The art of living

the art of living by Romain Gherardi

I’m Romain Gherardi, Wellness coach, and author. I offer online wellness coaching and I write for this blog.

About me

My real journey of finding myself start at 25 yo. I traveled for 3 years all around Asia and Australia, before setting up my company “Pret-a-Train” in London/UK at the beginning of 2017. Pret-a-Train is focusing on helping people in London to get better in their fitness and health levels. We are actually going beyond personal training by promoting a new way of life. The people using our services have been making some great changes in their bodies and also in their life. At PaT, we are constantly promoting a great healthy lifestyle.

I believe that with hard work and constant improvement, we can get better, feel more, and be a better help for others, and our world.

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So why this website?

I’m Romain Gherardi, and not Pret-a-Train or any of my other companies that I made or that I will make. As I said we are not labels, we are more than that, we are human beings. So I believe it’s really important to do not be taking into the trap of thinking you are your company or just a title. This actually happens to me and I guess it happens to a lot of entrepreneurs.

So here’s my blog, here are my thoughts, here’s my website. On this website I’d like to be myself, talking about anything I want, not just sport but also life, and maybe other things. Why should we put limits on ourselves, we are more than that.

I am who I am and I like to write and share tips about how to live a better and meaningful life. This blog will be experimentation to see if people like what I’m writing about. But for me, the goal is just being myself here, and let my creativity and my personality be free.

I believe that the goal is having joy in what we do.

I have to say that writing has been always in my heart, so I needed to do something about it. As a fitness entrepreneur, I have good tips to share. Moreover, as a guy always focusing on getting better, and a guy who explored a lot in our beautiful world, I have things to share as a Human being.

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What this blog is all about?

The art of living. The art of trying, loving, doing, writing. Just being…

I like to ask myself questions like: What’s the meaning of life and answer to it. And to me, the meaning of life, the art of living is simply to live the life. Whatever you feel like to be or to do.

As I just told you, this blog is about sharing my tips as a fit entrepreneur, a fitness expert, and a human being. I’m not a teacher and I will stay all my life a learner, but here I’ve decided to share some of my tips about how I work, how to be healthy, entrepreneur, and stay fit. Or also anything, maybe sometimes there will have nothing to learn about, but it’s like this, I will write about it. As I say no limit.

I’ve spent a lot of my life doing some researches and some try around the art of living, productivity, and well-being. So you might find what works for me and hopefully what will work for you.

Also the more I go through life, the more I realize things. So things might change we never know.

Be healthy, enjoy the reading

I’ve been reading tons of books and learned a lot from them. I believe in reading and how it can open and boost creativity. As well as expand the mind and the potential of any human being.

Knowledge and education are important and by deciding what you want to learn you are creating the man you want to become.

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