Reflection and Action – The difference between. How to get the job done

Reflection and action. Have you ever heard about it?

In this article that I quickly thought I’d like to explain to you what are both and how you can get the job done. Everybody actually experiments the both in life, but some people are better than others to take action. This is important in life to get things done, however, we are going to see that reflection has also his part of importance.

So follow me well on this one, please.

motion and action

What is the reflection?

Reflection in my own words is the time that we spent doing no actions. You see from my own point of view we are all the time between them both.  Time spent in reflection has I said at the beginning is not necessarily bad as you can get energy during this time to get to the action then. Another point is that you cannot be all the time on the action as you will burn your wings at some point and get on what we can call burnout. Or you can just simply doing things badly.

So reflection times are needed like when we sleep which is important to feel good and perform better then. Reflections are also these times before the game when players are in their bubbles listening to music. Thus reflection is familiar with concentration.

To be clear on this, reflection for instance can be browsing, reading, looking for strategy, researching on marketing, thinking and anything without action. As we can see reflection is important but in our job or career is not going to get values. However, they can be part of the process as reflection can be thinking of the strategy before the action.


What is the action?

Here, action. This one should be easier to understand and not too long to describe as his colleague’s reflection. Action is the move. Action is the risk, action is what get things done.

Thus, action for instance can be making a sales phone call, writing, doing an interview, making ads, taking an important decision, and apply it.

Action is definitely required to perform a task. You can get in reflection like studying but at some point to master your craft you need to practice and the action is taking over to do it.

Action is what makes the pros.


The problem between reflection and action

So if you get me to here. You’ve understood that if you do too many actions you can get tired and at some point doing nothing. On the opposite, if you do too many reflections, the logic is also easy to understand, you won’t get anything in the end.

So to me, we have to get a kind of balance between the both. It’s important to think of the strategy (reflection). Then doing the strategy (action). Life is all about having the right balance. We need to sleep to have enough energy to do things. If you forget to sleep you won’t be well to perform well, you could be able to do some movement but it could be badly done.

You see, the problem often is that we mix the both or we do too much of the one without knowing it sometimes. When we are in the action we really need to be  focus on the task. This task has to be able to get done before getting to another process and doing the reflection time.

So yeah, it’s like a process, getting into the reflection (concentration, sleeping, reading, thinking, strategy, analyzing) then comes the action (doing, taking action, writing, doing the strategy, action with the new analyses).

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Use both and get things done

So to be good and efficient, you have to think and then acting! You have to rest and then doing the job. You have to meditate and play the game.

Be in the balance.

In my own personal experience, I like to start doing things (action), then I analyze (reflection), get some feedback (reflection), and redo it better (action). Cause I have seen so many people which can get easily trapped in the reflection. I don’t want to be one of them, and I don’t want you to be one of them as well.

So please, don’t be in the trap of wanting perfection.

If I thought too much about my company before launching it, I will never have one. If I thought too much about this blog, you would have never been able to read this article or the others. Acting is giving me the chance to do it and then be able to do it better.

The most important so is to be in good relation with reflection and action but at some point, if you want to get things done you need to do it. So just do it, get back on the reflection, and redo it better.

We need more doers in this world. As we know the world needs us to protect it or to change it for the better. The doer is what makes things happen. The doers are the ones who can change the world and make it a better place to live.

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You see I’m gonna be honest with you, if I was just thinking in this article and not writing it, I will not get anything done. It’s definitely not the best of my article, however, is bringing value if you get my point. The value is what I’m looking for to give you. Then you have it. So once I’ve done it if I want I can come back to it and correct it to bring more value to you and this article. But this is it, this is here.

I’ve made this article to simply make you understand, two things.

First, reflection is important cause we need to sleep, we need to think. But second act, act, please. Sorry to repeat myself again, but actions are what make things happen. I don’t want you to be another dreamer, which just dreams and not realizing his dream.

Action is what will make your dreams come true.


Now that you want to be a doer. I recommend you to read this article: To be more productive to do things. Or if you have enough reflection, you can just do the action. Now.










  1. LE COENT Octave

    Nice article!
    I learnt what’s the motion and how I can manage myself between the both to be better.

  2. That’s what i’m talking about !

    Determination is essential but action is the key.

  3. Thanks, it is very informative

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