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Getting fit may appear impossible for many people. It seems that they can’t find the right time in their busy life. However, we all have busy life and we all want to do many things. I look up on Instagram and I see someone doing something that I’ve ever tried before. And I say:” Wow, I want to do it too.” I look up on my Facebook account, I spot this friends that I didn’t see for many years, living in Japan eating sushi. And again, I say: “Wow, I want to do that too.”

The only difference between fit people and not fit people, is that they put a priority in their workout regime, and that had become a habit. However, this habit might come from a strategy.

Here I’m giving you one easy way to get fit.


Set a schedule

As you make appointment to the doctor, you won’t miss it. Do exactly the same thing with the gym!

You see the first great thing about having a Personal trainer, is that they set out your workout in your calendar. If you don’t come to the session you will be forfeit. So you stick to your schedule. They decide with you to make it every Monday or Thursday when you finish work for instance.

So once these day are coming you’re already prepared. You have your stuff ready. And once you finish work. You go and train with you PT. This is now your priority, nothing else matter.

You see, you don’t need a Personal trainer, but what you need is to make yourself and your workout a priority. Just 2 to 3 times a week at least.

Use the technologies which surrounds ourselves and put it at your advantage. Get your smartphone and put your workouts on your calendar. Choose two to three slots where you can make it regular during the week. Put the reminder at the beginning until it becomes a habit.

The calendar method is the best to do not miss what is important.


Just do it, do not focus on your goals

As human being, we have tendency to focus on the end goal. When I go to the gym there is one thing that I hate, it’s the guy doing one set and then looking at his biceps.

I have to admit something, I did it too. We are all human. Especially in this fast moving world we want everything fast. Every successful people that we discovered we think they came overnight.

Overnight success doesn’t exist. Like being fit, it’s not happening in one week, or one workout. The key is not focusing on the goal, just focus on the repetitions.

Avoid mirrors, don’t think about it.

Think just about crossing a new workout off on your calendar. If you don’t think of it and you train regularly. At some point you’ll be surprised.


Don’t ask too much to yourself

One thing that we are all making mistakes once in a lifetime is to set too much to ourselves. You don’t care about doing it everyday. If you want to do that it’s simply because you want to have quick results. Remember getting fit don’t come overnight or just after a week. What makes the difference is the regularity over an enough period of time. Make it consistently by repetition.

Choose just two to three spots and make it regular. Stick to your calendar.

Want to move more? Try just to walk more aside. It will boost to metabolism and allow you to digest food better in your body.


To resume

Ok as you might realise, I just talked about going to workout, but it can be any activity that you set in you calendar. I talked about gym cause in the gym you have less impediment. If you decide to run or play tennis outside, you can be disturb by the bad weather.

I also didn’t talk about the nutrition part. Which is very important to be fit and healthy as well.

So don’t hesitate to use the calendar method gain. Put in your calendar that you will eat veggies daily. You’ll got the reminder.

I wish to be fit and healthy. Take the time. Fit your life!

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