Entrepreneur stop thinking as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be seen as leaders who always have to make things going forward.

This can be exhausting for them. Thus, they all the time need to make decision and doing the right thing.

I actually think that as an entrepreneur you need to unlearn what you have learned and becoming a beginner again. To do not get into the trap of thinking that you have to know what you need to do, always. What should be the next move or this has to be done that way for instance.

All of this at the end will put too much pressure on your shoulders.

So here’s what you should do.


Let it go

Let it go all your worries can be actually a key to relieve the brain and have better ideas. Sometimes entrepreneur try to force too much the things forward.

Actually if things need to be done they don’t need to be forced. They have to come naturally.


Just do

The act of doing is enough. Stop thinking about the name of entrepreneur, leader or anything else. So not being worry anymore and focus on the acting part.

By being relieve and free of your title you’ll be able to accept and do things as a beginner with all your energy. Remember when you started the energy that you have in yourself. Cause you were no one. So find it back by resourcing yourself.

Become no one again and put your business forward.


The zen approach

By using the zen approach and focusing more on yourself. Releasing the tension with meditating, cooking, or spending time with your family could actually make you a better entrepreneur. Without actually you noticing it.

To me, entrepreneurs need to meditate as their brain is too much active with ideas and titles. Breathing, relaxing and let go all the thoughts could help you to approach your business differently.

Focus on what is important. You, as an entrepreneur, are the vehicle of your business. But, then don’t think too much of it.


My 3 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, CEO or manager we’re all looking for the best pieces of advice to be productive and grow our company in the best way possible. Meanwhile, we still want to have a life and enjoy it.


So we are getting through all kind of attempts and we browse every article on BusinessInsider, Entrepreneur or Forbes. We want to get the secrets from the best entrepreneurs we know like Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos.


But every experience and every people is different. There is no one path to success. There are actually no ways for pessimistic, and multiple ways for optimistic. Choose your side.


Here I will share to you my 3 best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs from my own experience:


Ps: Note that I share to you what I learn but as I mention later, everyone is on life, and everybody is different. But this are important pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs. That will change certainly the more I get into the entrepreneurial world.


Do Work:

Nothing has ever been created without putting the work. That is a reality you need to put hours even if sleep need also to be a priority to recharge the batteries. It’s actually quite challenging to give only 3 best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. However, on this one, I think every successful entrepreneur can agree. Work and consistency into work are needed for good entrepreneurs.
That is why it’s important to do every day something you like and passionate about. If not this will be hard to sustain in the long term. And patience can be a key as well.


Make your sleep a priority:

As a leader or any position where we make decisions and think a lot, it can be sometimes hard to sleep as we think or worry a lot. So make sure you sleep enough. Make sure you take care of having a nice restful sleep. You can go for a run or do a workout before going to bed to feel tired when you are ready to turn off the light.


Don’t listen bullshit:

Even what I share to you, don’t take it words by words what are my advice.
As I said from the beginning everyone is different. Your path is not my path or Elon Musk’s path.
For instance, we often listen do not sleep just work hard. “I just sleep 3 hours a day.” Bullshit, and marketing strategy. If you are a superhero, good for you. I am not Gary V. Marvel or DC are just comics, not reality.
You have to listen to yourself. Follow your instinct, your gut. If you want to take risks, go for it. If you think it’s not the right time, it is not.
You can read or listen, everyone you want, no one is having your life, no one is into your mind.


That’s all for now. Hope you get my point.
Ps: Be busy and take actions. Don’t wait for others.