Wellness Coach

I’ve been all my life involved in the art of living and what makes people happy and healthy. I started up by being a personal trainer, then I understood that something was missing, that being fit wasn’t enough. 

So I got interested in many different topics, and in the Era of Pret-a-Train, I started working with people on a whole different level than just being fit.

I wanted them to be healthy and that could last. So it’s natural that the idea of offering wellness coaching now came to me. 

I want you to be healthy in your body but especially in your mind as well. 

My approach is based on well-being between sports sessions, movement, and flexibility sessions where we can also do a bit of tai chi move or meditation for you to relax, for you to exercise, for you to reach a state which can make you happy and healthy. Or at least in peace. 

My goal is actually to create harmony inside you for you to enjoy more out of life, or to face everything good or bad that life has to offer. 

“No matter where you go – there you are”

What is a wellness coach? 

A wellness coach as I said in this introduction, he’s someone who can help you in many areas of your life which can touch your wellness or wellbeing. whether to lose weight, improve energy, having more self-love, breaking limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, better manage stress, and much more. 

A wellness coach is here to find the solutions for you to be more healthy, happy, and good with your mind and your body.

It might help you to understand yourself better, love yourself, get more trust and confidence in yourself, others, and the world around you. 

A wellness coach is here to define the goals you have for yourself. But he won’t do it for you. He will help you to do it. He will become the shoulder you need, and the referrer that you need, to put your ideas into action.

There are so many things that you can work with a coach on. Your level of happiness, understanding your bad or good emotion.

I hope you understand that with a Wellness coach, you can work from Huge things to simple things, sometimes we need to make our life simpler.


The 4 Elements

I believe that a really good wellness coach helps you to find harmony. Harmony with yourself by taking off the 4 elements. Water, earth, fire, and air. As the 4 seasons. We also have 4 bodies to take care of which are our emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. 

They also are eating, moving, sleeping, and the environment where you live. Your work, your house, your friends, your family.

So we’ll do a check-up on this and see how you feel about all your elements and maybe find where we need to focus on. 

That’s why with all I offer you might find what you need. 

How my method can help you 

My method is based on all that I’ve learned from the past 10 Years. I will use a lot of communication which is based on speaking and fundamentally huge listening skills. 

I can also use tools like NLP or NVC and life coach tools (wheel of life, The sphere of influence, etc..). There is also some personal tool that I create that we might use. It will really depend on your needs. 

We’ll have conversations based on your needs, and also personal training sessions to make you do sport, feeling better, getting good hormones. That will depend if you already practise some sport or not.

As what you put into your body is important we might talk about nutrition too and establish a plan if needed. 

What you do daily is also important so we might also discuss your habits, and implement healthy ones. 

We’ll cover everything that needs to be cover for you to be the best version of yourself. 

Wellness coaching for whom

I can work with all kinds of people. From managers to companies. From athletes to unique and simple human beings. 

If you want to be fit and healthy I can help you with that. In a real sense, my wellness coaching is designed to take care of your mind and body.

For instance, You might be an athlete who is really fit but not healthy. You might have great performances but something is missing and you don’t understand your emotion or you want to feel better. Wellness coaching can then be good for you. 

You might be a successful manager, but again something is not good at. You might have a good financial situation but again that’s not all. Thus you might feel bad. And we’ll be here to work on that and make you feel better and healthier. 

You might be a company and you want to put it into another level of happiness and harmony. I also can work with you and your team to create that environment. 

You might be just someone unique. You might just be yourself and want to have the help of a wellness coach. So I’ll be please to work with you.

How does my wellness coaching service work? 

First, we’ll have an introductory conversation where we’ll get to know each other and where we’ll find your needs. I say needs. So I mean your real needs and then will discuss how we might work together. 

Please understand that you need to be ready to accept a change, that can be a real-life change. I need you to be committed. That’s why we might see each other for a certain period of time. 

Together, we’ll create that plan to reach your goals. 

So please, be prepared, cause I will work with you but you’ll work too. And in the end, my goal is for you to say truthfully: Thank you. 

Online wellness coaching

As I lived now in a small and chilly town somewhere in France. I just offer online wellness coaching.

Sessions will happen online, but I’ll make sure for you to understand that It’s the same as If I was with you.

So what to do now? 

If you think that I can be a help, please fill-up the form and let me know how do you think I can help you and put a bit of detail about yourself. 

I’ll get in touch shortly with you.