How to become healthier step by step

As we have seen in a previous article, being healthy is fundamental for having a better life. It will put the stepping stones to succeed in everything you need.

So, this article is for the ones who wish to become healthier by taking some simple steps.


Become healthier: Step one

The first step for you to become healthier is to do all the study you need to understand how important is to be healthy.

Why that?

You have to understand clearly why you do what you do. It will make the process easier. You see if you understand how smoking can be bad, and how many people and families have problems because of smoking you will be more willing to stop doing it. You will link smoking to pain.

On the opposite side, if you do the research about how being healthy can help you in life, you will link that to pleasure. Brainstorming is the first and the fundamental step to get to the others step.

We all looking to avoid pain the most as we can in life. And we are also all looking to get pleasure. Do the study!

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Become healthier: Step two

Avoid what is not healthy. A simple step to take to become healthier is by restricting what is not healthy and what can stress your body, your physical and mental condition. Cigarettes and alcohol are one of them. Do the first step and do the research about how it is bad.

Anyway, it seems obvious but by reducing the amount of bad stuff you inflict to your body you will take a tremendous step toward better health. Avoid as much as you can products with more than 19g/100g of sugar. Start by checking the label, just because of that I’m sure you will become healthier. Take in mind that an average person should not taking more than 3Og of sugar per day.

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Become healthier: Step three

Go to bed early. Again do the research about why is good to go to bed early.

In concise words retreat to your bed early will allow you to make sure that you have enough sleep and by doing that you will be able to wake up early and do not hit the snooze button 20 times before you do.

A simple trick to relax your mind and prepare you to sleep is by taking the habit of putting your phone on the air plane mode.  Because of that simple thing, you won’t be disturbed by anyone from the exterior world. If you are using your phone a lot, at the beginning it will be hard, but at some point, it will be some much beneficial. Trust me, think about your well-being and go to bed early.


Become healthier: Step four

Now that you went to sleep early, I hope you will have a bit of time to make a healthy breakfast for yourself. It will give you the stepping stone for a healthy day. If you can, avoid any product transformed and choose fruits instead of sugar. My personal favourite option is the omelette or just eating veggies but I know it can be hard for some of you. Fruit and porridge can be a great option if your breakfast needs to be a bit sweet.

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4 simple steps to become healthier

1 – Study why to be healthy
2 – Avoid toxic products
3 – Go to bed early
4 – Wake up early, eat a healthy breakfast

These are just 4 simple and small steps to start to become healthier. If you are still not too sure why it’s important to become healthy, go back to the first step and do the study. The first step is the most important one. You have to understand why being healthy.

After having reached that 4 steps you can increase the level to become even healthier if you feel that it can be good for you. I invite you to read this guide on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Are these steps to become healthier seem very hard?

I personally think you can do it. Don’t say that is too hard. Time after time you will get better habits, and make your healthy life easier. Trust yourself is time for you to become… wait for it… HEALTHIER.

I just want to share to you the synonym of healthy that I’ve found: active, athletic, fresh, healthful, hearty, lively, normal, robust, strong, tough, vigorous…

I think all of these can help in life. Take the steps. Become healthier.

Stay happy, stay healthy, keep eating broccoli.


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