New Year, New You: How to be Better and Make Next Year a Great one4 min read

So as you probably know, next year you will encounter brightness – fortunately – and toughness – unfortunately. You know this one is all the time waiting for you with some other obstacles and some other craps.

We all had great moments and difficulties each year. However, this is part of life and if you want to succeed next year you have to be prepared. You need to have some tricks to help you thrive.

So let’s see in this article how to be better and make next year a great one.


Analyze your past year

By doing a reflection on your past year, you could refine it for a better year to come.

This is the first step that I recommend you do. Keep a journal and do that every year. In some years you’ll be happy to read back what you wrote.

Take some time to question yourself with three questions. What was good this year? What was bad? How can I do better for next year?

No matter if you have never done it before, start now.

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Embrace the unknown and be positive

As we said at the beginning of this post each year is tough, and each year is great also. You have to embrace the unknown as you don’t really know what is going to happen next year. And you have to be positive and see good things happening.

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I’m personally all the time thinking that it’s better to imagine a great future than a bad one as it conditions my mind with positiveness.

No one knows what is going to happen next year, but by imagining a brighter future you already prepare your mind for success.

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Bucket list

Have you ever done one yet?

December or the beginning of January is the perfect time to make a to-do list. The things that you wish to do next year. Something that you let on aside for long and you dream of.

It might be the perfect time to do it.

I recommend you write all your wishes with a little sentence about how you are going to do it?

For example, if you wish to do a trip to Thailand for the first time, write it done. And write also that you are going to save £50 each month to get your ticket in May for enjoying the cocktails and the beach in December.

This strategy can be quick and effective so you do things that you ever dream of.


Make yourself tougher

Eat well and train consistently.

To overcome the next year’s difficulties, you have to get tougher. Exercising and eating well can help you with this.

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So I recommend you start a new healthy routine. Because of this, you will have less chance to get sick as you’ll boost your immune system. You’ll have more clarity in your mind and feel better. Thanks to the good hormones you will produce.

Get tougher, get healthier, get better.

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Think about yourself

Don’t give just your time to others and work. As when the year is over, you will probably regret that you didn’t take too much time for yourself. So think about you all along this next year.

One great thing to do is to schedule your holidays on your calendar in advance. Do it now, to know where you’ll be able to disconnect and enjoy some pure days off for yourself. This will help you to feel positive and look forward to having your break.

So book your holidays some time in advance. And don’t worry I can promise you that you’ll do your job better.

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Be good to yourself, be good to people

By being good, you can be proud, and people will be good for you in exchange. If they don’t, you’ll be happy to have done it yourself anyway.

Be good to people and to yourself, as you have to be a good friend to others but especially the best friend you can have to yourself. This can help you to succeed next year.

“Life is a fight (a work, a play, a love, a game, a whatever..) with or against yourself. Choose to be your best friend”


Try new things

If you want to try new things that you never try before, this is the time.

Do you wish to start something new? Take advantage of the new year resolution. Do you want to start to be fit and healthy? Give yourself permission to do it.

Go taking a membership at your closest gym, get a personal trainer to help you if you need it. Subscribe to any sport you ever wanted to do. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast every morning.

So next year, give yourself new habits to stick which can be related to your goal. Habits and behaviors make the goal possible. Not just the vision, the doing is the process.


Do good things

It might be time to contribute or to help someone that you know or don’t. Science says that giving it helps us to be happier. It might be time to chose a charity that you want to help. It might be time to help a family member or a close friend.

What about doing a good thing for others each week, or each day?

It can even be a small act that will allow you to contribute to others, and make yourself feel better.

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Final words

By following these pieces of advice you will be proud of yourself at the end of the year and all along. I believe this is important for us as human beings.

Enjoy the new year. Be good, positive, and strong as you can.

Now that you are also part of my community: I just want to wish you to recognize and cherish the great moments, and to be tough during the hard ones.

And you know what?

Try to smile during these moments, they are the ones who make you who you are, as though as it can be sometimes. At some point we realize.

And by the way, don’t limit yourself.


Photo by Chris Gilbert on Unsplash

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