it makes it real because you are a champion. 

A champion is someone who is brave, who goes beyond what others think is possible. Pret-a-Train and my life have helped me a lot on this. 

So let me share with you some tips on how to become a champion. 

1 – Love yourself 

It sounds cliché to say that. But you might wonder why it can help me to become a champion? 

Being a champion is to trust yourself, to believe in yourself, so you have to love yourself. As I said in a previous article, self-love can be the basis of everything. To me, many people try to do great things or do great jobs before loving themselves. 

To me becoming a champion is a fight not against others but only against yourself. You have to believe that you are good. You have to believe that you can go beyond and that everything you want to do you can do it. And by being yourself, and loving yourself you’ll succeed. 

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2 – Get out of your comfort zone 

A champion goes beyond what average people think is possible. The attitude of a champion is to know that great things are possible. 

And for this, you don’t necessarily need to follow the path of all. You have to get away from your comfort zone. How do you want to grow if you just do what you can do? Go for what you think you can’t do, and just do it. Because if you do it then you’ll believe you can do it. 

So take up the challenge, accept things that people think you are crazy about. 

Champions like Ronaldo are crazy, big artists like Picasso are crazy, they don’t do unanimity. They go beyond. They go out of their comfort zone. 

3 – Accept doubts and fears

Doubt and fears are normal. Who doesn’t feel it? Even the biggest champions have doubts. If you know Jordan ask him. 

Everybody has doubts. But the Champion goes beyond. They make their fears and doubts their friends. Because when they are here it might be that they are becoming a champion by going beyond by going into adversity by going out of their comfort zone. 

Accept these bad tempers and move on with your life by building an ironclad mindset.

4 – Forge your mindset

Talk to people who inspire you. Read books that inspire you. Watch movies that motivate you. Listen to music that makes you stronger. Podcasts and others are good tools nowadays. 

Avoid the naysayers. Avoid the negativity, the pragmatic, the non-dreamer. A champion is a dreamer. A champion knows that everything is possible. 

So forge this mindset this is how you can become a champion. 

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5 – Work

Without work nothing is possible. All the great champions work for what they have. They put the work on. If you want to have a successful business, or if you want to become the best manager or the top athlete there is no secret you have to work. 

Love the work, as work won’t be the task that the non-champion thinks it is. 

Love the work because life is meant to be spent, to be lived as you wish. Time is the most valuable thing we have in life. No money, no material. So consume your time well and try to even love the boring work, the boring tasks that you have to perfect to become a champion. Accept to doubt yourself. Rest when need it. This is why rest and being healthy life come into play for the champion. 

6 – Be healthy

Rest and eat well. Train yourself if you can. To grow your mind to become a champion it will be easier if you know how to work and if you know how to eat and how to rest. The top athletes now know how to rest. They know that sleep and rest are important. They are key to having the energy when needed. 

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7 – Fail, fail often 

If you want to become a champion. You have to fail. Failure, tears, and doubts can be the fertilizer of your status as a champion. Like doubt, no champion has ever known failure. Even the best ones that you are now thinking of have failed. But that’s ok. 

Of course, if you go beyond that, if you aim for big goals, there’s no chance you won’t fail at least once. So as the boring work, love the failures. They are the friends, they are beyond some doors of your dreams to make you stronger, to make you always learn something. Fail.. but don’t give up. 

8 – Don’t give up

Fail but fail forward, don’t give up. Here we reach the last tip. It’s not because you have failed that you have to give up. Nothing is straight linear. 

Having a good life is not linear. You’ll find obstacles on your way to become a champion. You find barriers, are the way of your dream, of your project. But be ok with it. Love it, or just accept it and go beyond. 

Be that champion, be persistent, be resistant, feel your emotions, cry, get angry when it’s needed, it’s fine, and go ahead again. Go do that reps, go do that attempt again. Don’t give up. Be that champion. 

Last note

Become a champion by following these straight forward tips. Accomplish anything you want to. Cherish your dreams. If you are a champion you know you can do it.



Image from klimkin de Pixabay

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