Why self love is the base of everything

I know I have already talked about how being healthy is the base of everything. And that’s true being healthy is a fundamental basis to bring everything good in your life. Nonetheless, being healthy has to respect a basis of 4 fundamental elements.

In these 4 elements there is the environment one which can embody the concept of yourself and how you respect yourself. As you are your most closest surrounding. So the conversation and the thoughts you have with yourself are important as you can imagine. To be your friend and not your enemy will help you to be healthy.

It’s not easy to love yourself. But if you want for instance to have self confidence, you have to love yourself first. And even when you make mistake, you still need to be your best friend and keep practicing self love.

You have to know that everyone fails from time to time. The healthiest ones who can get back up again are the ones which have good conversations with themselves.

Ok. Let’s imagine for instance, you want to lose weight and eat healthy everyday but at some point you fail eating this packet of biscuits. After that you have to be strong, forget yourself and get back up again.

I gave you one of many example you can imagine how self love and forgetting yourself is the base of everything. Mistakes are common. There are part of our life. As we have qualities and flaws, yes we are normal. By practising self love and good conversation with yourself you can build a great confidence, being healthy in your mind and your body and enjoy more the art of living.

Without self love for instance you can’t love others. And if you are complaining about not finding someone to love you. I will say and I guess you’ll validate. How can someone love you if you don t love yourself first.

Let’s push more this one. How can you heal the world if you don’t love yourself first.


Self love, first principle

Thus, to resume, self love is the base of everything. Loving yourself can make you healthy. Self love is the one which can open yourself to another world. And make you start living.

Loving yourself is a long road and you need to practice it often. Keep good conversation with yourself daily. You need consistency and being strong to forget yourself when you make mistake.


Respect yourself. And love yourself. This should be the firsts principles of all.


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