You become what you believe you are

As the famous TV show presenter Oprah Winfrey said, « You don’t become what you want; you become what you believe.» Or, again, the motivational speaker who inspired Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, said, « You become what you think about.» If they are right, it’s better to think good about yourself.

Brain thoughts

Your brain has daily thoughts. Negative thoughts are more frequent, so we need constant social connections, music, and TV. These thoughts are just suggestions—they are not real—and we can change them by focusing on good thoughts.

Don’t limit yourself. Believe in yourself. Control your thoughts.

Your brain will embody your thoughts. All your thoughts are going to make the actions happen.

Take action

Even if the action is small, take it. Just do it. If you want to become a writer, write a bit daily or weekly.

If you want to become a great reader, just read a bit. Want to become fit? Work out. If you genuinely believe you are going to become the person you want to be, you will take the necessary action at some point. Believe all the time at this, never let it go, never quit.

Not giving up

Sometimes, you feel like quitting. Don’t you think everybody doesn’t feel like quitting at some point? Don’t you think you are alone in the universe?

Be consistent. Don’t give up. 

As humans, we all feel the same kind of emotion. Successful people in relationships, love, power, or anything they are successful at have just never quit. They, too, had felt this emotion. The thing is, they don’t stop.

I’m often positive, but I personally want to quit often. The purpose keeps me on track and makes me wake up each morning after the other just to show up, just to do the work. Even if you are not at your best all the time, it’s normal; it’s just natural. You don’t have to be. You need to keep believing.

The power of purpose

The purpose makes you do what you do now. This power, this thought, pulls you to the future.

The purpose is to show you this power to overcome the challenges and obstacles you will encounter on the path.

It will make you wake up even when you don’t want to. The more the purpose is strong, the more you can be unstoppable. All about your thoughts, all is happening in your gut. Your gut is right now talking to your brain. Your feelings are here to tell you what you should do.

The feeling might be the purpose. Listen to your feelings, to your body, and follow your purpose.

Focus on positive things

If we are really what we think about, as the philosopher Nietzsche said. It’s better to think about positive things than negative ones.

The brain is like a magnet and will attract what we strongly think. That’s where affirmation and mantra can help. The more it will become part of your subconscious to think good and feel good about yourself, the more it will be automatically then.

You can change your thoughts by affirming in a loud voice that YOU are GREAT and that you are positive. YOU are UNIQUE, and this is F*** Real. Everything in life needs practice, but the more you will focus on being positive, the more you will become.

Attraction law

You attract what you think about. If you believe you will attract fear and bad things, you will get them. On the contrary, if you think you will attract success and love, you will attract these things, too.

If you genuinely believe you will be the best actor of all time, you will act differently than you think. Success is defined in our thoughts.

Have you never realized when you feel good, good things happen to you, but when you feel bad, the world seems to fall in your head, and everything becomes crap like a vicious circle? Thus, It’s better to feel good and talk nicely to people. 

Believe in yourself

After all, you have read about the importance of believing in yourself.

Believe in what you want to become. Believe that you are unique and that you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

It happens to me; it’s real. Everything that happens to me is because I strongly believe in it. And when you put in the effort and the patience, you can create anything. I wanted to create a company. I did. I wanted to meet the love of my life and have a baby with. I met the one, and we had a fabulous baby.

We have to understand that sometimes it can take a bit of time. The universe doesn’t think about time, but everything happens. I don’t believe in events. I believe everything is created bit by bit. So keep going. Keep believing.

I change my thoughts by watching videos and listening to motivational podcasts. It’s free for you here because I know how hard it can be to connect to people and have deep conversations about what we think.


If you need more power, I suggest you watch some videos. Here are some which can help to embody the idea that you will become what you think about :


Just browse the internet, and you will find plenty of videos on the topic.

Believe in yourself.

Stay fit, stay healthy, be happy.






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