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Self-confidence can be hard to get and hard to keep. Some people think it is innate, but not necessarily. Just like tennis, it can be learned. At times you may have even felt that you had it, maybe for a week or just for a moment during the day while doing something special.

So we will see that in order to keep or gain confidence, there are certain things to respect and to instill in our way of doing things or simply seeing life.

Let’s see how to gain self-confidence now.


Be prepared

This first way is mostly if you want to be confident on a topic, or in a job for instance.

In order to be confident about a subject or a job, it is often enough to be prepared or to know the subject we are going to talk about. For example, if we have a presentation to make in front of a lot of people and we have never done one before, we need to be able to reassure ourselves. It may be enough to watch videos of people who have done it before, or simply ask a friend who is more comfortable with the subject, or write down what we need to say or do.

Simply having a plan can bring confidence and peace of mind. On the other hand, being unprepared can make you feel confused and lose confidence. The idea is to do the necessary research if needed and to plan things well before jumping in.

Now let’s talk about other ways to get inner self-confidence in yourself.


Taking care of yourself

As simple as it may seem. It is important to smell good, have a clean outfit, and have a proper haircut. This will help you love yourself when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning and make you feel good around others.

Taking care of yourself can also come from the way you talk to yourself and the people around you.

Also, take up sports, or just move around. It is equally important to take care of yourself by having a sports activity so that you can release the pressure, create good hormones and make yourself feel good. All this can make you proud of yourself and help you develop inner self-confidence naturally.

Finally, remember to rest. A good night’s sleep is always restorative. Also, think about taking a vacation. It is necessary to be able to recharge your energy continuously in order to keep your confidence.

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Change your posture

Even if you don’t have any muscles, a change in posture alone can make you look totally different and as a bonus, your back will thank you for it.

So think about puffing your chest out in front and putting your shoulders straight back. I invite you to get up and try it right now. Just feel the good effect it has. With this posture, you will give others and yourself the impression of being a confident person.

Add a smile. A simple smile on your face will not only make you feel good, but it can brighten the day of people around you.

Finally, when you talk to someone look them in the eyes. If you can’t at first, force yourself, perhaps first with the people you are most comfortable with. Then try with the other. Self-confident people look people in their eyes. 


Practice your craft

To keep your confidence. You need to practice and necessarily repeat what we have already seen together.

Also, people who are confident in themselves are people who often do the things they want. So practice where you want to excel. Refer to the number one tip that we discuss. People who are self-confident are maybe not confident in all aspects of life. They just master and repeat their craft. 

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Note what you achieve

For many of us, it is often not easy to remember what we did well. Yet I’m sure you’ve done some good things in your life that you can be proud of. Don’t you think so?

This way to gain self-confidence is a tool that I use as a life coach. It helps people to remember and to keep a note of what they did in life. It can be not a great thing for them but can be a great thing for others.

Note everything from small to big. Like living in a different country, learn a language.. work as a clerk for 10 years. Help older people.. Play football for 5 years.. Learn Tai chi. Wrote 15 articles in 5 months. Create a website, a company… Whatever.

Note down everything you achieve or did well. That can boost your self-confidence in an instant. We are often better than what we think of.

I invite you right now, to take a pen and paper, think about it, and write down 3 things you are proud of. Think about it.

Keep that journal. And once you achieve something else write it in it. This is a very essential point to keep your self-confidence on the long road.

And sometimes it can happen to be in doubt and lose a bit of self-confidence. Look at your journal. I call it your Confidence check journal.

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Being and staying positive

Finally, the most important for the end. To gain or keep confidence in yourself you must be and stay positive.

So yes we all have moments of doubt. It happens and it will happen throughout our lives, unfortunately. That’s why you have to take note of the good moments or simply tell them to yourself. Be grateful. 

I believe that having a gratitude journal is a very interesting thing to do as well. Same as doing a past year’s review. 

Writing for me helps you to come back on your life and make you realize things.

Have a look at my past decade review. We underestimate what we do in a decade. I believe by being assertive with yourself you can get better and gain that inner self-confidence that you need.

Note that in life, everything is relative, and it is our unreal fears that block us from moving forward. There is just one thing to do when we doubt is to stay positive and tell ourselves that everything is achievable.

It may be enough to be prepared and to plan things well, to take care of yourself, to constantly keep your confident look and smile. Just practice your art often. You have to note what you did well and finally, you have to always stay strong and positive.

That’s what we need. You’ll gain self-confidence. I believe we are all good in some ways.


You see each of us has strategies to succeed in life. If you know very confident people around you, it is because they may be following some of these tips and with practice, it may seem natural.

It is just a matter of following certain rules.

I hope this will help you. Trust yourself, we are all capable of having confidence in ourselves. Don’t limit yourself.

Believe in yourself as it can change the world. 

Stay happy, stay fit, keep eating broccoli.

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