Doing sport better than any drugs

Why doing sport is better than any drugs5 min read

Today I’d like to talk about a very important topic. I want to talk about things that are deeply important to my heart. This is why this blog has been created aside from Pret-a-Train.

So today, I’d like to talk about drugs and sports, and hopefully many will understand why playing or doing sport is better than any drugs. After having read this article, you’ll hopefully want more to do sport to join incredible happiness than doing drug looking for the same. 

You see I try many different things in my life, you can find a part of it in my past decade review

As a young dude, rebellious as always, I’ve looked for and discovered myself, tried different things, and to me, there is “almost” nothing better than sport. Or at least to me, sport is the best natural drug in the world. 

As you know practicing a sport can help you to be fit and healthy. It can be any type of cardio sport or a classic like going to the gym.

So without waiting longer, let’s enumerate why doing sport is better than any drugs? 



As far as I know, many people use drugs to look for their euphorias self, to look for euphoria. 

And what do you think we find when we are deeply immersed in a sports activity we like? 

I don’t know if you do or try any sport, or if you have to remember when you were a kid, swimming in the pool, or enjoying tennis or a run with your friend. As a growing person, you might have tried to go to the gym, do some fitness, and lift some weight. 

To myself, a huge deadlift of 100 kilos correctly executed is what gives me a lot of euphorias when I drop the bar. The release of hormones spike to my head and make me feel away, as any drug can do. I can also tell you about when I climb difficult bouldering and I reach the summit. Again when I do a rally in tennis with one of my friends, it’s like sharing my drug with someone, and we both feel euphoric. 

Studies have shown many things about what a runner feels during a long-distance, yes again this kind of euphoria. 


Focus, present moment

That might be the most important of all. Sport makes you focus and connects you deeply to the present moment. 

You see to me life is all about now, being into the flow. And there is nothing better than being plunge into any activity if you are interested in the flow. I can’t strongly enough recommend you to read the book from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about flow and happiness. 

He has done all his life research about the topic of how to be happy. And experiencing the flow is key. 

You should have experienced the flow in any other activity that you like, like drawing, writing, walking or enjoying a great dinner with your family or friends. 

So if you do a sport that you like. And so there is any sport that you can try where you can deeply connect with the present moment. You just need to like it. I can close my eyes, and think about a football game I’ve done in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 10 players all being plunged into the present moment, forgetting everything around. The activity now was the only important thing and we were all enjoying it. 

This is why often I say to my client when doing their exercise, be the focus, this is your most important thing in life right now what you do, then they plunge into their push up or whatever and they grab the most benefits they can get from it. 


Feel relaxed

For some people, smoking weed makes them feel relaxed afterward. Pressure and you get to the sofa, smoke some pot and you feel relaxed. And again what you think sport does. Once you have finished your session, your heart rate becomes lower, the release of the hormone makes you feel good, without deteriorating your health, and here you go you feel at peace. 

No need drugs. As sport can give you the same effect. That’s why doing sport is better than any drugs again.



Should I talk to you about studies or have you got enough of it? Many researchers talk about it, back up it. But yes do any sport. Just go, grab a racket, grab a pair of shoes, go for a run, do some intense sessions, climb a mountain, do a trick, or whatever. Connected to the present moment, of course, you feel happy, thank the feel-good hormone yes. Sport is here the best drug in the world. 

Make you feel happy, connect you into the present, this is not why we do what we do. We all want to be happy right? Tons of sports have been created, try yourself and don’t give up on it. It can make you happy. One of my challenges is when one of my clients comes to me and tells me “I don’t like sport”, it’s to show them they are just lying to themselves, it’s not their fault, it’s just that they got a bad experience or gave up on that and are confused they not liking it. Once they start the program, I approach them with a nice soft attitude about sport, my goal is to make them enjoy and realize. And most of the time they feel happy and thank me afterward. 

Study: Effect on Happiness with sport


Live longer

There is no surprise that sports compared to drugs can make you live longer.

Should we really discuss it?


There are many other points I’m sure that you can think about why the sport is the best drug in the world. But here you have the 4 essentials one to me. As you can see I like to compare the drug to the sport, one is nocive the other is natural, created accordingly with the body. Then as everything in life often is a matter of choice. 

Experience sport, keep looking for yourself, keep discovering yourself, it’s never too late, and if you are looking to be happy, join or try any sport to feel the vibe

That’s just why doing sport is better than any drugs. So go ahead, find a sport you like, and get all the great benefits that I just talked about. Better to experience than just read.


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