One simple tip to be more productive

What if there is a modest and easy thing to do for you to be more productive daily?

I know this might sounds to good to be true. However, I promise you that this one simple tip can help you be so much more productive!

to be more productive
Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash

Nowadays, in our fast moving world, people get connected to us from early morning to late night. Can you see this people texting to us questions all the time, like how are we going, what do we do now, what do we eat or whatever?

We also receive notifications from everywhere. Things are vibrating and we get distracted all the time.

Because of this it can sounds hard to perform nicely and being productive in our job.

You see, I’m not the kind of  guy which love to be busy. At least at work. I like to be busy playing football, going to the gym, seeing my friends and family. But when I’m doing some work, I don’t like to be busy, I just like to be productive.

You see I love the difference between being efficient and effective and I’d like to implement both in my job.


Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing things right.

So you have many people – in a lot of companies and even in the gym, or anything that we need to perform in – doing some things by being efficient. So they do well what they have to do.

But what about if what they do, doesn’t really help much. To get the company to grow, to increase their muscle or to lose some weight. They perform their exercises well, like doing 25 reps correctly, in a very good manner. But their goal is to gain mass. And to gain mass you have to put the weight and perform between 6 and 8 reps. This will increase the muscular fibres you have. So you see these people are efficient but not effective.

So in a simple way, it’s better to target a goal, a task, a mission, and know exactly how to do it.  Then using this simple tip that I’m going to share with you to be focus on your task. And finally you can get the things done in minutes instead of hours or days. Not bad right?

So what is this simple tip that can make you more productive? 

Are you going to be surprised?

What do you think could it be? I want you to ask yourself quickly. Come on just think a bit before scrolling down and see my answer.

What for you would be this simple thing that could make you so much more productive?


Remove the impediment

What do I mean about that?

Ok, so now that you should have your goal set for the day or for the mission that you have to perform. You just need to remove the impediments which block your mind, your flow or whatever during the task that you are doing.

You see it’s very often that it’s our own obstacles that lengthen our work and doesn’t help us to be productive, efficient and effective.

If you love your gadgets, and being connected to your friends all the time. You’re not going to like my tip to be so much more productive. However, this just one simple things have so much – that I cannot emphasise enough – helped me to get things done in a record time. As nothing can stop me when I get to the flow and I want to get to A from Z.

Are you ready to know the secret that I’m currently using to write this article?


Put the airplane mode on your phone

Yes, my friend, I know if you are attached to social medias and friends living miles away from you. Or if you need to talk your partner every hours during the day. You not gonna like that.

So I don’t say that you need to put the airplane mode (or switch your phone) during all day long. But if you know how long this task need you to be focus in. Then just remove the impediments and during this time, put the airplane mode. By just using your thumb on your phone before getting to the task you will discover what is to get to a great productivity.

So it can be hard at the beginning, as everything if you are not used to yet. Nonetheless, force a bit yourself and tell your wife or your colleagues that you are going to focus for 2 to 3 hours to get things done. And then you will get to this habit and you’ll get so much proud of yourself.

If you are more productive at work and you can show it to your boss, I believe that you could even get this promotion that you are waiting for. Surely it will give you some confidence to see things differently anyway. Then as being prolific will boost your confidence.

For me. I promise you. It was hard as well to do not going on instagram every hour and talk to my friends for some blablabla. But after a week or so, I’m just addicted to my airplane mode that even people sometimes don’t understand if I’m still alive or not.

That kind of things makes me laugh actually. Cause it’s very rare nowadays that people send you a text and you don’t answer in the minutes or so. If you reread this sentence, you will get to the thing that it’s crazy actually, even at 6 o’clock in the morning. 



So I guess it just depends on our priorities. Do you get what I mean?

Anyway I like to be so much productive and when I have time after a great productive day, I talk to my friends and get to see the new posts on instagrams that I’ve been missing…

That means that once my tasks are done I can be busy enjoying my life, more often, by just doing this simple thing.

So switch your phone and enjoy the ride to productivity. 

Why I Do Love Reading. Bio part.

Reading has been a big part of me since I’ve started my new way of life at 25yo. The day I took this flight and get at 25000kms away from home. WOW that was Huge!

I can remember this day as it was yesterday. No, that’s not true, that’s just a cliché!

But it was on the 23rd of January 2013, and I can tell this day change my life forever. And that’s true! I love to talk to you about it. But not now, it’s not the topic of this post.

So, since this time I have been reading ton of books and blogs on different subjects and topics that I’m interested into (self dev, nutrition, sport, creativity, business, marketing, ect..). I just read about everything as it’s helping me all the time to experience the flow, and to learn something new.

I also love biography as it’s more realistic than fictions and it shares the point of view, the life and the truth of someone.

Finally, I read novels sometimes as well to help on creativity and especially it can relax my mind. The Great Gasby is certainly my favourite novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. I also love The Beach by Alex Garland. That was a great read when I was in Thailand actually. It’s funny cause in the two of them, their movies adaptation are starring DiCaprio. By the way, I have huge respect for this actor/activist which helps nicely the planet currently.

So on this post, I want to share with you why I do read.

I’m hoping that it might inspires you to read more as well.

Note that I think we are very lucky to be able to read as not everyone has this chance unfortunately.


Reading is an ally in life

As I told you I start to read when I start travelling. Books became allies in my life. It helps me to pass the time in the transport or fall asleep when I can’t find the way to my dreams.

People who travelling knows how we can feel alone at some point. So books help me to do not feel lonely as well. Yeah that sounds a bit sad, but that’s right.

So during travelling, books were great. Despite the fact, that it was heavy to carry in my bag all the time. But how can I do? I love papers and the fact that you can exchange all along books in bookshop during trips.

I’ve never been a fan of kindle, as It’s another device.

Yes, so books are great allies in my life. I can convers with many of my mentors, and read about them and what they learned and how they get over difficulties. It gives me support in anything I want to do, or I need to get through.

Like Murakami’s novel helped me a lot during a very tough moment in my life. By reading Haruki’s autobiography about writing and running. It gives me a certain strength and the discipline from it to pursue and not suffer despite what was happening to me during these tough days.

The way we respond to things happening to us are really important and books or even music can help for this.

I also start running a lot after reading this book. It’s like watching Rocky, and funny enough, you want to do boxing after that.

Reading disconnect me from devices

What I love about reading as I said it’s the fact that it can help me to fall asleep compare than a device which can wake me up with its bright screen.

I’ve tried but I’ve never used kindle as we are in my sense, too much surrounded by devices nowadays. Sometimes I feel like Will Smith in I-Robot. All surrounded by devices, all connected to machines, disconnected from the real life.

Alexa, could you turn of the lights please??!!

Come on, are we living in I Robot actually??!!! Could the machines can take over the world?

I know you would say: “Romain you get away from the topic with your philosophy, get to the point please!”

Alright, I’m getting to it.

It’s simply good to have papers in the hand and disconnect from screen meanwhile still being busy with books instead of smartphone or TV.

I don’t think books will ever die, because I guess I’m not the only one thinking that way, right?


Reading is Learning

Yes. That I guess is the number one point of this post and why I do read!

I’ve learned so much by reading that I’m so grateful for it. Every reading is a source of inspiration. It can be a new point of view in life and expand so much the mind.

I’ve learned from any topics that I was interested in. And I’m still doing it. As I keep being curious and hungry to learn more and more. Reading can simply teach you any topics.

So if you need to buy a flat, date a girl, figure out a trouble and how you can get over from it, or how to play tennis, chess or whatever, you have books and article about it. Thanks to the world we are into now. Even if it’s all about device. And internet can be a great source of learning. So there is all the time bright sides to see.


Final thoughts

As you can see, reading is something huge to me. I think there are some other reasons why I love books and reading so much but these reasons that I’ve shared with you are the ones which are the most important to me. And hopefully it will be for you.

In anyway reading help people to grow I guess, in a good way, as we can always choose what we want to read. Not like watching TV or Netflix, that they choose for you. Like when you are listening to your teachers in primary or high school and they listen the system which has never changed since years despite that the world have a lot changed.

So reading can help us to be ourselves I guess so. Hum, that’s a huge point also.

I love it and I will keep reading all my life. This is something that we belong too. Sometimes we don’t need anything, just a good book to read. Yes, the beach with the palm tree along is a great bonus to have with. And don’t forget the mojito please! But all the time you can get deep in the environment of your book.

So I know there are many of you that don’t like to read, but maybe is just that you didn’t try hard enough. Maybe you just need to find the right ones which can talk to you. So find yourself and find what you want to read.

Grow your mind and never forget…

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One simple tip to become healthy 

What if there is one simple tip to become healthy? Would you believe it?

So here it is. You were expected this tip if you know me well.

I know from the experience I have with Pret-a-Train that for many of you, it can be a mess to become healthy right?

You probably think that it can be very hard. But actually, it’s not, it can be just like everything.

As I told you already everything is possible and there are simple tips for everything in life. Hope you got it right now.

So let’s see this tip and let’s talk about the fundamental basis.

Once more, you have to understand that it’s like everything, it’s not easy but it’s not that hard as well. Right in the balance. Right in the middle.

So you just need to implement some good habits which can stick to you over time.

Let’s try to implement just one during this week for you to keep with it until the end of time.

Follow me and at the end of this article, you’ll get the simple tip to become healthy.

One simple tip to be healthy

I just wanted to put a pineapple here. 

But here I’m serious about this:

Think green

Oh… I can feel that you are already scared.

Yes, you are probably saying things like: «no broccoli or no spinach for me, it’s impossible Romain, sorry!».

I know that lot of my clients don’t like it (at the beginning). It’s probably because this perturbed all our youth at school with their famous Brussel sprouts for instance.

However, you are not a kid anymore and you have to understand how the greens can be good for you.

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So what the green does?

This nutrient colour can make you healthy in one instant.

I’m kidding this sounds like a terrible pitch.

Nonetheless, that’s right if you keep eating greens over time.

They will be great allies for you to become stronger.

Especially with all these vitamins and good nutrients that can boost your immune systems and other great benefits like:

  • Burn fat ( so you look fit)
  • Give you energy ( so you look energetic)
  • Improve eyes, skin and hair ( so you look good)
  • Prevent sickness ( so you look strong)

So you got it, how important is to get some greens and how it can help to look better in any area of your life.

I’ve just listed you the most important ones that I supposed you are more interested in. Then there are plenty of other benefits for your health as it is also good to fight diabetes and other diseases like cancer and heart disease.

I’ll let you do your own research. They are plenty of articles and books on the topic of green power.

Here I just want to talk to you briefly about it. But especially, give you the simple tip to become healthy.

So for you to understand well I like to resume those green veggies that are low in calories, high in fibres, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. They can even also have a nice amount of plant-based protein. Good to know as well.

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Here is a list of greens for you

Because I really want you to get it. I listed you a quick list for your next shopping:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli (my personal favourite if you know me well )
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Rocket salad
  • Asparagus
  • Bok choi

There are some others but these are the ones that I eat often and that I get in my diet consistently. I recommend you to eat these ones or to pick 2 of them and eat some regularly.


Expert tip, the simple tip:

So now that you got some basis. I think that you are ready and you deserve the simple tip to become healthy.

So here it is:

“Put some green daily on your plate or in a smoothie.”

Get the habit. I told you, becoming healthy is like everything, you have to do eat daily.

Even if you eat craps during the day, get into your fridge and bite some spinach leaves. Come on it’s easy!

This is what I do. I eat raw broccoli. But you don’t need to be that crazy healthy. Just get the habit.

Quick funny fact by the way. One of my friends introduces me to people by: “Hey, this is my friend which drinks the water to boil broccoli.”

Come on Pierre, I just did once! Thanks.

tip to be healthy

This is me with that green power. Pret-a-Train pics.

Anyway, smoothie or easy to get it right in your belly. Quick, effective and simple to digest.

So if you mix it with something that you like I can tell that you can drink up even if you are not a fan of greens.

This is the method I used with some reticent clients. And guess what?

It works!

Do you also want to know something crazy?

They do broccoli coffee in Australia to help people to get more of them! Haha.

Not bad if they attached some goods to an addiction that we can have. It s quite smart actually. I like it.

So to resume: one simple tip to become healthy is to have all the time some greens in your fridge.

Easy as this!

When you don’t see this colour in your flat/house just go and get it!

No more excuses as you can even get it to deliver to your home anytime now.

Kind of simple right?

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Final thoughts:

Think easy.

Let s make some colours in your life.

It s not that hard to be healthy. It’s just like everything. A bit of effort before it’s getting a habit.

If you really don’t like the taste on your plate. Be smart, do a stew with something with a strong taste that you like.

Or use an easy method: every morning, put in your smoothie some spinach leaves with banana for instance and think strongly that this will help you to become healthier, happier and stronger.

Hope you’ll get to the green power.


Do You Want To Be Happy? So Don’t Do These

We often hear what needs to be done to be happy. There are so many articles on how to be happy and positive. Our friends and family will always advise us to do this or that. Sometimes there are some great advices about what to do. But often the don’t can be more important that the do. So let’s see what not to do be happy

want to be happy? don't do these

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Compare yourself to others

Our difference is our strength. We are each unique and we each have a different background. So to be happy, it’s up to you to challenge each moment of your life and compete against yourself and not with anyone else. There will always be an individual better or worse than you on some area. Outside this person will not have had the same journey as you and no one else. So, enjoy being a unique individual with a journey all yours, feeling proud and happy about it.


Think that happiness is only due to money

You may think that if you have all the money in the world, you will not have any problem at all. Thanks to the absolute wealth you will finally be happy. Millionaire of modern times, Rolex on the wrist, holding steering wheel of Bentley, the happiness would it be there? Should you be a millionaire?

An American study show that money could contribute to happiness. However up to a certain threshold. Money is not a bad thing, but don’t be obsessed about it. You must never lose the so-called simple moments that cost nothing. Spend times with family and friends. Laugh and watch a movie at home with your partner. You can walk in the mountains in the countryside enjoying the moment, seeing the sun setting.

There is one quote wish said: “The most simple thing can bring the most happiness”.

You must never forget this in a way to be happy.


Think that money does not make happiness at all

As you saw right above. Happiness is not only due to money and you have to enjoy the simple things in life. But denying the money and not having any at all, can be really difficult to live and therefore to make yourself satisfied. Money allows you to eat well, take care of yourself, travel and even contribute to a better world. To think that money is bad and that it does not contribute at all to happiness can make everything hard and yourself unhappy. You have to know how to be in the balance of things and know that yes, money can contribute to happiness but not only.


Focus only on the ending goal

If you only focus on the ultimate goal you will not be happy. I love to talk about the present moment and it is by living absolutely in this one that you would be fortunate. So throughout the goal that you have set, you must recognise the small victories, enjoy these ones, not focusing only on the final victory. Throughout the course you have to enjoy the process and love that. Cause It’s not the destination that makes you happy, it’s the quest.

What makes you happy is knowing how to recognise each little step that leads to that goal. If for instance you have decided to become fit and get abs. Do not think that it is at the moment that you have this famous six pack that you will finally be happy. Or another exemple will be that you think once you’ll have this amount of money, you’ll be happy.

I say nope, sorry. [bctt tweet=”Set goals for the future but enjoy the moment, enjoy the process.” username=””]

By concentrating only on the final goal you will not be able to enjoy this beautifully successful journey.

Set destinations but enjoy the trip.


Want always more

Are you the kind of person that once you have finished a goal, you put straight up some other ? Or once you have this thing, you need this other thing ? I don’t think it’s bad, as I’m I like this a bit as well. It’s certainly good to want to be always better and to want to achieve more and more things. I just honestly think that you have to know how to do not put pressure on yourself. Epecially don’t think that because you’ll get more done, or more things you’ll be happy.

You don’t need more things. You don’t need to be better, or succeed in another goal. Understand that you already complete and happy. Just play the game and get the things you want but don’t be addicted in it.

Thus, to be able to be happy one must also be aware of what you have accomplished so far. Plus you have to know how to put pause by appreciating what you’ve already done and achieved. Without that and wanting more and more all the time without enjoying what you have now, you would never be happy. It is therefore necessary at one time to know how to be satisfied.

However do not get me wrong because setting goals is a good thing. As we saw above, you have to enjoy all the time and not be happy only when we have. It’s an art of living after all.


Live in the past or in the future

You will understand that to be happy you must not live in a time that does not belong to you. The only time you have is the present moment. So get to know how to savour what we only have throughout our life.

You can strengthen yourselves through the past, having unforgettable memories in this one. You can talk about the past with friends and family, laugh about it. You can also imagine an exciting future by yearning for it. But you must live in the present moment.

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So you could see that there are things you can not do to feel good. Being happy is not a final destination and you have to enjoy the journey. I think this is the most important thing to remember.

Of course I hope that by taking into account these points in everyday life, you will have the opportunity to feel more fulfilled and happy. Don’t compare yourself, live your life, get money, set goals don’t be obsessed about it.

And in the meantime, be always strong and positive, feeling good and savouring what you already have.

How to fall asleep peacefully in 4 steps

For many people, it can be difficult to fall asleep peacefully at night. It can affect your energy and therefore your life.

If you have trouble sleeping, it might be because your mind is too agitated. The “monkey mind” (as the Buddhists call it) can be thinking in all directions. So annoying you terribly at a time of the day when only one thing counts: to sleep well.

Thus you just need to calm down this “monkey mind” so you can fall asleep and sleep more peacefully. Try these steps below and feel free to tell me if they helped you join Morpheus’s arms.

how to sleep better

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


1. No more screen

I know it can be really hard for some. Unfortunately, it can often prove to be the thing that can cause bad sleeps. Be sure to avoid any contact with the screens at least half an hour before bedtime. Prefer to read a magazine or a book instead. However, avoid reading things that will make you think too much. This will make your mind less agitated and in a perfect state ready to chill.


2. The little tea afterward

You no longer have a screen to watch. My god, what to do?

So now, it’s the time to make a little herbal tea that will help you soothe you to sleep well afterward. I recommend chamomile or verbena that can have very good virtues.


3. Write what goes through your head

If you are someone like me who thinks often. Do not hesitate to write what goes through your head. This will help remove what you have in your powerful brain.

For example, write what you will do tomorrow to make the success of your day. Write down your goals/to-do list, or take advantage to reflect on your day that just happened by putting the right things that happened to you. It will also help you to be more positive.

A study have showed that journaling before going to bed can help to fall asleep.


4. Lie back and relax

Finally it’s time to go to bed after all of these.

The last step is the best. Lie down peacefully and relax. If you still can’t relax, do not hesitate to put music on your phone, but be careful that it’s in airplane mode. That will allow you to do not be disturbed by the notifcations and wake up your mind again.

If you need internet to put the music on, put your phone on silent and do not dwell on your notifications. Know that even putting your phone in vibrator can alert your mind and thus make you think again.

Do not worry. The people who contact you can wait until tomorrow that you answer them. In addition you can tell them that you have slept well and if they too have trouble doing this you can explain how you did.

Find here one of the many music you can find on youtube to relax your mind. Feel free to download it so you do not need the internet and therefore not to be disturbed.


Final words:

So now you got it. To find a peaceful sleep, you just have to empty your head and relax. I personally think that if many people have trouble sleeping, the phone is not for nothing. Stay away from this one. Put your notes on the paper if the mind is restless and sleep well.


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Do you like this post about how to fall asleep? If yes, so you can help.

I’d like to talk about different simple tips and methods about any topic which can help to make life easier and fulfil. So let me know in the comment session if you have topic that you’d like I talk about to help. Thanks in advance.


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One simple tip to have a gym routine

In life, there are some simple tips to have a gym routine or even to be able to do anything. That’s what I believe about.

I know that for many of you, going to the gym will be a great valuable thing. But barriers and especially obstacles in your minds will be always in the corner to stop you. However, there is a technique that works, that I personally used at some point when I don’t feel motivated and that my mind suggests breaking a bit. (Yeah, actually it quite happens often).

Some people did used also this hint to lose a lot of weight. Afterward, they even being gym addicted. Which for me can be one of the best addictions (let’s say at a certain level).

Again it’s just a question of habit. It can seem hard but actually, it doesn’t. It’s often all about cutting the thing small to make it big afterward. So let’s cut it small now.


“One small thing can make a huge impact”


one simple tip to have a gym routine

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

So now I can see yourself asking: What is this small thing that can make me addicted to the gym? What is that simple tip to have a gym routine which can stick for me to lose my weight or even get very fit after time?

So here is the secret:


Just show up

As simple as that just show up to the gym.

If you don’t have a membership yet, go and get one. Then just show up to the gym. Here is a simple tip to have a gym routine. And that’s it.

I see your face dumb. That’s really it Romain?

Of course not, here is the thing.

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Just show up for 2 minutes

The thing is that you have just to show up daily, let’s say 5 days a week. After or before work, even during lunchtime if you have enough time.

The core thing is: You have to pass by the gym on your way daily. And when you see this gym, even if you don’t want to. Just go in there. And just show up, just for 1 simple exercise. Few reps and then go away. That’s the small thing that is very easy to implement even when you don’t feel like it.

Of course from the morning you need to get your sports suits with you, and that already makes all the difference. Cause even if you don’t feel like it from the morning, your mind will say: “ok I’m going to show up for just 2 minutes, so even if I’m tired I can just go away and get back at home on the sofa.”

So you might say: “Yeah, but 2 minutes, it’s worth nothing”.

And I will say, 2 minutes to be honest is not much but it’s better than nothing. But the thing is – which is really important – You implement a new daily habit for yourself. That’s the KEY.

Because you will see by yourself, that sometimes you will just stay to look around and go. However, during some other time, you will say: “ok I’m here now, so let’s do some exercises.” And without noticing, you will stay longer and longer.

Great thing is that you are going to get used to going to the gym and you will make this feeling growing, to stay longer afterward, and especially you won’t feel intimidated after some days and weeks.

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My advice

So here’s my advice, just show up, and take it easy. No end goal or anything like this shit. Implement the routine. Pass the gym daily on your way home/work and enter in it. Let yourself like this routine by doing no much at the beginning. And when you are ready and feel to do more, just stay longer, do another exercise and another one and another one.

And you will see that’s great experimentation which can be a great implementation. Then it’s very possible for you to become addicted to your new healthy routine.

“Stay fit and healthy, keep eating broccoli.”

Bye guys.

What’s the difference between Being Fit and Being Healthy? What you can do to be both

Have you ever feel tired even if you exercise? Have you ever feel frustrated to do not lose this belly fat even if you working out like hell?

Do you know that you can look very good but have no energy? So you can be often in a fatigued state even if you think you do enough for yourself. This, unfortunately, can disturb the quality of your life. So why that?

It might be that you are fit but not healthy and the relation between both is important for your body and your mind.

So in this article, I like you to understand the difference between being fit and being healthy. After that, you’ll be able to see what you can do to be both look good and have energy.


Being fit vs being healthy:

The difference between being fit and being healthy can be quite simple. 

Being fit

In a few words, fit people have the physical ability to perform athletic activities. This type of person looks good; they can have abs showing up because they do exercise.

Are they healthy? We can’t be sure of that.

Fit people can wake up and feel tired as they have been pushing too much in their muscles and their health is not following their physical activity. 

Being healthy

Healthy people, on the other hand, have all the systems in their bodies that are working in an optimal way. Nervous, muscular, lymphatic, hormonal, etc… Their bodies function well. So they feel good and don’t get sick easily as they have a great immune system.

Free of injuries healthy people should feel fine. They are not tired and have more energy. Finally, they have good mental health and well-being.


How can you do to be both?

To be healthy and fit it is important to understand the difference between these two. Now that you got it. It’s going to be a matter of moving the body accordingly and eating properly. Thus let’s talk about physical activity and nutrition. 

Physical activity

To be in great health you need to perform well in physical activity. However, do you know that they are two separates physical activities that can be performed? One is using glycogen and the other is using oxygen as their primary source of fuel. To be in great condition you need to do them both. Let’s see what is aerobic and anaerobic activities so.

Aerobic: endurance activity

Aerobic literally means oxygen. This kind of activity can be found in running, cycling, walking, swimming… They are moderate exercises sustained over a period of time.

Your aerobic system thus uses the precious oxygen you have. This activity is working with your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and aerobic muscles. By activating your aerobic system and eating well healthy you burn fat as your primary fuel. That could make you lose this tiny bit of fat on your belly and especially can make you wake up full of energy the next morning. 

Being fit and being healthy

Anaerobic: power activity

Anaerobic literally means with no oxygen. They are exercises that produce a short burst of power. You can find this activity by doing powerlifting, playing tennis, sprinting…

Anaerobic exercises use glycogen as their primary fuel and unfortunately, it can cause the body to store fat and feel depleted of energy at some point. Especially if you don’t eat enough or correctly then.

One simple tip to have a gym routine. This post could help you.

A matter of intensity:

So the level of intensity will determine if you are doing aerobic or anaerobic activity.

You can go to the gym and do an hour constantly using oxygen primarily by doing low intensity with a lot of volume reps. So if you can still talk that means, it’s not intense. But if you don’t that means you are working in power. As running on the treadmill, if you run on interval training and go to 70 to 90% of your maximum heart rate beat, you are training your anaerobic system and you won’t do long before getting back to your oxygen.

However, if you run for a long like an hour and you can still talk as you are training around 60% of your maximum heart rate beat, you are training your aerobic system.

What I’m personally doing are several sports like tennis or football once a week which can use both systems. Then train 3 to 4 times a week in the gym intensely. Finally, to make sure I use my aerobic system, I run once a week between 45’ and an hour working on my cardio. They are many types of sport that we can do to improve our cardio and that will work our aerobic system.

So make sure you train both. As if you demand too much at your body and you start to have problems with your metabolism that can cause huge fatigue struggling with weight, mood fluctuation…


Healthy nutrition is an essential part, of course, to looks good and also being healthy. Eating a lot of vegetables will give you the vitamin and the energy to perform well during your day and your activities. Eating good carbs and fats, with also proteins are very important to maintain your body stable and efficient.

There are tons to say about nutrition and eating healthy, so just make sure you eat properly and everything your body needs. Also if you do a lot of exercise think that your body needs more energy, so obviously, more food.

Here’s a guide we create in Pret-a-Train to help you to eat healthy: Click here.

A specialist can help

If you are not sure about what to eat or how to train to be fit and healthy. Don’t hesitate to get help from a specialist. Personal trainers, Life coaches, nutritionists, or other health/sports specialists can advise you. They can take you on a good track for having more energy and feel better.

You can also read this simple tip that I share with you: One simple tip to become healthy. Don’t worry there are a ton of easy ways to get fit. But practice, be patient and be good with yourself. 


The optimal balance of health and fitness is achieved by training your metabolism.

I personally recommend being healthy first as it gives you so much power to be in life compare to just looking good.

Also if you want to look good that it’s great I recommend it as well but if you enjoy fitness at the expanse of health, you will not enjoy your spectacular physique long enough.

Health can build fitness, not the opposite. I hope you got the idea and make the distinction between them both.

Be healthy first, then be fit!


Be healthy and happy, stay fit! Keep eating broccoli.


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New Year, New You: How to be Better and Make Next Year a Great one

So as you probably know, next year you will encounter brightness – fortunately – and toughness – unfortunately. You know this one is all the time waiting for you with some other obstacles and some other craps.

We all had great moments and difficulties each year. However, this is part of life and if you want to succeed next year you have to be prepared. You need to have some tricks to help you thrive.

So let’s see in this article how to be better and make next year a great one.


Analyze your past year

By doing a reflection on your past year, you could refine it for a better year to come.

This is the first step that I recommend you do. Keep a journal and do that every year. In some years you’ll be happy to read back what you wrote.

Take some time to question yourself with three questions. What was good this year? What was bad? How can I do better for next year?

No matter if you have never done it before, start now.

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Embrace the unknown and be positive

As we said at the beginning of this post each year is tough, and each year is great also. You have to embrace the unknown as you don’t really know what is going to happen next year. And you have to be positive and see good things happening.

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I’m personally all the time thinking that it’s better to imagine a great future than a bad one as it conditions my mind with positiveness.

No one knows what is going to happen next year, but by imagining a brighter future you already prepare your mind for success.

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Bucket list

Have you ever done one yet?

December or the beginning of January is the perfect time to make a to-do list. The things that you wish to do next year. Something that you let on aside for long and you dream of.

It might be the perfect time to do it.

I recommend you write all your wishes with a little sentence about how you are going to do it?

For example, if you wish to do a trip to Thailand for the first time, write it done. And write also that you are going to save £50 each month to get your ticket in May for enjoying the cocktails and the beach in December.

This strategy can be quick and effective so you do things that you ever dream of.


Make yourself tougher

Eat well and train consistently.

To overcome the next year’s difficulties, you have to get tougher. Exercising and eating well can help you with this.

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So I recommend you start a new healthy routine. Because of this, you will have less chance to get sick as you’ll boost your immune system. You’ll have more clarity in your mind and feel better. Thanks to the good hormones you will produce.

Get tougher, get healthier, get better.

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Think about yourself

Don’t give just your time to others and work. As when the year is over, you will probably regret that you didn’t take too much time for yourself. So think about you all along this next year.

One great thing to do is to schedule your holidays on your calendar in advance. Do it now, to know where you’ll be able to disconnect and enjoy some pure days off for yourself. This will help you to feel positive and look forward to having your break.

So book your holidays some time in advance. And don’t worry I can promise you that you’ll do your job better.

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Be good to yourself, be good to people

By being good, you can be proud, and people will be good for you in exchange. If they don’t, you’ll be happy to have done it yourself anyway.

Be good to people and to yourself, as you have to be a good friend to others but especially the best friend you can have to yourself. This can help you to succeed next year.

“Life is a fight (a work, a play, a love, a game, a whatever..) with or against yourself. Choose to be your best friend”


Try new things

If you want to try new things that you never try before, this is the time.

Do you wish to start something new? Take advantage of the new year resolution. Do you want to start to be fit and healthy? Give yourself permission to do it.

Go taking a membership at your closest gym, get a personal trainer to help you if you need it. Subscribe to any sport you ever wanted to do. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast every morning.

So next year, give yourself new habits to stick which can be related to your goal. Habits and behaviors make the goal possible. Not just the vision, the doing is the process.


Do good things

It might be time to contribute or to help someone that you know or don’t. Science says that giving it helps us to be happier. It might be time to chose a charity that you want to help. It might be time to help a family member or a close friend.

What about doing a good thing for others each week, or each day?

It can even be a small act that will allow you to contribute to others, and make yourself feel better.

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Final words

By following these pieces of advice you will be proud of yourself at the end of the year and all along. I believe this is important for us as human beings.

Enjoy the new year. Be good, positive, and strong as you can.

Now that you are also part of my community: I just want to wish you to recognize and cherish the great moments, and to be tough during the hard ones.

And you know what?

Try to smile during these moments, they are the ones who make you who you are, as though as it can be sometimes. At some point we realize.

And by the way, don’t limit yourself.


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How to know what you want to do in life

Around 3 years ago, I was back from another big trip around Asia. I was leaving with my mom. And again I was asking the same question to myself continually year after year when my mind was ok, month after month in a turbulent period. What do I want to do with my life?

It seems like many people ask themselves the same questions over and over and they are never sure about the answer. By being confused, they ask around friends and family and in the end, they enter in the path others want for them. Unfortunately, it’s not truly the life they want for themselves.

Today, I’d like to share with you what I’ve done to answer maybe the most important question of all and what you could do to answer it for you too. How to know what you want to do in life.


No pressure

The most important thing to do, it’s to not putting pressure on yourself. It won’t help to be not your friend in this case. Life is all about being against yourself or being with yourself. It’s healthier to choose the second option.

So please, don’t put pressure on your shoulders with this question. The first thing to do is not to worry too much.  You might ask yourself daily or weekly this same question over and over. You might be fed up with what you do and what you will become. However, being stress won’t help you. So think about relaxing yourself and being patient.

To watch: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie



Having a journal can be good to see what we like, how we were at some time, and how we react to some stuff that is happening to us. Writing continuously through days or weeks can make you discover things about yourself. It can launch your artist and child way – best to see the better and the opportunities out of it.

By writing anytime, when you are stress or relax, happy or sad, you can realize things you might don’t know or forget about your own self. That can be a great help to ask you the big question and find out what you want to do in life or what you don’t want to do anymore. This last point is also very important. So write things done.


Be selfish

I know you are a good person. You might want to help others and make the world a better place. Maybe you love to speak to your friends when they are feeling bad and that’s really nice of you. You might be doing the job that your parents want you to do. However, the first thing to do to help your friends or the world, it’s to help yourself first.

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By being happy and fulfilled about what you do, I believe that you’ll be a greater help to people around you. So the first step is thinking about yourself before others.

Being a bit selfish will help you to know to want you to do in life, then you’ll be more able to respond to the community.


Read books or/and blogs

You can be stuck and don’t know what you want to do. You can talk to your friends and family but no one seems to understand. Reading can be a great help to discover things. It can grow your mind and it can help to answer some questions you ask yourself. You might find an author who can be a mentor for you and follow his ideas about how he creates a good life for himself. As same as writing, reading can be a great help for you to know what you want to do in life.

I believe that any help can be good, especially if you ask the right question to the right person. So, read about people which inspire you and maybe you want to become kind of the same even if you are unique and after time you’ll put your unique style.

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Books I love and why


Ask yourself the question

This is what I did in my mom’s flat. I sat and I asked again this question: What do I truly want to do in life?

You have to confront (gently) yourself.

Of course, through life, we are consistently changing what we like or don’t like. But I felt like after another long trip and at 28 years old that was the moment for me to sit down and ask myself what do I really want to do in life. So I took a journal and a pen and write what I like.

I wrote that I like sharing, doing sport, being healthy, and meet people. That’s what I remember. Then I asked what I can do which can allow me to do that. I found out that being a Personal trainer aligns perfectly with what I wrote. So I took the first step by googling how to become one and I ended up sign up for a course in London to become a Personal trainer.

Then I became a Personal trainer and I couldn’t imagine actually set up a company of personal training following that. Furthermore, then build Newairz which is a health media.

But by answering what I want to do in my life, leads me to the path I wanted deeply for myself and makes me encounter all the persons who join my adventure.


If fear was not there

You might want to do something and it might be something that you are scared of. But imagine if fear doesn’t exist and you can do everything you want.

Just don’t look at the big picture if it’s too much scary and you are not ready for it yet, however, build the confidence and take the first step to do that.

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Let’s imagine that you want to be an actor. So that’s the big picture.
The first step will be to take some classes or go to the theatre to act and maybe meet some people doing already what you want to do.

Sometimes getting started is more important than anything else. So launch yourself and just do it.

You have to play the role first and if you truly desire you will become the person you want to become.


Be patient, keep looking

Again there is no stress to have as it’s not healthy anyway. In life, we need to be patient for great things to come.

I like this sentence from Steve Jobs in his speech given at Stanford saying: « Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Life, nature, ourselves, and everything is constantly changing, evolving. This is life. We might like to do something for a moment, then we decide we want to do something else. It can happen and that’s kind of normal. So we have to begin the whole process again.

And sometimes it’s by forgetting this concept of knowing what you want to do in life that this will strike you naturally.

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Final thought

Be your friend, not your enemy. Be cool with yourself and I hope this process can help to find out what you want to do in your life. As you’ve seen I emphasize the fact to do not put pressure on yourself. In life, we have to be patient and enjoy the process.

If you haven’t found what you want to do yet, keep experiencing, keep taking notes, keep reading, and keep living the life. That might be the most important of all.

Why I wake up at 4 am and why you should do it too

Waking up at 4 am for some people can sound insane. To me, it’s very rewarding and it presents a lot of benefits. So why I wake up at 4 am what are these benefits I found by doing this? What is the science behind it? Why you should do it too and how can you do it? So let’s answer these questions.

why I wake up at 4 am

Photo by Mickael Mercier. Myself in Australia.

Let’s start with a little story

We have to throwback to when I was 15. At that time I was a young teenager who was working to become a pastry chef. And nope, I didn’t end up doing that in the end.

Anyway as a pastry chef or a baker, you have to wake up very early to make the little pastries for people ready for when they get up. That’s the way it is. So it’s from the very young age that I start to wake up early.

Of course, after I’ve finished doing that job I never really wake up again that early until I turned 25 and start travelling. I wanted to see early sunsets in Thailand or somewhere else, getting the morning vibe in Asia. I also woke up early In Taiwan to ask for my little breakfast and to practice my Chinese. Walking in the street when it’s very early was so peaceful. I just need to close my eyes and get back in time to relax and live these moments again.

But why do I wake up now at 4 am when I don’t have to make bakeries anymore for people or ask for my breakfast in the streets of Taipei?


Firstly, it’s a matter of confidence

Being the first to wake up, what a great feeling. I start with the principle that if you want more than others, you must provide more than others. When I wake up at 4 am I know that I am part of a minority of people and this does give me a sense of confidence, during the day or even during that week I feel good. I know I get up early before the vast population. It’s like it’s a feat and it gives me confidence all week long.


Secondly, it’s a matter of silence and being alone

I like waking up at 4 as it’s simply the only moment when life sounds quiet. Even the birds are not singing yet. I can just hear them now at 4.50, here the birds start singing. However, you see at this time of the day, not a lot of people are awake. It’s kind of like you have the world for yourself. I currently live with housemates, and by that time I have the house alone as they are sleeping like babies. So when I wake up at 4 I jump from my room to the living room and put my daily meditation on. It’s quiet, it’s relaxing and as it’s getting a great habit that I enjoy. I look forward to finding back my early time alone of the day each early morning.


Thirdly, It’s a question of doing

Stephen King, Murakami and some other authors that I personally very like, used to wake up early as a habit to write as soon as they woke up. By waking up at 4 am. It’s like I have more time to do things. As soon as I wake up I do things like meditating, then I write a blog post. For some people, this is the stage in the day where you can get more valuable things done. That works for me too. If I wake up later at 6 am or after I don’t have proper time to do my morning routine which is important to me. To make it simple, once you wake up I have already done the most important tasks of my day.


Fourthly, it’s a matter of taking time for myself

Life is flying. Life goes so much fast. We are living in a fast world. You’re 20, and you look at the mirror, and damn you have already turned 30. I know that if you’re in your 30’s like me, it starts to make so much sense. If not do a past decade review as I did, you’ll see how time is flying by getting back to your past memories.

Anyway, I am still young but a thing that I want to make sure is that when I’ll get older I wanna be able to remind myself that I took enough time for myself. I have the chance to have a lot of moments during my life that I can remember where I took this time: to meditate, to embrace the world, to relax, and just think about myself. You see I love to help and inspire people but I discovered that by not firstly helping or thinking about my wellbeing, I won’t have the strength, nor the energy to do it well and to give my best to them.

By waking up at 4 am, when no one is around, I know I can take some nice time for myself, without co-workers, email, or phone conversations. The last is important, no distraction, so no phone. I never use my phone at this time of the day until at least 7 am. This little device makes us addicted, and never really alone. At 4 am the phone is off on the cupboard, meanwhile, I am taking care of myself. This is a great tip of productivity as well. 


Lastly, If my mentors are doing it. I do it too

We’ve all heard it before: to be successful, get out of bed early. After all, Apple CEO Tim Cook gets up at 3:45 am, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne at 3:30 am and Richard Branson at 5 am – and, as we know, “the early bird catches the worm.”

Many of the successful people wake up very early. That’s kind of true, but I’m going to tell you a little secret as well. I don’t think these guys wake up all the time at 3 or 4. At some point they decide to stay in the bed a bit more, I guess their wives will be yelling at them if they don’t. Waking up at 4 am it’s great, but on a 12 months basis, it can be very difficult. If you, they, and I do it on a 10 months’ basis it’s already great.

And also by waking up early forces me to go to bed early which is healthy for me as a fitness entrepreneur, I should do what I preach.


What are the benefits of waking up at 4 am and the science behind it?

Now that I’ve been talking about myself, It’s time to talk about science. I know many people like myself love facts and proven stuff, it comforts us knowing things are reliable, tested, and working. Hopefully, these facts will help you to decide why you should do it too.



Christophe Randler, a biology professor at the University of Education in Germany, states that people hitting the clock early are more proactive than evening people – and so they do well in business (I will personally add, they do well in life in general).

“When it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards,” Randler told the Harvard Business Review of his research, some of which originally appeared in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Several studies have linked this trait, proactivity, with better job performance, greater career success, and higher wages. Not bad advantages, right?


Higher learning and performance goals

Numerous studies have found that morning people are more persistent, self-directed and agreeable. They set higher goals for themselvesplan for the future more and have a better sense of well-being. And compared to night owls, they’re less likely to be depresseddrink or smoke.


Live longer

“A six-year study says that not only does the early bird get the worm, they’re also ten percent less likely to die than a night owl.

The study, published in Chronobiology International followed over 400,000 people who identified themselves on a scale ranging from “definite morning” types to “definite evening” types.”

Feeling happier

“Past research has suggested that morning-type people report feeling happier than evening-type people, and this research was only on young adults,” study researcher Renee Biss, a graduate student at the University of Toronto, told LiveScience.

The researchers studied two populations: a group of 435 adults ages 17 to 38, and a group of 297 older adults, ages 59 to 79. Both groups filled out questionnaires about their emotional state, how healthy they feel and their preferred “time of day.” [Life’s Extremes: Early Birds vs. Night Owls]

By age 60, most people are more accustomed to being early birds, the researchers found. Only about 7 percent of young adults are morning larks, but as the population ages, this switches — in the older years only about 7 percent of the population are still night owls.

“We found that older adults reported greater positive emotion than younger adults, and older adults were more likely to be morning-type people than younger adults,” Biss said. “The ‘morningness’ was associated with greater happiness emotions in both age groups.”


It’s simply our nature

Atlanta-based psychiatrist Tracey Marks, the author of Master Your Sleep, told, “We are supposed to be awake when it’s light outside and asleep when it’s dark outside.” Not an early bird? Your chronotype—what time you’re active—is determined in large part by your genes, but it can be influenced. (Note: It’s fine if you can’t force change, according to sleep medicine expert and psychologist Michael Breus, who discusses night owl pros in the Huffington Post.)


We are thinner

It might be the fact that you and I go to bed early, have a nice sleep, and have a healthy breakfast? For sure that set a healthy day, a healthy week, a healthy life. These are good for our waist.

By taking the term of science, they say that the people who got most of their light exposure for the day in the morning had a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who got most of their light later in the day. study senior author Phyllis C. Zee, MD, told “If you don’t get sufficient light at the appropriate time of day, it could de-synchronize your internal body clock, which is known to alter metabolism and can lead to weight gain.”


Why you should wake up at 4 am?

Do you ever catch yourself having no time for yourself? As you wake up you go straight up to work. Meeting a bunch of people having a lot of conversation. Getting back tired from work, talking again to family members, your partner, or your flatmates, then go to bed. And do the same shit for the whole week without ever taking ten minutes for yourself?

So I don’t know if you are interested like me to be more productive or creative and if you want to be more self-confident and happy. If that’s the case, I have some good tips for you on why you should wake up at 4 am too.


Making a nice healthy breakfast

You will finally have the time to make a nice breakfast and feel healthier. You certainly know how important it is to have a healthy breakfast. If you wake up at 4 am you can’t tell me that you don’t have time to do it smoothly. 


Having a healthy gym routine

Many people say they find it hard to find the time to work out. If you are one of them, no more excuses, go to the bed early and wake up to work out with the early birds. Follow my simple tip to have a gym routine too.


Looking good for your boss and co-workers

You will not catch yourself late at work anymore. Your boss will maybe raise your payslip or at least no one will yell at you anymore.


Have some relaxing time for yourself

Even if you are not into relaxation or meditation, turn the phone off and take some time for yourself to do anything you want to without being bothered by anyone. Spending some time for yourself it’s all the time rewarding. And don’t fool me, it’s not selfish. It’s necessary.


How can you wake up at 4 am?

I know it can appear daunting when you never stop the clock so early before. So here are my recommendations for you to be able to wake up at 4 am:


Go to bed early: no media, no distraction

Make sure you sleep at least 6 or 7 hours by setting up your alarm at 4, make sure between 9 or 10 you are in the bed, relaxed with no distraction. Don’t watch something exciting yourself just before you go to bed. Also during wintertime, it’s easier to sleep early as at 5 it looks like it’s already 9 pm outside.


Write if you think too much

If something is wearing you down and you find you can’t sleep as it’s not your habit yet, take a bloc note next to you and write your thoughts or your to-do list or anything you need to write to be still in your mind.


Put some relaxing or meditating music

It’s all about relaxing your mind to sleep early. And don’t worry once you get used to waking up very early, you will see your body turning off by itself when it’s getting late.


Set the alarm clock, and get up straight away

Once you wake up at 4 am, I agree that you can spend some time on your phone, looking at Instagram or other things even if I don’t recommend it. It will wake your eyes up and help you to get off the duvet. However, please don’t check at your email straight away when you wake up as it can stress you out and you may lose the habit to wake up early if you do.



I know it’s not common what I m going to tell you. But I have to share with you what works with me when I had or still have difficulties waking up early. Firstly, I drink water or herbal tea before I sleep, It forces me to wake up early as I need to go to the bathroom at some point. As soon as I hear the alarm clock I need to go. So If I wake up to go to the toilet and of course I don’t go back to bed. So I’m going from here to my morning routine.

Hope you find this helpful.



As you can see for you and me it’s a great deal to wake up at 4 am. But it is essential that you take time for yourself, get more things done, feeling confident around your family, co-workers, and people in general.

But please guys do not all wake up at 4 am, as I won’t find my time alone and I will have to wake up at 3 to make sure I’m the first to wake up. Question of confidence. Haha.

Here we go, By 6.30 am I’ve already written more than two thousand words. The day is set.

Hope you enjoy this blog post, be good and comment below if you also wake up early and why you do it. It’s all about sharing.