Here is my blog. You can find all the articles that I wrote date by date. Hopefully what I share to you will make you better in the art of living. My central matter.

You will find interesting articles about health, fitness, creativity, productivity, self improvement, positivity, life and work.

For now it’s the beginning of it so don’t be too rushy and as life teach us, to be patient for good things to come.

2019 – 20 articles

MAY: 1 article

24th article – 14th May: Brief talk about stress and confidence

APRIL: 6 articles

23rd article – 25th April: Accept things as there are

22nd article – 23rd April: The 4 Elements to become fit

21st article – 19th April: My 4th best advice for entrepreneur with a bonus one

20th article – 9th April: Entrepreneur stop thinking as an entrepreneur

19th article – 6th April: An easy way to get fit

18th article – 6th April: Why being healthy is the base of everything

MARCH: 4 articles

17th article – 26th March: My 3 best advices for entrepreneur

16th article – 26th March: Productivity tip: Focus on one task a day and move forward

15th article – 11th March: A simple way to achieve anything in a short period of time even with no motivation

14th article – 4th March: Motion and Action – The difference between the two and how to get the job done

FEBRUARY: 2 articles

13th article – 12th February: 12 ways to develop a successful mindset

12th article – 4th February: One simple tip to be better at anything

JANUARY: 7 articles

11th article – 30th January: How being consistent can change your life

10th article – 23rd January: One simple tip to be more productive

9th article – 16th January: Why I do love reading. Bio part

8th article – 13th January: One simple tip to become healthy

7th article – 8th January: Do you want to be happy? So don’t do these

6th article – 6th January: How to fall asleep peacefully at night in 4 steps

5th article – 2nd January: One simple tip to have a gym routine

be happy daily

2018 – 4 articles

DECEMBER: 4 articles

4th article – 26th December: What’s the difference between being fit and being healthy? 

3rd article -24th December: New year, new you: How to better and make next year a great one

2nd article -16th December: How to know what you want to do in life

1st article – 10th December: Why I wake up at 4am and why you should do it too