4 easy steps to sleep better at night

For many of us, it can be difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It can affect your energy and therefore your life. If you want to become healthy and feel good sleeping well is an important thing that you need to do.

So, if you have trouble sleeping at night, it may be because your mind is too agitated. The “monkey mind”, as the Buddhists call it, going to be in all directions and so annoy you terribly at a time of the day when only one thing counts: to sleep well. So just calm down this “monkey mind” so you can sleep more peacefully. Try these steps below and feel free to tell me if it has helped you joining Morpheus’s arms.

1.No more screen at least half an hour before going to bed

I know it can be really hard for some. This can often prove to be the key to this sleep deficit problem. Be sure to avoid any contact with the screens at least half an hour before bedtime. Prefer to read a magazine or a book instead. However, avoid reading things that will make you think too much.

Are you addicted to your phone? Here’s a good article from Newairz to stop that and hopefully sleep better at night. That’s the first rule.

2.The little herbal tea afterward

You no longer have a screen to watch. Damn, what can you do then?

It’s high time to make a little herbal tea that will help you soothe you to sleep well afterward. I recommend chamomile or verbena that can have very good virtues.

3. Journal before sleep better

If you are someone like me who thinks often. Do not hesitate to write what goes through your head. This will help remove what you have in your powerful brain. For example, write what you will do tomorrow to make a success of your day. Write down your goals, thoughts, or take advantage to reflect on the day that just happened by putting the right things that happened to you. It will also help you to be more positive.

More about being positive: 5 tips to develop your positivity on Pret-a-Train

4. Finally lie back and relax

It’s time to go to bed after all this. The last step is the best. Lie down peacefully and relax. If you can not relax, do not hesitate to put music on your phone, but be careful that it is in airplane mode in pain of seeing the notifications and wake up your mind again. If you need internet to put music on, put your phone on silent and do not dwell on your notifications. Know that even putting your phone on vibrator can alert the dopamine in your mind and thus make you think again. Do not worry. The people who contact you can wait until tomorrow that you answer them. In addition, you can tell them that you have slept well and if they too have trouble doing this you can explain how you did it!

Find here one of the many chill music, to sleep better at night, you can find on youtube. Feel free to download it so you do not need the internet and therefore not to be disturbed.


So I hope you got it right. To find a peaceful sleep and sleep better at night, you just have to empty your head and relax a lot. I personally think that if many people have trouble sleeping, the phone is not for nothing. Stay away from this one. Put your notes on the paper if the mind is restless and sleep well. These were 4 easy steps to sleep better at night than anybody can do.

Have a peaceful sleep guys.


Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash


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