Brief Talk About Stress and Confidence2 min read

I’d like to have a bit of conversation with you about stress and confidence. 2 important factors to be healthy and lead a good life. Also, seeing how you can be less stressed and more confident.

In everything you do, you have to believe in it. And this is not bullshit actually, it’s real. There is no spirituality or law of attraction here. It’s just a fact. It’s just science.

Confidence and self belief are real. If you do the work, then you see the results. You might be patient though.

Then why don’t we need to add stress to it. The response might not be obvious. Some wants to perform better so they push themselves. Some doesn’t feel their own stress and can collapse after a certain threshold. No burnout, anxiety or stress is needed, if you take care of your body and mind.


Nourishing yourself

Thus to do not feel any stress you have to think about all the 4 elements that I have already told you about. Especially the environment one here. What is surrounding you.

So when I talk about nourishing yourself, I talk on his complete sens, nourishing your body and your mind. Meaning don’t put crap in both, and fuel them well.

Relationships as food are important. The persons you stay with and the conversations you have, might guide your thoughts, might guide your path. Especially, the conversation you have with yourself.

That’s why confidence and self belief are important as well.

Cause If someone put your anxiety up, you have to let them go. Then if some thoughts of non self belief entering in your mind. Again you have to let them go.

A lot of frustration and stress can come from that we don’t accept things as there are as well.

That’s why meditation or doing a physical activity can be needed. It makes you stop thinking. As you might not realise but our brain think all the time. And if you are harsh on yourself and do practice nothing to make you feel better, mind can be harsh and cause you panic or anxiety. Which can kill the art of living.


Fuel your body nicely and healthily

So why do you stress?

Stress can come from many factors then. As seen it can come from relationship with other and ourself. And now obviously the way you eat and drink might be the cause too. Do you put bad stimulant in your body. Do you raise your hormone of stress daily? Have you ever thought about your hormones and how you manage it.

I recommend you read this post by Newairz: What’s a stimulant and its effect on you It will help you to see things clearer on how some drink and food can be harmful for your health. And can also cause you a lot of stress.

So, be healthy.

When I say being healthy is the base of everything, there is no bullshit in it. Low your cortisol level (stress hormone), and put right fuel in your body by eating and drinking healthy.


Take Care of Yourself

Then feel clearer and confident, and do the right things to nourish your mind with good people, good books, sport and meditation.

By eating healthy, then you’ll manage your hormones well, to have the right thoughts to put your life forward.

Then if you do and work, what do you want to be upset about?

Think clearly, with no stress and confidence.



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