Entrepreneur stop thinking as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be seen as leaders who always have to make things going forward.

This can be exhausting for them. Thus, they all the time need to make decision and doing the right thing.

I actually think that as an entrepreneur you need to unlearn what you have learned and becoming a beginner again. To do not get into the trap of thinking that you have to know what you need to do, always. What should be the next move or this has to be done that way for instance.

All of this at the end will put too much pressure on your shoulders.

So here’s what you should do.


Let it go

Let it go all your worries can be actually a key to relieve the brain and have better ideas. Sometimes entrepreneur try to force too much the things forward.

Actually if things need to be done they don’t need to be forced. They have to come naturally.


Just do

The act of doing is enough. Stop thinking about the name of entrepreneur, leader or anything else. So not being worry anymore and focus on the acting part.

By being relieve and free of your title you’ll be able to accept and do things as a beginner with all your energy. Remember when you started the energy that you have in yourself. Cause you were no one. So find it back by resourcing yourself.

Become no one again and put your business forward.


The zen approach

By using the zen approach and focusing more on yourself. Releasing the tension with meditating, cooking, or spending time with your family could actually make you a better entrepreneur. Without actually you noticing it.

To me, entrepreneurs need to meditate as their brain is too much active with ideas and titles. Breathing, relaxing and let go all the thoughts could help you to approach your business differently.

Focus on what is important. You, as an entrepreneur, are the vehicle of your business. But, then don’t think too much of it.


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